• Chassis # WBSBF99050EA40281
  • Number 282 Of Just 356 Examples Produced
  • Finished In Exclusive British Racing Green Over Mexico Green Leather and Amaretta Anthracite Bolsters
  • Showing 149,411 km (92,840 mi) From New
  • A Highly Original Example With Detailed Service History From New
  • Includes Factory Spare, Jack, Full Toolkit, First-Aid Kit, Traffic Flag, Manuals, And Available Service Records
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview


The BMW E30 M3 marked the beginning of the performance-focused 3 Series and what would become one of the best-driving cars to date. Since its inception in 1986, every 3 Series model has its own iteration of the M3 in a variety of body styles, including a coupé, a convertible, and an estate in 2020.

1992 gave birth to the second generation of the M3 based on the BMW E36 3 Series. The E36 M3 was initially powered by a 3.0 L straight-6 that put out 282 hp through a 5-speed manual transmission in all markets except for the US. In 1995, the model was facelifted with the biggest change being the introduction of a 3.2L I6 that now put out 316 hp through a 6-speed manual transmission.

One year before the facelift, the European market received the limited-edition M3 GT as a racing homologation model to compete in the FIA-GT class II, IMSA GT, and international long-distance races. Under the hood was the Euro-spec S50B30 engine which was further upgraded with larger camshafts and a higher compression ratio that resulted in a higher output of 295 hp compared to the base 282 hp. The M3 GT also benefited from an unrestricted top speed of 275 km/h (171 mph). The UK market received an additional “GT trim” model that only got the cosmetic upgrades of the regular GT and was limited to 50 examples. These are commonly referred to as the M3 Evo Individual. All were finished in Imola Red and right-hand-drive configured.

The M3 GT had other unique features including a deeper and adjustable front splitter, higher rear double wing, aluminum doors, stiffer front suspension, a cross-brace, and a strut brace. Overall, the changes resulted in a loss of 30 kg (66 lb) over the regular M3. Only 356 examples were produced, all in left-hand drive configuration and all painted in British Racing Green over a Mexico Green Leather interior with Amaretta Anthracite bolsters.


The E36 M3 platform has seen an incredible uptick in both popularity and collectability in the last few years. There are a few factors driving this swing, but the largest has been collectors entering the market who grew up lusting after these cars in the 90s. There are few iterations of the E36 platform more special than the M3 GT. With its homologation roots and unique, one-off factory customizations, it truly is not just your average M3. With just 356 examples produced, they do not come up for sale often, and owning one is a unique opportunity. Service history is very important for these cars as they tend to have been driven hard, and staying up on maintenance ensures future reliability. Pricing for the M3 GT has seen a general uptrend over the past 5 years, although given their scant production numbers, not many have made it to market. We see serious buy-hold value potential in these cars, something you can drive and enjoy while reaping the continued uptrend in collectability backed by the car’s low production numbers and significance to the brand as a whole. 

This Car

This particular example, Chassis # WBSBF99050EA40281, is car number 282 out of the 356 produced. It is finished in British Racing Green over a suede interior with matching green inserts on the seats and door cards. This M3 GT was originally a German market car that was imported into France circa 2002. It has been well maintained since its purchase, with the original service booklet showing routine maintenance stamps up to 146,200 km (90,844 mi) from both countries. Some notable services on file from this period include the VANOS service in April 2010, a new belt tensioner in November 2011, and new front & rear trailing arms in December 2022.

Upon importing the car into the US earlier this year, we entrusted Leading Edge Autosport in West Chester, PA, with performing a major service in February that included a fluid change, spark plugs, drive belt tensioner, idler pulley & caps, left tie rod end, CV axle assembly, shifter bushings, all pedal bushings, right rear spring pad, both steering hoses, a cabin air filter, and reinstalling the factory exhaust. In March of 2024, Bechtel Bavarian in Philadelphia, PA replaced the driveshaft flex joint, the clutch master & slave cylinders along with their fluid, as well as the valve cover gasket. One month later, they also replaced the clutch flywheel, clutch pressure plate & disc, shift rod seal, shift shaft circlips, ST shift bushing, selector rod joint, and the manual transmission fluid. This M3 GT currently shows just over 149,411 km (92,840 mi) on the odometer.

