• Chassis # 1G2PG1190JP221785
  • Just Over 15,000 Miles From New
  • A Highly Original Example
  • Fitted With Desirable 5-Speed Manual Transmission
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The Overview

As it was originally conceived, the Pontiac Fiero was always meant to be a small two-seater sports car with a V6 engine and unique new suspension setup. However, due to the impending oil crisis of the early ’80s, the accountants decided that instead of utilizing new designs for everything that they would save money by making the Fiero a parts bin special. When it was released for the 1984 model year it received modest praise, but the cobbled together suspension and anemic “iron duke” 4 cylinder engine left reviewer and buyers alike lamenting the decisions of the bean counters. Although the Fiero received the option of a V6 engine as early as 1985, it wasn’t until 1988 that the car finally reached the full potential the original designers had hoped for. With the release of the 1988 model, the Fiero finally got the suspension setup that the designers had drawn up in the early 1980s. In addition to this, it received vented disk brakes and staggered wheels for improved handling balance. These improvements mean that the 1988 model year is the most sought after. Approximately 15,880 Fiero GTs were produced for 1988, most of which have been turned into Ferrari 308 replicas. 1988 was the final year for the production of the Fiero and the last unit rolled of the assembly line in Pontiac, Michigan on August 16, 1988. While the Fiero often does not get the love it deserves, it was a truly groundbreaking car for GM to produce. It is many people’s opinions that if the company had followed the guidance of the designers instead of the accountants from the beginning that the Fiero would be held in much higher regard than it is today. The formula of the Fiero is undeniably cool, a mid-mounted V6 engine, a short wheelbase fitted with a proper suspension setup and the fact that it came from an American car maker in the ’80s is truly outstanding.

The example on offer here, chassis number 1G2PG1190JP221785, is a 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT fitted with a desirable 5-speed manual transmission and finished in Black exterior with Grey cloth interior. This particular Fiero is outstandingly original and has only 15,172 miles on the odometer from new. It is believed to be mostly original paint as well as all original interior. The early history on this car is not fully known but according to the provided clean CarFax, it appears that the current owner has owned the car since at least 2007 and since in their possession it has been driven sparingly, serviced when needed, and stored in their climate-controlled garage. As it sits today this Fiero needs nothing and is a stellar example of GM’s foray into the mid-engine sports car world.

Included with the sale of this car are the books, receipts, original spare and jack, and a copy of the original loan document from the initial sale of the car.

The Details


body and paint

Overall this Fiero is in excellent condition throughout. Very often these cars were driven hard and not cared about so to find one in such astounding and original condition is very rare. The paint is believed to be largely original with a smooth finish and consistent orange peel throughout the car. The only area of question is possibly the front bumper which appears to have been painted and blended into the hood at some point in this car's life, likely just from normal stone chipping. There is a small chip in the paint forward of the passenger side headlight opening as well as a small scuff on the rear bumper about an inch long. The body is straight and retains excellent fitment of panels with tight and consistent gaps throughout. There is a small crease like a dent in the window molding on the passenger side, almost as if someone leaned on it too hard. Throughout the body, the original factory VIN stickers can be found in place on panels, testifying to the nice original nature of this car.

glass and trim

The glass is all in good condition, clean and clear while appearing to be all original as well. Headlights and taillights are clear and free of fogging or cracking. Rubber trim and molding appears in great condition with excellent color, suppleness, and structure.


The original wheels are all in very nice condition with nice painted center sections and smooth aluminum lips. The only area of issue is a slight bit of peeling in the finish on the lip of the driver's side front wheel. Mounting hardware still retains nice black paint and shows no corrosion or scratching.


seats and surfaces

The Grey cloth interior of the car remains in like-new condition. The seats show minimal to no signs of aging and retain smooth and clean seating surfaces as well as tight bolsters. There is some very minor scuffing on the driver’s side door sill from normal entry and egress. The door cards are well-fitting and remain in great condition. The Grey chunky weave carpet fits tight throughout the car and retains good color. The Fiero branded floor mats show a bit of discoloration in certain areas but remain in good condition. The dash retains good color and is free of cracks or splitting. The headliner has begun to sag slightly, however, this is a very easy fix to undertake. The rubber seals around the doors all remain in excellent condition.

functionality and accessories

The doors open and close with ease and the power-operated windows roll up and down as they should. The shifter moves easily through its range of motion and retains a nice clean shift boot. The gauges are clear and visible with bright numbers and lettering although there is some very minor scratching on some of the lenses. All the gauges appear to read their required functions as they should. The emergence brake holds the car firmly in place.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay remains in good original condition much like the rest of the car. Painted surfaces are smooth and clean and all mechanical components appear to be well looked after. The top-mounted intake runner retains clean and bright red paint and is emblazoned with the Fiero lettering. It does appear that the spark plug wires may have been changed out at some point as they are currently red which is most likely not correct. Factory stickers and stampings are all in their correct locations.

trunk area

The rear trunk is finished in Grey carpeting and remains in good condition with proper fitment. The front trunk houses the factory spare which appears may have never even been removed from the car as it still has white lettering on the outer tread. The factory jack is still in place secured by a rubber band. The rest of the front trunk houses mechanical components such as the master cylinder and windshield washer reservoir, all of which are in extremely clean condition and show no signs of cosmetic or mechanical issues. The original options code sticker is located on the clean and issue free inner fender.


The underside of the car is clean and tidy with some very minimal signs of use. Painted surfaces retain good finish and the metal throughout the underside shows no signs of any issues past or present. The heat shield on the muffler displays a bit of normal corrosion and there are one or two scrapes on low hanging suspension components from normal everyday use.



The V6 engine fires to life with ease and settles into a smooth and controlled idle fairly quickly. On the road, the car makes ample power and acceleration is linear with no flat spots or stumbles in the acceleration.


The transmission shifts smoothly through the gears, holds power perfectly throughout the RPM range and has no odd noises or issues to speak of. The clutch has nice solid pickup and good feedback with no issues to note.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. On the road, the suspension feels tight and compliant with no issues to note.


We would suggest putting new tires on the vehicle before carrying out any driving as the tires that are currently on there are extremely hard from age.

driving experience

GM was really trying to mix things up with the introduction of the Fiero and even though it wasn’t initially delivered as the designers had hoped it was still a groundbreaking car for an American company. The combination of fun and powerful mid-mounted V6 with the lively chassis and manually shifted 5-speed transmission make the Fiero GT a blast to drive. Although they haven’t always gotten the love they deserved, the Fiero is truly a very special car. This particular example is even more special in the sense that it remains incredibly original. Often times these cars were driven hard and when things broke they were left to deteriorate. This 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT represents an awesome opportunity to acquire a unique American made vehicle in astounding condition.