The Overview

In 1997 the Z07 Concept was introduced at the Tokyo Auto Show, and with overwhelming interest it was quickly put into production as the Z8 (known internally as the E52). Launched in Europe in 1999, then in the US in 2000, nearly 5,703 examples would be produced with only 2,543 units destined for the US Market from 2000-2003. Penned by Henrik Fisker (later the Head of Design for both Aston Martin and Fisker Automotive), the Z8 has an overwhelming similarity to the 507 of 1956-1959. It evokes a sense of timelessness like it’s 507 predecessor and has design elements that gave a classic look with creature comforts of the most basic nature to conform to what really is the ultimate driving machine. The Z8 Offered few colors and options, but it was done to keep the vintage appeal pure while not spoiling any of the perfect lines of a long bonnet two-seated sports car.


Z8’s aren’t necessarily rare, but with the rising market tide there has been quite a bit of interest and realization to the fact that they are an iconic car for little money. The performance is unequalled in the roadster class from 2000-2003, and the Z8 offers quite a bit for the collector actively seeking not only a reliable, modern performance car, but a car that is vintage in it’s design.


The example on offer here, a 2000 Z8 has covered only 12,170 miles from new and is one of 317 examples for US distribution. It is finished in the ever popular and quite fitting color combination of Titaniumsilver over Sportred and still retains both its soft and hard tops. Delivered new on 12/15/2000 to its first Texas owner, this example would remain with only two-owners until late 2014 when it came to New York and then put away for the winter. Upon Spring, the current and 3rd owner decided it was time for a new caretaker. It is apparent that the car has always been kept up with, serviced over the years and stored properly. The most recent service was just completed at BMW of the Mainline here in Pennsylvania. The car received a total inspection and oil/filter service and was noted as otherwise totally in order. No doubt, a turn-key example with no known needs with a clean Carfax.


Cosmetically, the car shows as nearly new overall. The paint is 100% the original throughout as confirmed by both a paint meter, touch, and sight. The front of the car has been treated to a 3M Clear Bra and as such has none of the common “peppering” from high-speed road use. The panel fitment, glass, rubber etc… is all factory, untouched and original with absolutely no previous accident repair of any kind. If one were to “nit pick” and really find an issue on the car it would require the car to be put on a lift and closely inspecting the lower section of the front bumper. The lower valence on both sides has the ever so smallest imperfections in the form of light scrapes due to one or two instances of road rash from lack of ground clearance. Not worth refinishing and hardly noticeable except upon extreme close inspection. Likely present on most Z8’s and frankly if repaired would present itself as an issue in the very near future as it is an item that comes with the territory of owning a car like this. The ever-contrasting red and black interior shows very well and is consistent with the mileage. There are signs of use, but no real wear to be concerned of. There are also no blemishes and overall the interior is basically new, tidy, and clean, as is its consistency with the rest of the car.


The engine bay is just as flawless as the interior, nearly new and without blemishes of any sort. It is here that one can plainly see factory markings and spot welds to uphold this example as completely accident free, straight, and a factory original in every way. The trunk is of the same consistency and is complete with its compartments and accessories, nearly new, and without complaints. Perhaps one other item that can be considered a blemish is the passenger side rear of the hardtop, which shows one small chip on the corner/edge, likely from storage or installation/removal. The other is the soft top, which is slightly creased from storage, but with time up and in the sun it will easily return to normal. Both items do not require attention and are minor in their nature but are worth disclosing to the benefit of a remote buyer.


Overall this Z8 is remarkable in its like-new appearance and condition. There is nothing left out from when it was delivered to its first owner beyond a few more miles on the odometer; a nearly new car and easily an investment grade example. Included in the sale are the original tools, books, window sticker, 2 keys along with a hardtop stand and cover. This is certainly an opportunity worth much consideration as the modern era of collecting will define this timeless BMW as a worthwhile investment and endless fun for true enthusiasts.