• Chassis # WP0AA2964NS480253
  • Engine # 61N00742
  • 1 of 20 Road-Going Examples Produced For North America
  • A Homologation Special, Built To Allow Porsche To Race In The IMSA Bridgestone Potenza Supercar Championship Series
  • A Numbers Matching Example Showing 102,050 Miles From New
  • Complete With Books, Tools, Jack, Spare, & Air Compressor
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The Overview

With the number of special versions that Porsche has released throughout the years, it’s easy to understand why the Turbo S2 has long been an under-appreciated part of the companies motor racing history. With the restructuring of the IMSA series in the late ’80s and the introduction of the Bridgestone Supercar Championship in 1991, Porsche decided that they would throw their hat into the ring and see what their newly developed 964 series of cars could do at a competitive level. This new Bridgestone Supercar Championship shared similar restrictions to the Showroom Stock class, meaning the cars running in the series were essentially high-end cars offered for public sales by select dealers. Homologation restrictions were tight with manufacturers being required to deliver 200 road-going cars to the U.S. market with 20 ‘race versions’ being required as well. Porsche, never being one to back away from a homologation challenge, realized that the most cost-effective way to meet these requirements would be to send fully optioned 964 Turbo models to renowned Porsche tuner Andial to have them add the required homologation power kit. Andial would then send the cars out to the chosen dealerships to be offered for sale at a $10,000 markup. This strategy proved a success and 18 homologation “racing versions” ended up at U.S. dealers with 2 being sent to Canada. These road-going “race versions” of the 964 Turbo received an upgraded K27 turbocharger, a larger intercooler, upgraded cams, as well as ported and polished heads among a few other supporting modifications. This homologation power package fitted by Andial boosted power to the region of 322bhp (although many people say the true number was quite a bit higher, likely in the 380-400bhp range). In the end, Porsches’ “creative” attempts at homologation were successful and they were approved to go racing. Porsche’s efforts proved a success for them with the 911 Turbo taking home numerous pole positions in the IMSA Bridgestone Supercar Championship, throughout 1992 and 1993, with household-name drivers behind the wheel including Hurley Haywood and Hans Stuck. 

The example on offer here, chassis number WPOAA2964NS480253 and engine number 61N00742, is one of 20 1992 Porsche Turbo S2 versions produced. It is a numbers matching example per the included COA and still wears its original colors, as delivered from the factory, of Black over Cashmere Beige. It is unique in the fact that it came from the factory with a sunroof, not an addition often expected from a homologation special. According to the COA, this 964 Turbo S2 also included the following options:

– US Standard Equipment

– Lumbar Support – L/R

– Electric Sliding Sunroof

– Porsche CD Player

– Porsche Floor Mats – Cashmere Beige

– Leather Piping in Standard Color on Seats – F/R

– Michelin Tire

Production of this S2 was completed on 09/02/1991 and according to the included clean CARFAX report, it was delivered new in West Palm Beach, Florida. The car would be used by its first owner regularly, racking up just over 67,000 miles by the time it was sold in 1999. From here the car would go on to its second owner located in Cincinnati, Ohio where it would stay until 2004 when it was sold again, now with 82,041 miles on the odometer. This S2 was then sold to a dealer in Texas who kept it until 2006, adding another 12,000 miles. It next custodian, the fourth owner, was located in Lewisville, Texas. They kept the car, adding minimal miles until it was sold to its current owner and consignor in 2015 with a little over 101,000 miles on the odometer. Service records available from the 4’th owner show that he went through the car fairly thoroughly and repaired and replaced items regularly as needed, leaving the car in excellent mechanical condition today. As it sits, this 1992 Turbo S2 is a very special and limited production version and despite the mileage remains in good cosmetic condition and tight, ready to be driven mechanical condition.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the Porsche COA, factory books, tools, jack, spare, air compressor, available service documents, and a clean CARFAX.

The Details


body and paint

Overall the paint is in good condition but this particular S2 is a good driver quality example with a certain amount of blemishes and imperfections that come along with the mileage. The front bumper has been repainted and is largely free of issues. The hood has a number of very minor knicks in the paint, some of which have been touched up. These are very small, and hard to notice from 5 feet away but become more apparent up close. There is also a chip in the paint on the driver's side cowl that has been touched up. On the passenger side door, there is some chipping along the edge of the door which has been touched up as well as some thinning paint above the door handle. The driver's side door has similar imperfections along the edges. The film stone guards on the lower portion of the rear quarters have been replaced but there is some chipping present above them as well as some minor chips under the film. There is a small scratch on the driver's side rear bumper near the tail light. On the sunroof, the cloth stripping around the edges is torn in the corners. Panel gaps and body lines are all consistent and within a reasonable tolerance, showing no signs of issues past or present.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car is in good condition with only some very minor chipping and scratching consistent with the mileage of the car. The headlights have some stone flecking and a very minor chip in the driver's sidelight. The passenger side indicator amber light contains some minor stress cracking around the mounting screws. The anodized trim on the driver's side has been touched up and the same trim around the passenger side rear vent window has a scratch in it.


