The Overview

When it comes to driver’s cars, immediately a few names come to mind; the Porsche 911, Audi S4, Mazda MX-5 or perhaps an AMG Mercedes but there is one that arguably trumps all. Its distinguished mark is a tri-colored “M” badge which indicates that BMW’s motorsports division has gotten their hands on one of their productions cars and modified it with performance as a priority. Every M-car BMW has ever produced possesses this balance between power, handling, and practicality that continues to be unrivaled by any other sports cars in its class. There is one M-car that started it all and is considered the holy grail of the series. The BMW M3 sets the standard for what is expected of BMW whenever they decide to put another M-car into production. The E36 is the successor to the original E30 M3, making its debut in 1992. With the S50, 240bhp, motorsport tuned power plant in the front, a manual five-speed gearbox in the middle, and the power going to the rear wheels, it brings a smile to any petrol head’s face.


The example on offer is a well preserved 1995 M3, VIN number WBSBF9327SEH05520. It has just come out of long-term California ownership, changing hands only once and then making its way to the LBI stable. This example is finished in black over black, maintaining its original paint and interior from the factory. It has lived an uneventful life with no evidence of bodywork present and a clean CARFAX report indicating no accidents as well.


Upon approach of the car, the black paint shows extremely well possessing plenty of depth and clarity. An item to note is that at some point during the car’s prior ownership it had a substance drip onto the paint which left some flawing. This was carefully corrected with some very mild clear coat work that resolved the majority of it and all that remains are a couple spots, 3-4mm in diameter, that would only be noticed only under close inspection as well as a small area on the passenger side rear fender. Continuing with one’s assessment of the exterior, one will find that all the badges, trims items, glass, and seals are all in superb condition and as they were when the car left the factory. The wheels have incurred no curb rash or damage whatsoever and are complimented by a fresh set of tires just recently installed, with the original tires included in the sale.


The interior of the car carries the same original consistency expected of such a low mileage example. The door jams are flawless with all of the correct markings and stickers from the factory. The seats, front and rear, are nicely preserved with no rips, cracking, fading, etc. The dash, door panels, wood accents, and rugs are all consistent with the immaculate condition of the rest of the car. A flick of the key to the on position will show that the radio, gauges, windows, sunroof, and remainder of the electrical components are fully operational.


Inspecting the engine bay shows a totally stock, incredibly well preserved and original engine bay. The valve cover is embossed with the text “BMW MPower” making it clear that BMW’s motorsport division had their way with the engine. As expected with a car of this quality, all the markings, stickers, and tags are present. All engine components are correct with no items being modified or altered. The trunk shows no surprises as well with the liner is in perfect condition, the original spare still present, in addition to the tool kit. The underside poses no quarrels as well with no damage, rust, or modifications present. The only item to note is some curb rash from a clearance issue on the bottom of the front lip of the bumper. If one wishes, a couple days in the body shop and a few hundred dollars would correct it but there is a good chance it would happen again anyways. Otherwise there are still original markings, cosmolene, and factory finishes throughout the underside.


Mechanically this example is absolutely turn-key just having undergone a major service at BMW of the Mainline (Euro Motorcars) in Philadelphia, with instructions to carefully go over every system on the car. The technicians completed a standard “Service II” (or Major Service) replacing all fluids, belts, hoses, filters, spark plugs and a few other items to really dial things in. Items that were tended to can be viewed in detail in the link at the bottom of this listing. A part from the recent service, there is no other mechanical items worth noting. The car starts instantly upon a turn of the key and the engine quickly settles down to a comfortable rpm, running very smooth. The driving experience is where these cars matter most. This example is absolutely dialed in with a flawless clutch, transmission and overall exhilarating to drive with no faults noted. When needed, a firm press of the brakes brings you to an uneventful and timely stop. The steering feels superb and in the event that back end swings out, there is plenty of lock to correct or hold a controlled drift. After some time spent on the road, it is clear that this car is mechanically sound and preforms phenomenally well.


The example on offer is a proper low mileage, investment grade E36 M3 that poses significant market potential and would add value to any collection. As E30 M3’s continue to appreciate in the market place, good E36 M3’s are next in line to gain some traction and begin increasing in value as well. This example possesses many desirable attributes from its long-term California ownership, to the low miles, to its original condition. This is a rare opportunity to own a well preserved E36 M3 that has all the right qualities to be financial lucrative in the years to come. The spare, tools, and non-original set of books are offered with the sale.



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