• Chassis # 1B3ER69E4WV401030
  • Showing Just 10,000 Miles From New
  • Number 30 Of Only 100 GT2 Champion Editions
  • A Highly Original, Well-Kept Example
  • Recently Serviced And Accompanied By Records Dating Back To 2003
  • Includes Manuals, Spare Key, Car Model, Clean Carfax, & Set Code Records
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The Overview

From its inception in the early ’90s, the viper showed potential when modified to racing specifications, but its roadster based format meant that it lacked the structural rigidity to be truly competitive on the track. Dodge seemingly fixed this problem when in 1995 they released an enclosed coupe variant known as the GTS. Although previous generations of the viper had sold well, Dodge’s parent company, Chrysler, hoped to boost sales worldwide by taking the Viper racing. Some minor teething problems ensued but with the help of the French racing firm, Oreca as well as the North American based Canaska/ Southwind team, the viper began to show true promise on track. Its first major success came in 1997 when at the hands of Team Oreca, the Viper won 7 of 11 race wins to bring home the GT2 championship. This was just the start of the Vipers racing success on the international circuit and it would go on to dominate its class for the next 3 years, including 3 straight years of class wins at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Official Chrysler backing for the Viper program, unfortunately, ended in 2001, causing Oreca to drop their Viper teams. The Viper would still be a formidable competitor on the international stage in the hands of various other racing teams but its utter dominance at the hands of Team Oreca was not to be repeated. Today, the Oreca team Vipers stand as a testament to America’s resurgence in endurance racing and are largely responsible for introducing a whole generation to not only racing but cars in general.

To celebrate their immense success in winning the 1997 FIA GT2 Championship, Dodge decided to release a special road-going version of the Viper GTSR officially titled the GT2 Commemorative Edition. This special edition Viper would be limited to 100 examples and would feature the now-iconic white paint with blue stripes. The concept for this version was being worked on as early as November of 1997 with production occurring from June 16th to July 7th of 1998. This special edition was unique in that it utilized sequential ordering to the VIN, meaning the first version ended its VIN in 001 while the last was labeled 100. In addition to its unique and distinguishing colorway, the GT2 Commemorative Edition featured other cosmetic upgrades to more closely match the true GTSR cars such as a large rear wing, front dive planes, and splitter, extended side sills, unique BBS wheels, as well as an American flag and GTS-R badging. On the interior the car received unique blue accent trim, Team Oreca branded 5 point racing harnesses, as well as a numbered plaque. Performance modifications were minimal but noteworthy, with an increase of 10 horsepower to 460 with the aid of a K&N air filter and revised intake runners. These slight modifications also increased torque by 10 ft/lbs to 500. Of the 100 cars produced 2 were given to Oreca team drivers Olivier Beretta (car number 51) and Justin Bell (car number 52), however, both drivers made the decision to sell their special versions and they both now reside in private hands. Today the GT2 Commemorative Edition stands as the peak of second-generation Vipers in terms of collectability, both for its limited production but also for what it symbolizes in the resurgence of American endurance racing presence and domination in the late 1990s.

The example on offer here, chassis number 1BER69E4WV401030, is a 1998 Dodge Viper GTS GT2 Commemorative Edition, sometimes termed a GTSR although this moniker truthfully refers to the full-fledged racecar version. It is number 30 of only 100 cars produced to commemorate the vipers 1997 FIA GT2 class win. Currently, this Viper shows just over 10,000 miles and approximately 4 official owners from new according to the included clean CARFAX. It appears this car was sold new through North Carolina and wound up with its first owner who resided in Barrington, Illinois. The second owner, located in Kansas purchased the car in 2000 with approximately 5,066 miles on the odometer. They would go on to keep the car until 2015, adding around 4,000 miles to the odometer before selling the car in October of 2015 to its third owner in Virginia with around 9,800 miles. The car would remain with its third owner for only a year before being purchased by a dealer in Seaside California in March of 2016 with 9,946 miles on the odometer. The current owner and consignor purchased the car in 2018 and proceeded to have it thoroughly serviced and sorted by Woodhouse Chrysler of Blair, Nebraska. Full copies of these service records are available below in the documents section. Since its servicing, this 1998 Dodge Viper GT Commemorative Edition has seen minimal use and has been stored and cared for appropriately. As it sits today, this Viper remains in excellent condition both cosmetically and mechanically and is an extremely collectible example commemorating America’s return to endurance racing and the subsequent domination of the Vipers that followed.

