• Chassis # JA3XE74C3MY014199
  • Showing Just 19,791 Miles From New
  • Offered In Good Original And Unmodified Condition
  • Finished In Glacier White Pearl Over Red Leather Interior
  • 1 Of Approximately 760 Produced In Glacier White Pearl For 1991
  • Includes, Original Window Sticker, Factory Spare, Books, Available Service Records, And Clean CARFAX
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The Overview

The 1990s brought with them a new era of technological innovation in the automobile industry. One car from an unexpected manufacturer truly shook up the industry and pushed other manufacturers further in their own technological development. With its four-wheel steering, four-wheel drive, electronically controlled damping, and a twin-turbocharged 24-valve 3.0L V6 under a sculpted hood came a sports car that surprised the greats. When tested, contemporary editorials were flabbergasted. They went on to describe the car, referred to as the GTO, as a grand tourer that cannot be unsettled. The final package was the Shogun 3000GT VR-4 by Mitsubishi. 

Following the unveiling of the HSR and HSX concept cars at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show, Mitsubishi went on to debut their production GTO in 1990. The stylish coupe, cut as a 2+2 grand tourer, was designed and intended to compete nationally with the Nissan 300ZX and Toyota Supra. Although globally known as the GTO, the car is best known stateside as the 3000GT. When introduced in 1990, Mitsubishi described their new tourer as a “new age super four-wheel drive sports car”. Its brutal acceleration and AWD grip was praised from the start. From a standstill, Car & Driver quoted 0-60 acceleration times of sub 5 seconds. 

The 3000GT VR-4 was the top-tier trim package and included the most powerful engine, the 300 horsepower 3.0 liter twin-turbo V6, as well as the best suspension and technological wizardry. The first-generation cars, which were internally referred to as Z16A, were unique in the fact that they incorporated pop-up headlights and blister caps on the hood to accommodate the ECS controllers on the top of the strut mounts. In addition, these early models had an impressive list of technological features that included full-time four-wheel drive, four-wheel steering, active aerodynamics, drive modes, and electronically controlled suspension. With a price tag of approximately $34,000 when new, the 3000GT VR-4 delivered the kind of features and options expected on a car with a drastically higher price tag. 

The VR-4 proved itself to be a luxurious and handsome GT 2+2 that delivered its occupants in comfort with impressive amounts of speed and grip. Seldom are sports cars from Japan rated and held in regard alongside their contemporaries from North America and especially those from Europe. The VR-4 accomplished these things handily and at a price point far better than many of its European counterparts. The 3000GT enjoyed an impressive production run of 10 years, with revisions in 1994 and 1997 before production ceased in the year 2000. 

Although these technological marvels from Mitsubishi were, for a long time, forgotten about, they have seen substantial sales numbers and excellent increases in collectability in recent years as the desire for 90’s era cars has swelled. Given how often they tended to be modified and driven hard, finding a low miles stock example has become increasingly hard over the years. We feel, given the meteoric rise of the VR-4’s direct competitors, the Supra, 300ZX, and the RX-7, that there is still substantial growth to be seem in the collectability of these vehicles and pricing trends reflect this with a later model 1999 example with 3,800 miles having recently sold for over $75,000.

The example on offer here, chassis # JA3XE74C3MY014199, is a 1991 first-generation example that is finished in Glacier White Pearl over a full red interior. A classic “J-Spec” configuration! This is 1 of only approx. 760 examples that were produced in Glacier White Pearl for the 1991 model year. Currently, it shows 19,791 miles from new and remains in great original and unmodified condition. According to the CARFAX, this VR-4 was sold new in Rockford, Illinois, about 50 miles northwest of Chicago. It appears to have stayed with the same owner till 2016, when it ends up in dealer inventory in Belvidere, Illinois, with 17,623 miles. It was then purchased by its 2nd owner in late 2016, located in Lafayette, Indiana, who owned the car and drove it sparingly till our time of purchase. When we purchased the car in mid-2021, it had just 19,600 miles. Earlier in 2022, we had the gearbox fully rebuilt to the tune of $7,919.86 as well as an extensive detail, including dry ice work on the undercarriage.  As it stands today, this VR-4 remains in an excellent original and unmodified condition. There are a few imperfections on the exterior of the car, in the form of scratches or paint chips, that are to be expected with originality.  The car is mechanically in great condition now that it has had a gearbox overhaul and is a blast to drive as a result. 

