• Chassis # ZFFYT53A740134748
  • Desirable Gated 6-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Showing Just 23,500 Miles From New
  • Finished In Classic Corsa Red Over Beige Leather Interior
  • A Nice Driver Quality Example That Provides Excellent Value
  • Includes Manuals, Tool Kit, Car Cover, Window Sticker, Available Service Documents,
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview


When the Ferrari 360 was unveiled in 1999, it signaled a new direction for the famed Italian marque. Gone were the wedge-like design cues that the F355 carried over from the 348. In their place were Pininfarina-penned curvy, smooth-flowing lines that soon became a staple of Ferrari’s design language. The company partnered with Alcoa to produce an entirely new all-aluminum space-frame chassis that was 40% stiffer than the F355’s steel chassis while also being 28% lighter despite a 10% increase in overall size.

The 3.6L V8 engine was also new and used a flat-plane crankshaft and titanium connecting rods to put out 395 hp through either a 6-speed manual or 6-speed “F1” automatic transmission. The 0-60 mph acceleration time thus improved from 4.7 to 4.5 seconds. The 360 was initially only available as the “Modena” coupe, with the “Spider” convertible and the special edition Challenge Stradale coming later. 4,199 examples were produced for the US market from 1999 to 2004, with 2,389 of those being Spiders and 670 of the Spiders being gated 6-speed manuals.


The Ferrari 360 suffered much of the same collectability wave that the 996 generation of Porsche 911s did. It was a drastic change from its predecessor, and it took the passage of time before people truly began to appreciate it as the “analog” introduction to the modern manufacturer’s design ethos. With the loss of the manual transmission from Ferrari’s lineup, collectors began flocking to previous models that still offered modern amenities and better (albeit slightly) reliability but gave them a chance to row through that beautiful gated transmission on their own. This is where the 360, particularly in its 6-speed manual transmission configuration, began to shine again in the world of collectible examples. Roughly 1,139 6-speed examples were produced in modena or spider format for the US Market, which equates to only 27 percent of total US production. The gated manual examples have become highly prized today, with a typical 35-40% increase in pricing over their F1 trans counterparts. General pricing has continually crept up over the past 5 years and will likely continue to do so as manufacturers across the board have tossed the manual transmission to the side. We see ample room for continued growth in collectability, particularly when the gated 6-speed is included. 

This Car

This particular Spider, Chassis # ZFFYT53A740134748, was sold in December of 2003 through Ferrari San Francisco in Mill Valley, CA. It was finished in the classic Corsa Red over a Beige leather interior and optioned with red brake calipers, electric seats, Scuderia Ferrari shields, modular wheel rims (not present on the vehicle anymore), high-power HiFi with subwoofer, and a 6-disc CD changer to go along with it. Transmission-wise, this 360 is equipped with the coveted gated 6-speed manual transmission, a highly desirable option, especially given that Ferrari no longer makes manual cars.

Despite being registered in Indiana, this 360 was frequently at Ferrari of Fort Lauderdale over the next nine years until it was offered for sale by Ferrari of Atlanta in 2013. The clean Carfax reports that it was sold from that dealership in June 2013 to its second owner, a Georgia resident, with 6,234 miles on the odometer. They, too, continued the tradition of maintaining their Ferrari in top shape, with frequent service visits to Ferrari of Atlanta. In May 2018, following nearly five years of ownership, they offered the car for sale through the same dealership they purchased it from.

In February 2019, this Ferrari made the trek to Florida to its third owner, who purchased the car from Ferrari of Atlanta with just over 13,233 miles on the odometer. In February 2020, Ferrari of Tampa Bay for a fluid and filter service, A/C recharge, glove box repair, and new front & rear brake pads. Three months later, it visited the European Exotic Center in Clearwater, FL for an upper intake manifold powder coat, which included new gaskets as well as tightening the oil cap. In May 2022, at 22,345 miles, HBI Auto in Mocksville, NC, performed a minor service that totaled a little over $6,000 and included new tires, new fuel pumps, tubes, and level gauge, a new fuel vapor filter, as well as an oil and filter change. The car currently displays just over 23,500 miles and is due for a major service.  

The 360 marked a turning point for Ferrari’s design, making it a pivotal model in their lineup. While this one may have some imperfections, they make it a perfect choice for someone who wants to drive their Ferrari without fear of minor dings and scratches. That said, the flaws it has do not take away from the driving experience, allowing all 395 horses to be unleashed as the factory intended back in 2004. It also benefits from being a late model car, as Ferrari improved their vehicles as the production run went along. Take advantage of the exciting opportunity to purchase a driver-quality, gated manual Ferrari 360 Spider in the classic color combination at an attractive price point.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original owner’s manuals, tool kit, car cover, original window sticker, and all of the service records on file.