As it sits, this is a highly original and unmodified example with original wheels and relatively low kilometers for one of these cars. The front bumper, hood, and perhaps the fenders have been painted due to rock chips, but the car has no history of accidents. The completed VANOS service, as well as all the other routine maintenance, make this M3 GT an exceptional example of one of BMW’s rarer variants. Do not miss out on the opportunity to own this piece of German motoring history. 

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive all of the original owner’s manuals, tools, and all of the service records on file.

The Details


body and paint

The body of this M3 GT is free from any major dents or dings, and is straight down the sides with excellent shut gaps. There are no signs of accident damage anywhere. The paint is largely original, with the exception of the hood, front bumper, fenders, and top side of drivers door above the beltline trim. The front was painted during the cars time in Germany due to rock chips.

The paint shines nicely and looks very presentable for a good driver example. Blemishes are mainly located on the hood, where there is some light peppering to be noticed. The bumper was repainted under previous ownership and looks flawless, as do the lower trim portions and the lip. Both Sideview mirrors have some light stone peppering that has been touched up. There are some minor scratching on the roof and one scratch in particular that is noticeable under certain lights behind the sunroof about 3 inches long. There is a fairly large faint scratch on top of the trunk lid just under the spoiler that is only noticeable in certain light and at a specific angle. There is also a series of light scratches on the rear bumper trim and part of the green section of the rear bumper. Additionally, the holes where the Euro license plates have gone have scratches around the surface area of the holes. The passenger side fender has some light swirling at the top of it as well only noticeable under certain light.

All blemishes are visible in the photo set. Overall, the car presents excellent for a good driver, with most of the issues relegated to the forward-facing surfaces of the nose area. The paint and body present as a good, honest, original car. The door jams are all original and have their factory stickers and the bolts and latches have never appeared to have been removed.

glass and trim

All of the glass is original, including the windshield, headlights, fog lights, and turn signals. The glass is free from any chips or major scratches, though the original windshield does exhibit stone peppering commensurate with the mileage. All of the trim is very supple and appears to be original. There is only some minor fading and aging present, but all the trim appears structurally sound. The typical dried-out door handle seals are not an issue on this car, and neither is the cowl rubber seal.

The rear window glass trim at the bottom corner of the driver's side, where the seal meets the trunk, has dried out, and an inch-long section came off. The tail lights have presentable glass with no cracks, chips, or fading. The headlights have some very light peppering, as do the fog lights and turn signals.


The wheels are specific to the BMW M3 GT and have unique BMW part numbers. All of the wheels of this car are original and correct, with what we believe to be the correct and irreplicable finish, which is an almost polished sheen. The correct numbers of 760 and 759R are stamped next to the valve stems on each wheel. The wheels have some blemishes here and there, the most notable being a minor area of black spots on the front driver's side front wheel.

notable flaws

Overall this is a highly original and well maintained driver quality example. Given the nature of the car there are some minor imperfections that come with normal use. These are relegated largely to small cosmetic items but for a proper understanding of the current condition of th car, please review the detailed photos above.


seats and surfaces

The interior is all original and presents well, given the mileage. The seats are in good original condition with no major scratches or rips, but they have a nice patina to them, mainly on the driver’s side leather inlays. The driver's side bolster is slightly more worn than the passenger side, which is to be expected.

