• Chassis # JT2JA82J0R0019725
  • Showing Just 75,435 Miles From New
  • A One-Owner Example & Clean CARFAX Report
  • Major Service Just Completed Including New Clutch, Timing Belt & Tires
  • Well Serviced & Cared For, Complete With Books & Accessories
  • All VIN Stickers Are Present & Correct
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The Overview

Toyota has always been a company to push the boundaries of automotive design and technology going back to the 2000GT in the late 1960s. In an attempt to bring to market the best sporting grand tourer they could, Toyota released the Supra in 1978. The first Supra borrowed its styling heavily from the Celica, but specific body changes were necessary to accommodate the inline 6-cylinder that was to be the power plant. The Supra would go through 2 more generations of changes before in 1993 and the most ambitious Supra yet, the A80 was released in 1993. Built on a shortened chassis from the Lexus SC, the A80 Supras were packed with technology. When outfitted with the highest spec powertrain, the twin-turbo inline-6 cylinder mated to a 6-speed gearbox, could do 0-60 in as low as 4.6 seconds while covering a 1/4 mile in 13.1 seconds at 109 miles per hour. These were incredibly impressive performance numbers for the early ’90s, and the public took notice. The Supra became a cultural icon and an automotive tuners fantasy with staggering horsepower numbers being made with relatively little modifications. The supra never fell out of fancy with the automotive crowd, always remaining a mainstay in movies and tuner culture. It wasn’t until recently, when presumably the people that grew up fantasizing about them gained enough money to own one that exceptional examples became highly sought after. The A80 Supra remained in production here in the US until 1998 with other parts of the world being lucky enough to be still receiving cars through 2002.

This particular example, chassis number JT2JA82J0R0019725, is a 1994 Toyota Supra Twin-Turbo matted to a 6-Speed Manual in sport roof configuration. This car is an unmodified example with a clean CarFax that shows 75,435 miles from new. It is finished in a Black exterior over a light tan interior. When new, the car was leased out of a dealership in Indiana, and upon being returned off-lease in August of 1996, it was immediately snapped up by one of the top salesmen at the dealership. This car stayed with its second owner for the remainder of its life up until our acquisition a few months ago. The car has always been stock and remains as such to this day. A detailed CarFax is available in the documents section which outlines regular usage and a strict maintenance routine. It appears as if the bulk of the miles were put on the car in the first 7 years of its life with an indicated odometer reading of just over 60,000 in September of 2001. After this point, the car still saw strict service intervals, but usage appears to have been more leisurely given the current indicated mileage. When we acquired the car, we treated it to a full service totaling just shy of $4,000. This servicing included the following items:

  • Timing belt, tensioner, and adjuster
  • New clutch and flywheel
  • New water pump
  • Coolant flush
  • New Continental ExtremeContact tires front and rear
  • New drive belts
  • New front crankshaft seal
  • Oil and fluids service
  • Four-wheel alignment
  • General inspection of the vehicle

As it sits now, this Supra is an unmodified, strong driver quality example. It shows some evidence of its mileage but remains in good overall cosmetic condition. With its fanatical maintenance regiment throughout its life and recent thorough servicing, this car is ready to be thoroughly driven and enjoyed. Toyota Supras represent the ultimate in modern collectability at the moment. Rarity directly correlates with collectability. With roughly 4,038 of the most desirable spec Supras (Twin Turbo, 6-Speed Models) sent to the US, we would venture to says that only a 1/3 of those examples are left in unmodified, clean condition. To have a car that has lived its whole life unmodified while also being lovingly maintained is a very rare occurrence in the JDM car world. This particular car checks all those boxes with it being a twin-turbo, sport roof, 6-speed model, that has always been stock. Because of that, this car represents an excellent opportunity to acquire a quickly appreciating 90’s icon.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the books, accessories, and correct leather protective front bra.

The Details


body and paint

The black exterior paint is consistent and smooth all around with good dark color. The paint would be considered consistent with the mileage in that it does show various imperfections throughout. The front bumper and lower hood show minor stone chipping, some of which has been touched up. There is an inch-long scratch on the driver's side door that has been touched up. The rear air ducts above the rocker panels also show some minor stone chipping. The paint on the rear bumper where the license plate sits is a bit scratched up, not a significant problem since the license plate ordinarily covers this area. There is some cracking in the paint on the driver's side of the rear bumper. The body is straight with consistent shut gaps and body panel lines. It appears that the panels are all original as all VIN stickers are present in their proper locations. A pdf has been compiled of all the VIN tags and is available in the Documents section of this listing. 

glass and trim

The headlights on the car are clear and free of any cracking, same with the turn signals and side marker lights. The rear taillights are in likewise good condition with no issues to note. The glass and windows on the car appear to be all original as all contain their proper Toyota branding. There has been a light tint applied to the side windows as well as the rear glass in order to help with day to day live-ability. The trim around the car remains in good condition and is consistent with the mileage. It retains good color and fitment although there is some light scuffing and scratching especially around the windows, likely due to normal usage while entering and exiting the vehicle. 


