• Chassis # DB6/2665/R
  • Engine # 400/2666/V
  • Extensively Documented Service History
  • A Numbers Matching Example
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The Overview

Industrialist Sir David Brown was well known for the high standard of his lifestyle, as well as his companies. A car carrying his initials most certainly meant a particular standard was met, and such a machine would be reflective of not just the company that built it, but a man and his legacy. The Aston Martin DB6 is instantly recognizable by many as a longer wheelbase DB5 with a Kammback tail. Offered by Aston Martin from 1965 to 1970, 1,788 examples were produced in both MK 1 and MKII variants. The options list was becoming longer and Aston Martin became a tailor to those looking for just the right fit. One such option, at least for the DB6, remains the focal point for rarity and value; the Vantage Specification. While the fundamentals of the power plant remain the same: a 4.0L Straight 6 with dual overhead cams. It is in the carburation where the gain in performance is achieved by utilizing 3 Weber DCOE 45 carburetors bumping the horsepower to 325. Vantage Specification DB6’s make up roughly 15% of MK1 production, as such, they are both rare and are noticeably faster than the standard variant.

The example offered here is a 1966 Aston Martin DB6 Vantage (MK1), chassis # DB6/2665/R and retaining its original numbers matching engine, 400/2665/V. Referencing the original build sheet we know that this example was delivered new on July 14th, 1966 by J. Blake & Co. The build record indicates that the car was originally in a darker shade of red know as Dubonnet. We also know the car was well ordered with the Vantage Engine, Chrome Roadwheels, Three Ear Hub Caps, and a Motorola Radio with Power Operated Aerial.

While early records beyond the original build record are not with the car, it is likely that a Mr. Michael Da Costa of Southwest London was the first owner. Mr. Da Costa was a prominent entertainment figure of his era having acted in many films and TV shows of the day. Though he passed away in 1977, service records from 1981-1985 show the car was still being serviced by Richard Stewart Williams Aston Martin all of which were invoiced to Mr. Da Costa. The second owner, Mr. Colin Sanders of Hampshire acquired the car in 1986, with invoices for various repair work both cosmetic and mechanical being completed by regional Aston Martin Specialists through 1992 when its third owner acquired it. The car’s third owner, Mr. Stefan Paul Chaligne was a Swiss investment banker based in the UK. Once again Aston Martin marque specialists maintained the car during his ownership. The year 2000 found another owner, a Mr. John Hucker, but only for a brief moment as the car was then acquired in 2001 by a Mr. Johnson of Middlesex. Under this ownership, from 2001-2012 the car would see regular servicing and restoration by Richard Stewart Williams Ltd as well as GRL Motors, Trinity Engineering, and Yale Engineering.

In 2013 this DB6 found it’s most recent collector owner and the trend of proper care continued by having Aston Workshop carry out further servicing. Shortly thereafter the car made it’s way stateside in 2014 and has been used regularly while remaining in good condition overall.

Detailed service records of the work completed from 1981-2013 can be found by clicking the “View Documents” button above.

The Details


body and paint

The overall presentation is that of an excellent driver a car that most would consider on the 1-6 condition scale that of a 3+. It is an excellent driver quality example throughout. This example is a car that could be used extensively without worry in its current condition and is inviting to do so.

The paint is consistent throughout with no obvious signs of paint failure to be found and no large blemishes noted beyond perhaps a chip or two from use. The body work is good in that it is straight with good gaps and panel fitment though not concours, and not as good as it could be but in line with the rest of the theme of the car. Any noteworthy flaws have been photographed and are available for review above.

glass and trim

The brightwork appears aged, faded and dull as it has likely never been replated. Acceptable in going with the theme of a car to use/enjoy, but technically faulted and needing re-plating. The front and rear bumpers, however, present well. The glass appears to all be original with the correct manufacturer's markings throughout, though the windshield is likely a correct style replacement.


seats and surfaces

The interior has recently been restored by Aston Workshop. The seat leather and carpets are where most of the work was completed. The door cards remain original with what appears to be original hardware and door leather. Though unfortunately speakers have been cut into the original doors. The dash fascia is in excellent condition with the gauges presenting nicely and all in working order. The steering wheel is also nicely restored and presents well.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay, though having seen much servicing over the years still appears highly original. Red oxide primer can be found under the black crinkle finish in the engine bay. Suggesting that the car has never been totally apart or totally restored. Things are tidy, generally correct, and in order with no obvious needs.

trunk area

The trunk area is trimmed as original though some wiring is astray. Removing the trim shows a solid trunk floor that has been repainted and a spare wheel compartment that is solid but showing some minor surface rust from a flaking piece of paint. Nothing abnormal for a driver quality car of this era. Appearing solid.



The operating condition of this DB6 is where it shines the most. The car starts easily and runs very strong thanks to plentiful and consistent care and service as the miles were accrued. Recent servicing by Aston Workshop put it in top shape allowing for this example to really be used as a driver, at will. The engine holds strong oil pressure even when warm and no overheating has occurred during a short test drive.


The 5-Speed transmission shifts easily with nice clutch operation and showing no signs of any issues. Operating exactly as intended.

brakes and suspension

The brakes feel nice and firm, the suspension quiet and firm as well. Overall it feels like a capable well tended to example meant for use.


The tires are Avon 205/70 R15's on all 4 corners. Date coded 6/11 they are still supple with good tread life.