The dash is in excellent condition, with no cracks or shrinking. All of the leather is supple, and the Alcântara cloth seats are very nice per the age of the car. The door cards are very nice, with only minor patina in the high-traffic areas, such as the handles, but no major scratches or issues. The headliner is excellent, with no sagging or issues, as are the sunvisors. The gauge cluster is excellent, with no warning lights present. The carbon fiber interior trim can get very dry and cracked; however, it is in very nice condition with only minimal shrinking on the ashtray and the center console trim next to the hazard light button to the right of the radio. The carpeting is nice, with no staining. There is some minor scuffing on the driver-side door sill kick panel and bottom of the door pocket. The shift knob is original and has a nice patina’ed condition. The steering wheel is also original and remains in nice condition for the mileage, with just a bit of patina to it. Overall, the interior is in great original condition per the mileage. The rear parcel shelf is even in good condition as well, with minimal fading/blueing. The pedal wear is commensurate with the mileage as well and actually looks less than the mileage displayed.

functionality and accessories

All of the lights work properly, including the fog lights. All of the windows operate as they should, including the rear quarter windows, which go out and in properly. The sunroof functions normally, and the radio, heat, and interior lights work properly as well. All of the gauges seem to be working correctly as well. There are no issues noted in terms of the functionality of the interior electronics besides the passenger side mirror adjuster, which does not seem to be operating, and the AC, which feels somewhat weak on the cold setting.

notable flaws

Much like the exterior of the car, the interior is in highly original condition and does contain some patina throughout. Overall though, there are no issues that take away from the excellent nature of the cabin. The only two mechanical issues of note are the passenger side mirror adjustment does not seem to be working and the AC does not blow as cold as it should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is all original and tidy, with factory stickers present everywhere and original finishes abounding throughout. The only items to note would be some flaking of the crinkle finish on top of the valve cover, some aging on other areas with black finish, and some oxidation on the hood latches. Otherwise, it is entirely original and in tidy condition, with none of the typical corrosion that can be found on bolts and plated surfaces. The engine bay presents very much in the condition of a lower mileage vehicle, and it is clear that the car was well taken care of and stored properly. None of the bolts on the fenders have been turned, meaning they have never been off however, the hood was taken off for the repaint.

trunk area

The trunk area is tidy and all original, with no notable issues or staining besides a few minor rips in the rubber seal surrounding the trunk lid and some scuffs on the plastic area by the latch. The jams are all original and excellent and factory stickers are present throughout the trunk area. The fold-down tool kit appears totally complete, and the factory first aid kit and warning triangle are included as are the jack, and full size spare. The spare wheel well compartment is original with minor aging.


The underside is acceptable for a driver and appears to be all original including the exhaust. There is some minor oxidation on various hardware, but overall acceptable for a driver.



The engine fires to life quickly upon a cold start and settles to a normal idle. The car is responsive, precise, and linear through the RPM ranges. There are no issues with the running condition. In preparation for the sale, we had a few services done to address numerous mechanical components. Those services can be viewed in the view documents tab.


The transmission is smooth and each shift is free from any grinding or notchiness. We just had the fluids changed, and the clutch replaced, as well as all the clutch hydraulics.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should, with no squeakiness, chattering, or other issues. The suspension feels firm and responsive in the corners.


The tires are newer Michelin Pilot Sports with 2022 date codes, and the tread seems excellent on all 4 tires.

driving experience

From a cursory glance, this may look like a run-of-the-mill E36 M3, but the BMW M3 GT is truly a special vehicle. Its homologation roots become quickly evident as you dive a bit deeper and notice things like the unique aero performance provided by the front extendable splitter and rear wing. The British Racing Green colorway is an interesting choice as it looks fantastic on the car but also provides a bit of a more “stealthy” appearance, not normally seen on what is effectively the road-going version of a German track car. What this car does share with a standard E36 M3 is the fantastic chassis and driving characteristics. The turn-in is smooth and easy, and the car hugs the road extremely well, providing the utmost level of confidence to the driver. The 3.0-liter inline six-cyclinder engine revs out beautifully and sounds amazing while doing it. It’s not hyper car quick, nor was it ever meant to be, but everything about it just feels right. It is a driver’s car, through and through. Overall, the entire package provides one of the most rewarding driving experiences you could ask for.

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