• Chassis # WP0AB29914S696065
  • Engine # 64420
  • 1 Of Just 24 Examples Built In 2004, 1 Of 4 In Speed Yellow
  • 3 Owners And Just 14,038 Miles From New
  • Well-Optioned With Carbon Package, Sport Seats & More
  • Includes Books, Tools, Original Window Sticker, Porsche COA, and a Clean CARFAX
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The Overview

The beginning of the 996 series can be traced all the way back to the early 1990s when designer, Pinky Lai penned its design under the guises of Porsche’s head of design, Harm Lagaay. At the time, Porsche was struggling financially as takeover rumors began to circulate. Although the manufacturer had immense success and achieved many historical milestones with the air-cooled engine, emissions regulations and manufacturing efficiency deemed the air-cooled units obsolete. It was time for Porsche to succumb to the pressure of external factors. Not only did they need a completely redesigned power unit, they also needed a redesign from an aesthetics standpoint in order to save the brand, and kick start its move into the next millennium. The new design carried nothing from the 933 series besides some reengineered suspension components and 6-speed transmission. At the heart of this new venture, the M96 engine was born making it Porsche’s first water-cooled unit. The M96 engine was generally intended for spirited driving not all-out track racing, its modified wet-sump engine was marketed as an integrated dry sump unit. Being that it was Porsche’s first foray into water-cooled design, it had issues including the infamous intermediate shaft bearing issue, which plagued the 996 series with the exception of the Turbo, GT3 and GT2 models. These models have the now famous, Hans Mezger designed M96 engines which are true dry-sump units derived from the monstrous, Le Mans winning GT1. Hans Mezger had been designing race engines for Porsche since the 1960s so the manufacture trusted Mezgers ability to perform for yet another generation of Porsche cars. The Mezger engines were truly bulletproof engines developed and tested under the harshest of conditions. In fact, Porsche still uses Mezger technology on their 991 platform.

Perhaps one of the most notorious, and legendary road cars ever built was the GT2 class, homologation special- The twin-turbo charged 993 GT2. It was the most powerful iteration of the 993 road going variants and Porsche carried its extraordinary status on to the 996 generation. Of course, the GT2 was fitted with the Mezger M96/70 (and later the M96/70S engine for MK II variants) and featured many additional aerodynamic pieces including a larger rear spoiler, front air vents, and carbon ceramic brakes came standard. This rear wheel drive monster had very limited driver’s aids, and made 462 hp launching the GT2 to a 3.9 second 0-60 mph time. Worldwide production numbers were limited to just 1,248 units through 2002-2005. Only 317 were produced for the North American market making these cars highly collectible now not only because of their production numbers but also due to their staggering performance figures. The years of 2004 and 2005 introduced the MK II which bumped power to 483 hp and added GT3 style wheels which is the most obvious way to tell the difference between a MK I and MK II GT2. Only 29 MK II GT2’s were produced for the US Market, which bring us to our subject car below.

The car on offer here, chassis # WP0AB29914S696065 is a 2004 Porsche GT2 MK II with 14,038 miles from new. Only 4 GT2 MK II examples were finished in Speed Yellow; this car is one of them. It came from the factory equipped with $6,440 of exclusive options that included:

-Electric Sport Seat Left Side: $1,220

-Electric Sport Seat Right Side: $1,220

-Carbon Package – Small: $2,120

-Porsche Crest in Headrest: $220

-Carbon Door Sill Model Insignia: $780

-Brake/Shifter Carbon/Aluminum: $880

-Custom Tailoring: Included

Total Sticker Price in 2004: $201,605

This special GT2 was sold new by “The Collection Porsche” located in Coral Gables, Florida to its first owner; A local Miami resident where it was meticulously serviced at the selling Porsche dealership. The original owner retained the car until November of 2014, adding 13,993 miles to the odometer. It then passed on to a second owner for a short period of time with virtually no miles added, after which, it was then sold to owner number three. The third and most recent owner purchased the car in 2015. Adding it to his vast collection of significant Porsches (including several 996 GT2s) where it has been driven sparingly, maintained, and stored in a climate-controlled facility. Virtually all of the cars now 14,038 miles have been clocked by its original owner. Today, it remains in exceptional collector quality condition with no modifications aside from an aftermarket stereo system with tastefully integrated speaker behind the seats coupled with an amplifier in the front trunk. The 996 GT2 MK II is the pinnacle of 996, road-going offerings with the rarity and performance figures to attract any astute collector. Especially those of the next generation who grew up watching its GT1 relative dominate Le Mans in 1998.

Included in the sale are its manuals, window sticker, air pump, clean carfax, tools, and Certificate of Authenticity.

The Details


body and paint

The original paint finish and condition of the panels remains excellent and exemplary of a 14,000-mile collector car. The finish is consistent with the perfect amount of factory orange peel, and the panels are straight with no door dings, major scratches, or dents. Stone peppering can be found on the front bumper and hood.

glass and trim

The glass is original throughout and shows no signs of scratching or chips. The windshield has some light peppering but does not warrant replacement. The exterior trim components are supple, fade-free, and look exceptional considering the age and mileage. The rubber gasket around the center rear taillight looks to have been accidentally buffed off by a detailer at some point in the past.


The wheels are excellent overall with only two small half-inch scuffs on both rear wheels and one chip on the passenger side rear as well. The tires are dry and have timed out thus warrant replacement.

notable flaws

There is a small, one inch scratch on the front bumper just below the center air intake along with a couple of chips on the front bumper. The peppering on the hood has been professionally touched up making them virtually unnoticeable. The black portion of the front spoiler has some scuffing and scratching due to how low it sits to the ground.


seats and surfaces

Overall, the interior presents excellently and is exemplary of a low mileage car. The driver's seat has minimal wear with some creasing on the bolster. The passenger seat shows less wear and is excellent. The gear shifter shows some light scratching on the silver trim section. Dashboard, gauges, and carbon fiber pieces are excellent with no flaws, wear or cracking. The steering wheel, E-Brake handle, and door panels are all excellent as are the sills.

functionality and accessories

All of the interior functions work as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents as nearly-new with no modifications. Factory stickers and markings are present throughout.

trunk area

The front trunk presents well with the factory options sticker still in place. An amplifier has been added which can easily be removed and looks to have been installed without damaging the integrity of the factory interior pieces.

driving experience

As one would expect from a 483 hp, rear-wheel-drive Porsche, this car drives incredibly with seemingly endless power. With each upshift, another level of turbo-boosted power sends the user further into the back of the driver's seat. The shifts are smooth and calculated. The steering and brakes are extremely responsive and the suspension is firm but not to the point of being arduous in casual, around-town settings. The GT2's analog feel is extremely engaging making the driver feel at one with the machine and is surprisingly controllable despite the lack of driver's aids. Overall, it is in our mind, the ultimate driver's car.