These 3000GT VR-4s represent a classic JDM, tech-filled, front-engined, manual sports car experience without commanding some of the unobtainable prices some of its counterparts demand. When referencing things like a low miles mid-90s 300ZX Twin Turbo, which offers a very similar experience, these VR4s are genuinely a great deal and offer a hint more on the practicality side, given its slightly usable rear seats and all-wheel drive.

The Details


body and paint

The paint throughout the car is believed to be largely original and remains in good condition with constant depth and shine. On the front bumper, there are 3 or 4 chips and scuffs, and on the trunk, there are two scratches about 3 inches in length. The body is overall straight and smooth with one small ding on the rear bumper passenger side of note.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be all original throughout the car. The rear ¼ window glass has some corroding of the film on the inside of the window. This condition appears on both sides of the vehicle.


The wheels are in reasonably good condition, with only some minor flaking of the chrome on each of the wheels in various spots.

notable flaws

Overall, the car remains in good condition; however, there are some more significant scratches on the trunk, and the wheels show some chipping and flaking in the chrome finish.


seats and surfaces

The interior remains in good original condition. There is some minor wear on the seat bolsters but no splitting or separation of the leather. The most significant problem area is the shift boot is deteriorating from age, with cracked and peeling material. Outside of these two issues, the interior has held up very nicely, given its original condition.

functionality and accessories

The interior has been well maintained over the years, and this extends to the functionality as well. All the lights, gauges, seat controls, etc., work perfectly as they should. This includes the “Active Aero” button, which raises and lowers the rear wing, a remarkable feature in the early ’90s, especially from a JDM vehicle!

notable flaws

The interior remains in good original condition; the only real area of note is the shift boot which has had the material deteriorate from age.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is in overall acceptable and original condition but does show some minor signs of age. The valve cover has paint that is flaking away, and the heat shield that lines the underside of the hood has slightly deteriorated. Hoses, tubing, and wires all appear to be the correct type and are in good order, and the correct stampings are present throughout the engine bay. The proper VIN tag stickers are present on the inner side of the fenders as well as the hood.

trunk area

The trunk area is in good condition, with the proper black carpeting throughout. The privacy cover is still present and functions as it should. The factory spare tire sits beneath the carpeting and appears to have never been utilized, still showing paint markings on the tread.


The underside of the vehicle is this example's only fundamental flaw. Due to how we believe the car was stored over the years, there is a fair amount of surface oxidation present, which we have attempted to show in detail in our photo set. Aside from this, the underside shows good mechanically and appears to have been kept in good order.

notable flaws

Overall the car remains in good original condition, but there are some minor cosmetic issues present that come with the territory. The engine bay has some flaking paint on the valve cover, and the fire pad on the underside of the hood is deteriorating. The underside of the car has some surface corrosion, likely from being stored improperly, which we have attempted to document thoroughly in the underside photos.



The engine fires to life with little to no hesitation. Recent general maintenance was done when we rebuilt the gearbox, so the car has fresh fluids and is running well. Boost builds nicely with minimal lag and has good power throughout the rev range.


The gearbox has been fully rebuilt and is in great shape. Each gear goes in smoothly with little resistance and no grinding. The clutch feels spot on with excellent takeup and feedback.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop. The suspension is taut but compliant, with no issues to note.


The car is currently equipped with Sumitomo summer tires from 2016. All four of which have good tread left.

notable flaws

None to note, mechanically, the car is in excellent condition.

driving experience

With 300 HP from the Mitsubishi’s 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged V6, the VR4 has enough power to feel fast. Paired with an all-wheel drive system and four-wheel steering, it gives you plenty of confidence at speed as well. The 3000GT blends performance and comfort wonderfully with a smooth ride and comfortable seats. A recent weekend trip from our Pontiac, MI, location to Chicago reminded us of how much we love these 90s JDM sports GT cars!