• Chassis # ZDM1LC4N0S8018478
  • Showing Just 12,789 Miles From New
  • A Highly Original Example With Minimal Modifications
  • Thoroughly Serviced And Properly Maintained Throughout The Years
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This car is currently located in: Philadelphia, PA

The Overview

The Super Sport name has developed a mystique over the years with the Ducati brand. First introduced on their now iconic and legendary 750 Super Sport, which barreled onto the scene in the early 70s, the SS name has gone on to adorn the side of some the Italian producer’s most iconic machines throughout the years. 

First introduced in 1991, the 900 Supersport (SS) borrowed many styling cues from the previous generation 851, but looks is about where the similarities ended. Penned by the ultimate in Italian 2-wheeled styling, Pierre Terblanche, the 900 SS was a fantastic machine that oozed proper Italian styling. Throughout its production run, it was available with both a full fairing (SS) and half fairing (SS/CR). In an effort to make the 900 SS more marketable, Ducati stuck with a tried and true design of an air-cooled 900cc V-twin engine utilizing a 2-valve head. The engine was fed by a pair of Mikuni carburetors rather than fuel injection, which tended to still be finicky at the time. The 900 SS was received wonderfully by reviewers who commented on how easy riding it was while still having the Ducati feel and character necessary to these machines. The no-frills ethos behind the design proved to be quite popular with customers, and by the end of 1997, over 27,000 examples of the 900 SS were sold worldwide, spawning some special factory configurations including the “Superlight” and the “SS/SP,” which was only available to the US market. The SS/SP took the base 900 SS and added carbon fiber fenders and clutch cover, adjustable Showa suspension, and an aluminum swingarm. These additions made the already fantastic platform of the 900 SS even more rideable and fun. 

Over the years, the simple production nature of the 900 SS has held it back a bit from a collecting standpoint as it did not provide enthusiasts with the long laundry list of unique features that some of Ducati’s other offerings provided. This has begun to change, however, and we are beginning to see the resurgence of collectability and respect that the 900 SS deserves. This swing is led largely by the increased desire for collectibles from the 90s era but is also being pushed by the realization that these were and remain fantastic machines with the looks to back up the performance.  Moving forward, they may not hit the high dollar mark of some of Ducati’s other offerings, but original low miles examples will undoubtedly remain desirable and will continue to increase in collectability as the pool for good examples begins to dry up. The 900 SS/SP and the Lightweight examples will certainly float to the top here, given their rare nature and added special factor. Either way, though, the 900 SS platform as a whole remains an excellent entry point into the world of collectible Ducatis, one that can be ridden easily and looks just as good adorning that coveted spot in the garage of any collection. 

The motorcycle on offer here, chassis ZDM1LC4N0S8018478, is a 1995 Ducati 900 SS/SP. It currently shows 12,789 miles and remains in fantastic original condition. This bike was purchased by LBI Limited founder Adolfo Massari in 2012 from a close friend and fellow collector. Adolfo had grown up lusting after these machines, and despite having owned a number of dirt bikes etc., over the years, this was his first road-going motorcycle. In the early days, it was ridden regularly and maintained by the professionals at Fast By Ferracci, always receiving the care and attention that it needed to remain in outstanding shape. More recently, the 900 has seen more limited use as time and location worked against regular riding. This is less a testament to the riding quality of the machine and more a nod to the fantastic looks as the 900 routinely sat within eyesight of Adolfo’s desk, beautifully complimenting the myriad of other amazing machines that rolled through the doors of LBI Limited throughout the years. 

Given the current mileage, it is no shock that the bike had done quite a bit of sitting in its life before being purchased by Adolfo in 2012. So at the time of his purchase, the 900 SS/SP was taken to Fast By Ferracci and treated to an entire engine rebuild to the amount of almost $4,500. It was dyno’d after the rebuild, making 80.63 horsepower and 63.14 lb-ft of torque, healthy numbers! In 2014 the 900 would head back to Fast By Ferracci for some additional work, including a clutch service, oil change, speedo repair, and a flooding fuel bowl. Notably, in 2020, the 900 had a belt service performed by The Spare Parts of Philadelphia, PA, in addition to new spark plugs, battery, starter, and an oil change. A new set of Continental ContiMotion M tires were also added to the bike in 2020 by The Spare Parts. They have DOT date codes of 2018 and currently only have maybe 4 miles or so on them, remaining in excellent condition with plenty of life. 

As it sits today, this 900 SS/SP remains in excellent and highly original condition. The paint is believed to be all original and remains in good order, with a few chips in areas you would expect, like the lower belly portion of the fairing and the front section of the bike around the headlight. There is some light swirling of the paint around the gas cap area as well. There is a light 3-inch scratch on the rider’s left side of the tail section as well. The seat is smooth and clean with no issues. Factory graphics and stickers still adorn the bike and remain in great condition, including things like the “Helmet Hook” sticker affixed to the rear tail section. The carbon fiber fenders remain in good order, although maybe a bit “dry” looking, which you would expect from original carbon components. The tank is clean and tidy, both exterior and interior. The storage compartment under the seat retains clean, well-fitting plastic and even has the rubber hold down for the books still in place. The only items that are not stock that has been changed out are the windscreen which is a dark smoked version, a Yoyodyne clutch slave cylinder, and the factory pipes have been replaced with an awesome set of D&D Performance carbon fiber versions that complement the stock carbon pieces on the machine very nicely. 

In preparation for finding a new home for the bike, this 900 SS/SP is fresh off servicing by The Spare Parts of Philadelphia, PA. Items included a rebuilt set of Mikuni Carburetors, replacing the fork seals, and replacing the rear turn signals with a set of the correct style blinkers. This has left the 900 SS/SP in outstanding running and riding condition. A detail of the machine was also completed by Autocrat Bespoke of Philadelphia, PA, ensuring that it looks the part to match the mechanical nature. 

Thanks to Adolfo’s careful ownership, this fantastic example of Ducati’s 900 SS/SP shows no current needs. With its low mileage and high marks of originality, it would make an excellent addition to any 2 wheeled collections or would also serve as the perfect entry point to classic Ducati ownership. 

Included with the sale is the factory owner’s manual as well as available service records. 


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