The condition of the wheels is consistent with the rest of the car, showing some minor imperfections, some of which have been touched up.

notable flaws

This Porsche S2 Turbo contains blemishes and imperfections that are consistent with the mileage and use. There are a number of areas of the car with minor paint imperfections, some of which have been touched up. Overall though, the car presents very nicely for the mileage.


seats and surfaces

The interior of this car displays very nicely given the total mileage. The dash and steering wheel are in great condition, showing no pulling or bad stitching with the exception of some very minor knicks in the leather of the steering wheel from normal use. The driver’s side seat shows some creasing and wear on the outer bolster in line with the usage the car has seen. The piping on the bolster is torn but this is relegated to just the piping and not the bolster itself. The passenger seat shows much less use but still shows some wear to the piping on the edges. The rear seats are in excellent condition and show minimal to no wear. The carpets throughout the car remain in excellent condition given the mileage, showing good fitment and minimal wear. Door cards remain in good condition with no drooping or sagging and nice tight stitching. The headliner remains tight and clean. The plastic on the driver's side door sill contains a crack as well as a small piece missing.

functionality and accessories

The doors open and close as they should and the power windows move up and down with ease. The gauges retain bright and legible lettering, however, the fuel gauge, warning lights, and clock have developed a haze behind the lenses making them a bit more difficult to read. All the gauges appear to display their requisite function as they should. All buttons and switches appear in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. The dash contains a Porsche branded CD-2 radio. The power seats appear to function as they are supposed to. The emergency brake holds the car firmly in place and the shifter moves easily through its range of motion. The sunroof slides open and closed with ease although the trim around the edges has begun to tear in the corners.

notable flaws

The interior remains in good condition given the mileage, however, there are some signs of wear, specifically in the creasing located on the driver's side seat, minor tears in the piping of the seats, cracking of the plastic door sill cover, as well as some hazing of the lenses on certain gauges.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is freshly cleaned and detailed and presents well. The only areas of note are the black painted intercooler which shows some chipping of the paint as well as the sound deadening located on the back wall of the engine bay which has begun to droop a bit. Some of the factory stickers have chipped and flaked away as well but overall the engine bay shows as well kept and looked after.

trunk area

The front trunk contains well-fitting black carpets that are clean and show minimal wear. Both the under-hood options code sticker and the paint designation sticker are in place. Tucked under the carpet are the factory spare, jack, air compressor, and tool kit.


The underside of the car shows a well-kept example that is representative of the mileage traveled. There are some scrapes on the underside of the front section and the lower portion of the front bumper and lip appear to bowed up in the center section. Other than some normal road dirt accumulation, the braking and suspension components appear to be well looked after and in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. The exhaust system shows some normal surface corrosion but appears to be structurally sound and mechanically solid. The underside of the engine is relatively clean and tidy and shows no outward signs of issues or leaks.



This Turbo S2 remains mechanically very sound and well kept and it shows in the strong running and driving nature of the car. The engine fires to life with a quick turn of the key sounds healthy and makes excellent power out on the road. There is no evidence of stumbles or hesitations on the powerband with the engine delivering smooth and linear acceleration.


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power well. The clutch pickup is smooth and responsive with no issues to note.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop. The suspension feels very tight and responsive given the mileage. There are no odd noises or road manners from the suspension.


This Turbo S2 wears a set of Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus tires that contain solid side walls and ample tread life. They are DOT date coded the 49’th week of 2008.

driving experience

The Porsche Turbo S2 is a very special car that has largely been lost in the myriad of special edition cars that are constantly being rolled out of the Stuttgart factory. Built as a homologation special to allow Porsche to go racing, its thoroughbred nature instantly becomes apparent out on the road. The increased power, thanks to the Andial tuning is a welcomed addition and provides for fantastic throttle response despite the turbocharged nature of the vehicle. This particular S2 has been well cared for throughout its life and it shows nicely in the tight and well-handling driving experience despite the mileage. This Turbo S2 is an excellent driver quality example and provides an awesome opportunity to add a very special Porsche to one's collection that is ready and able to be driven and enjoyed without the fears that often come with utilizing such a special example.