Included with the sale of this car are the factory manuals, spare key, miniature car model, a clean CARFAX, and set code records.

The Details


body and paint

Having covered just over 10,000 miles in its lifetime, this Dodge Viper remains in excellent cosmetic condition and displays possibly even better than one would expect for the mileage. The white paint is smooth and consistent throughout the car with minimal signs of knicks or chips and the blue stripes provide fantastic contrast while remaining clean and bright. There is a very minor knick in the paint above the passenger side headlight as well as just a few minor paint knicks on the front bumper accumulated from normal use. The body itself is smooth and straight with no issues to note. The door and panel gaps are consistent and tight.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car remains in good clean condition however there are some minor knicks from normal use as well as a noteworthy chip on the driver's side of the glass. The headlights remain in excellent condition, free of fading, distortion, chips, or cracks. The rear lights are in similarly good condition, showing no issues. The black lip on the bottom of the front bumper does show a bit of distortion as well as some minor scratching. The remainder of plastic and rubber trim and components present in excellent condition.


All 4 of the bespoke style wheels present in good condition, well in-line with the rest of the presentation of the vehicle. They contain a clean and consistent finish and show only incredibly minor signs of use. Under a scrutinous eye, the passenger side front wheel has a very tiny chip on one of the spokes and the passenger side rear wheel has 2 very minor chips.


seats and surfaces

The interior of this Viper presents extraordinarily well, much better than the mileage would indicate in our opinion. The driver's side seat has some very minor creasing on the seat bottom but noticeable wear on bolsters. The passenger side seat shows minimal use and remains in essentially new condition showing next to no creasing on seat surfaces or wear to the bolsters. Both the shifter and the steering wheel present exceptionally showing minimal to wear. The carpets are clean and tidy and fit like new. Overall the interior presents stunningly, the only real area of note is the cargo net located in the front center of the headliner which has become a bit saggy over the years, a common problem with these cars.

functionality and accessories

This car has been cared for and maintained very well over its 10,000 miles and it shows nicely in the functionality of the interior accessories. The doors open and close as they should and the power windows move up and down with ease. All the gauges appear to read their requisite functions without issue and clean and easily legible. Interior lights appear to work as they should and both the shifter and the emergency brake appear to function without issue.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay of this car presents extremely well for the mileage, showing clean surfaces with the appropriate stickers present where applicable. The finish on the valve covers is bright and consistent and black plastic pieces throughout have a good rich color to them with proper fitment. Hoses, wiring, and tubing all appear supple and well looked after. Hood fitment is tight and appropriate.

trunk area

The rear “parcel area” is in similarly good order with tight fitting trim showing good color and no issues to note.


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide underside photos as our lift does not accommodate the low nature of the vehicle. However, the underside condition of the vehicle is exemplary of a well taken care of example that was driven sparingly and in the proper conditions. There is a bit scraping on the underside of the front lip from low entry and egress but it is not visible from most vantage points and is very minor in nature.



This Viper has been maintained extremely well throughout its life with records dating back to 2003 as well as a recent servicing in order to ensure it was in top mechanical condition. Due to its fastidious ownership, this Viper remains in excellent mechanical condition with the engine firing to life with a quick turn of the key and settling into a smooth and consistent idle. It makes excellent power out on the road with no flat spots or stumbles on acceleration. The car holds temperature well and shows no signs of any mechanical issues at the current time.


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power without issue. The clutch take-up feels appropriate and feedback is spot on.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to smooth, controlled, and quick stop with no signs of any issues. The suspension feels fantastic, tight and responsive, and displays no odd road manners or issues.


The tires throughout the car are BF Goodrich g-force rivals with ample tread life and solid side walls all around. The rears are date coded the 5th week of 2018, the front drivers side the 48th week of 2016 and the front passenger side the 17th week of 2017.

driving experience

The Dodge Viper GTSR “GT2 Commemorative Edition” is a very special car that celebrates a monumental accomplishment. The Viper is not only responsible for America’s return to the national endurance racing scene but is also directly tied to introducing many current car lovers to their current passion. This car embodies that spirit to the fullest in a rare and unique package. Although it differed from the standard GTS performance-wise, the real value in this car is in the rarity and the cosmetic upgrades that brought its appearance closer to that of the track only derivative. Vipers, in general, are absolutely fantastic cars to drive, providing a supremely visceral experience that requires the driver's constant attention and when combined with the looks and scarce production numbers of this 1998 GT2 Commemorative Edition, it provides for the complete package of collectability and driving performance.