The polished aluminum wheels appear in good condition displaying some very minor curbing on the edges of the front driver's side and the rear passenger side wheels. Other than that the faces retain a nice overall finish with good shine and just a bit of scratching, consistent with the mileage of the vehicle. 

notable flaws

The exterior of the car shows in a nice honest state that is indicative of the miles. Therefore it has some imperfections in the paint, but nothing that takes away from the overall impression of the car. 


seats and surfaces

The interior displays very nicely, having been well kept and maintained. The driver's seat exhibits some minor creasing around the edges from normal use but has solid bolsters and clean seating surfaces. The passenger seat is in excellent condition. The carpets retain good color and weave to them but do show a bit of discoloration in the driver's side footwell. The rear seats appear to have seen minimal use and remain in excellent condition. The headliner has excellent color and remains tight and clean. The plastic on the center console shows a bit of age in the way of a bit of spottiness in the coating of the plastic but nothing that distracts from the well-kept interior in any way. The dash is clean with good color and retains solid plastic. Upon very close inspection, there is just a hint of waviness on the leading edge where the dash meets the windshield. 

functionality and accessories

Everything on the interior appears to function and operate exactly as it should. The gauges are bright and colorful and seem to read their designated functions properly. The center stack of the dash shows clean and well-labeled buttons and knobs that are in good mechanical condition as well. The windows move up and down with ease and the doors open, close and lock exactly as the should. The parking brake holds the car firmly in place, and the shifter moves smoothly through its range of motion while being encased in a smooth and clean leather boot. 

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay on this car wears its history well and shows as having been well-loved, maintained, and cared for. The engine compartment is very clean, and the correct stickers and labels appear to all be present and accounted for. It seems the correct parts were always used when something needed replacement, and there are no external signs of any issues whatsoever. This car has been reportedly stock its whole life and as such the engine bay shows no signs of modifications. 

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and tidy with well-fitting carpet and correct labels and stickers in place. Lifting the carpet reveals the light plastic undertray, a piece that undoubtedly goes missing on many cars. The factory spare appears to have seen minimal if any usage at all and the trunk floor underneath it remains solid and clean. The tools are present in their styrofoam compartments, and some of them even remain in their Toyota branded pouches. 


The underside of the car is dry and quite clean for the mileage. The rockers are smooth and straight with excellent paint, and the front valence shows no signs of heavy scraping, etc. Other than typical road grime, the underside is clean and in order and shows no signs of any issues. 



This car has been very well mechanically maintained throughout its lifetime and on top of that just received a full service by us upon acquisition. Because of this, the car runs very strong mechanically and shows no issues or signs of needing anything. It fires right to life, idles smoothly, revs freely and makes excellent power. 


Upon our acquisition of this car, the clutch and flywheel were replaced, leaving this car shifting smoothly. The transmission moves through the gears with ease and holds excellent power. The clutch take-up feels spot on and is very responsive. 

brakes and suspension

The braking system and suspension are both in good order. The brakes bring the car to a smooth, controlled stop with no noises or shuddering. The suspension is responsive and planted out on the road and exhibits no signs of any issues. 


The tires were just replaced by us during this cars major service, and it now wears brand new Continental ExtremeContacts on all four corners. 

driving experience

When Toyota was designing the original Supra, they set out to make the best Sporting Grand Tourer that they could. With a little refining over the years, they came to the A80 Supra that you see here, the ultimate iteration of their original Sporting Grand Tourer plan. The A80 Supra in stock form is very comfortable, quiet, and deceptively fast. Without the benefit of an aftermarket exhaust, the realization of true power under the hood sneaks up on you and before you know it, you are doing speeds that could easily land you in license suspension territory! Toyota did an excellent job designing the interior and these cars remain a fantastic and comfortable driving experience, with everything the driver needs within a short reach. It is fair to say that for the time period of the early 1990s, Toyota knocked this one out of the park, and this is undoubtedly the reason the AE80 Supra was so popular then and remains to be today. With only approximately 4038 of the top tier 6-speed, twin-turbo models being produced over a 6 year period, with countless ones being wrecked and modified beyond recognition, this car is an anomaly in the 90's JDM car world. Having remained in stock configuration while under the loving care of its 1 owner throughout its entire life, this car represents the perfect opportunity to acquire an honest and highly sought after example of the pinnacle of 90's JDM sports cars.