The Details


body and paint

The overall exterior cosmetics of this Ferrari 360 are that of a good driver quality car. The body is straight down the sides with good shut gaps all around and a consistent paint finish throughout. There is the typical stone peppering on the forward facing surfaces of the car, including the front bumper portions of the hood, the area below the headlights, as well as some minor stone peppers on the windshield. The front bumper has the worst of the stone peppering and also has some scuffs on the underside as is typical for these cars. The whole front is covered in PPF, so some of the stone chips may be limited to the clear bra.

The paint is consistent and shows no obvious signs of serious paintwork. The finish is consistent, deep, and has a very even, smooth feel to it.

Given the driver quality nature of this car, there are a number of notable flaws that could be remedied with further investment. The most obvious flaw is on the passenger side rear bumper and quarter panel the current consigner accidentally swiped up against a garage door frame and caused swipe marks in the bumper and into a quarter panel. This area will likely have to be repainted and blended. There is also a larger noticeable 1 inch scratch on the top that is noticeable when the top is down. See photos for Images of the blemishes.

Another notable flaw is under the driver-side mirror where there is an area on the mirror post that has some paint flaking as well as slight bubbling. The mirror post will need to be removed and the area repainted. The bubbling has also extended slightly into the paint finish of the door. See photos for specific images of these blemishes. There is also the beginning of this same blemish on the passenger side mirror post as well.

The front bumper has a larger crack towards the lower portion of the inlet on the driver's side about 2 inches long. The passenger side lower portion of the front bumper also has similar cracks in the bumper due to bottoming out.

glass and trim

All of the glass is original with correct insignias including the windshield. The windshield does have some small stone peppering throughout, but no cracks are evident or other serious chips.

All of the exterior trim fits nicely and is relatively supple for the age. The seal around the windshield shows slight fading but nothing warranting replacement. The plastic vents on the engine cover are excellent. The door trim seals are nice and supple, and the lower diffuser in the rear is in good condition from the top side, looking in with only some minor scratches towards the bottom. As noted above, the passenger and driver-side side mirror housings have paint bubbling.

The top fits a little loose and has been stretched out. It also has some blemishes on the corners where the frame hinges and the rear view plastic is slightly faded. We recommend replacing the top. The top does function as it should, albeit the motor is a bit loud. The top cowl is slightly misaligned.


Per the window sticker, the car originally came with modular wheels instead of the standard 360 wheels that are now installed. The standard wheels are in presentable condition with minor scrapes and blemishes here and there. They do appear to have been redone at some point. The driver's side front has a lot of blemishes, including paint, chips, fading, and some scratching. The rest of the wheels appear much better than the driver's front. All four wheel center caps are faded and have some slight cracking.

notable flaws

This example is very much a driver quality car. There are numerous flaws and imperfections throughout the vehicle and while they all fall squarely into the cosmetic category, please be sure to thoroughly review both the detailed condition report as well as the photos in the gallery above to best understand the cosmetic condition of this vehicle.


seats and surfaces

The interior presents as a driver-quality car, with most of the blemishes being relegated to the driver-side seat bolster, which has creasing and wear. The carpeting has stains on the driver-side floor and behind the seats, which may come out with steam cleaning. The dash has some fitment issues with evidence of shrinking on the airbag cover. The driver-side defrost air vent closest to the windshield is cracked as well. All of the buttons and dials are free from the common stickiness, with the exception of the side-view mirror adjustment button. There is a fair amount of scratching on the door sill as well as the pocket to the driver-side door. A large aftermarket speaker set up is installed behind the seats and sounds better than any factory sound system Ferrari installed at the time period.

functionality and accessories

All of the interior components seem to work as they should, including the windows, HVAC system, alarm, radio, lights, etc. There is a check engine light on which could be a attributed to the Tubi aftermarket exhaust though we cannot be certain what the cause is.

notable flaws

The interior is once again of a driver quality example. There are a number of cosmetic flaws that should be noted as well as a check engine light that is currently on, likely due to the aftermarket exhaust.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is all original and very tidy with factory, original stickers present everywhere, and original finishes. Though dirty the engine bay does present well. Particular note that the car does have Tubi exhaust, which sounds excellent.

trunk area

The trunk area is fairly tidy, with no serious issues to note besides hood struts that have lost their compression. An aftermarket Alpine amp has been installed to go along with the Alpine unit and speakers.


The underside is original and some what dirty, but overall in respectable condition. As noted above, there are large scrapes on the underside of the front bumper.



The car cold starts instantly and sounds very healthy, with a loud growl coming from the Tubi exhaust, which sounds wonderful. The car makes linear, smooth power throughout all the gears, and there are no issues to note. There is a check engine light on, which could be attributed to the Tubi aftermarket exhaust, though we cannot be certain what the cause is.


The transmission feels great with no grinding upon shifting or other issues to note. As is fairly common with these cars, it takes a little more effort shift the car into second when it’s cold.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should, stopping promptly and without chattering or fading. The suspension feels firm and tight over bumps.


All four tires are correct Pirelli with 2019 date codes but are on the low-side of tread life in the rears and could stand to be replaced before extended enjoyment.

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