• Chassis # 181306DN
  • Engine # 7L5726-8
  • An Excellent And Highly Correct Replica Built By Suffolk Sportscars, Ltd. of England
  • Finished In Quintessential Green Over Tan Connolly Leather Interior
  • A Well Maintained Example Ready To Be Thoroughly Enjoyed
  • Includes Available History And Service Records, Tonneau Cover, Brooklands Style Windscreens, And A Tool Set
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The Overview

Between 1936 and 1939, a British manufacturer by the name of S. S. Cars Ltd. produced a 2-seat sports car they dubbed the SS Jaguar 100. In March 1945, the S. S. Cars shareholders agreed to change the name to Jaguar Cars Limited, giving birth to the Jaguar we know today.

The SS Jaguar 100 originally came with a 100 hp, 2.5 L straight-6 that could output a theoretical max speed of 100 mph, hence the name. That engine was enlarged in 1938 to a 3.5 L which increased horsepower figures to 125 hp. Both versions had twin SU carburetors and a four-speed transmission. Only 314 cars were reportedly produced before production was interrupted by World War II.

This particular example, Chassis #181306DN , is an incredibly authentic recreation of an SS 100 built in 2007 by Suffolk Sportscars, Ltd. of England and titled as a 1964 Jaguar. It uses a 4.2 L Jaguar XK engine rebuilt specifically for this car with a lightened flywheel and fitted with twin 2” SU HSB carburetors & choke unit mated to a Jaguar Short Compact 4-speed manual transmission with overdrive. The body was finished in green over a Saddle tan Connolly leather interior with contrasting green Wilton carpets. The dimensions and finishes of the car are exact to the 1938 model it is based on, and even the Lucas headlights are manufactured by the same supplier. 

The original owner lovingly enjoyed the car until 2013, during which he serviced it annually at a Jaguar specialist shop and always kept it in a garage. It was listed for sale by Suffolk Sportscars themselves and was purchased by its current owner in 2018, who imported it to Florida, where it remained until it was placed on consignment with us, showing just over 21,000 miles on the odometer.

We entrusted this Jaguar to Leading Edge Autosport in West Chester, PA, who gave it a well-deserved service. They changed the oil and its filter, replaced the spark plugs and properly set the gap, cleaned the cap and rotor, tightened the driver’s wiper blade, replaced the brake hoses, flushed the brake and clutch systems, fixed multiple fuel leaks in the engine bay, greased all zerk fittings, and replaced the oil return line.

As it sits, this Suffolk SS100 is a low-mileage, perfect replica of a car that, for most of us, will be completely unobtainable. Having such a replica allows you to enjoy it in ways that you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the real thing for fear of damaging such an irreplaceable work of art. The modern drivetrain and brakes underneath its vintage-looking skin will also provide a lot more motoring excitement and safety than the aging mechanics of a real 1938 Jaguar would have. It can thus be driven like a regular car with the benefit of looking like anything but one. Another benefit of using Jaguar running gear is that even though Suffolk Sports Cars is no longer producing these replicas; the car can still be serviced by any shop that knows how to work on vintage Jaguars, further extending its lifespan.

The Details


body and paint

The quintessentially British Dark Green paint remains in overall good condition. The color and finish are consistent throughout the car, but there are some imperfections in keeping the “Driver Quality” status of this vehicle. There are some stone chips and minor scratches along the front fenders, some of which have been touched up over the years. The driver's side running board has a .5” crack in the paint and some additional scuffing along the outer edges. There are some additional light scratches on the rear fenders and passenger side running board. The passenger side front fender has a section of spidering in the paint that is about an inch in circumference. The body remains straight and tidy, with good fitment to all the panels.

glass and trim

The chrome throughout the car remains in great condition with excellent shine and just a bit of swirling developing in places like the top of the radiator. The headlights are in excellent condition, both the covered lenses and the chrome backs. The windshield is clean and tidy, with no real issues in either the glass or the chrome surround. The rubber treads on the running board show good color and fitment still. The remaining rubber components on the car appear in good order as well.


The spoked wheels are finished in a slightly different shade of green, almost a bit more olive-toned. The paint on them remains in great condition with minimal signs of wear present. The chrome center knock-offs are also in excellent condition, with an excellent smooth surface and plenty of shine.

notable flaws

Overall this car has been maintained very well, but it has been utilized, and signs of its “Driver Quality” nature are present in the form of some imperfections in the paintwork. For a better understanding of the current condition of this vehicle, please see the detailed photos in the gallery above.


seats and surfaces

The interior is finished in a delightful Saddle-colored Connolly leather which compliments the exterior wonderfully. Overall the interior remains in good shape. The leather throughout has great color and fitment still and shows only minimal signs of wear. There is some creasing and light wear found around the edges of the driver's side seat. The door cards are beginning to pull away from the door ever so slightly around the edges as well. There is a bit of wear from normal use on the leather boot for the emergency brake. The green carpets are trimmed with matching saddle leather and they retain excellent color and fitment throughout the cabin.

functionality and accessories

During our brief testing of the vehicle, it appears that everything works as it should. The doors open and close with ease, and the shifter moves through its range of motion with no issues. The gauges all work and appear to display correctly, with the exception of the gas gauge, which does function but reads a bit on the high side. The emergency brake holds the car firmly in place.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears very well looked after, remaining clean and tidy. It shows no signs of any issues, past or present. All wires, hoses, clamps, and tubing appear in good order, both cosmetically and mechanically. This finish on the headers is smooth and consistent, a common failure point on these engines that can affect the look of the engine bay.


The underside of the car remains clean and tidy, appearing well looked after. There are some signs of use in the form of paint flaking off some areas, but overall it is in great order given the Driver Quality nature of the car.



The 4.2-liter engine fires to life with ease and settles into a smooth and controlled idle as the temperatures begin to stabilize. Out on the road, it propels this little SS100 fantastically! There are no signs of stumbles or hesitation in acceleration, and its quite clear that this car has been well-maintained mechanically.


The 4-speed transmission shifts through gears with ease and hold power very well. The clutch takeup and feedback feel spot on.

brakes and suspension

The brakes easily bring this light little car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension is very compliant and fun, providing excellent road hold and feedback.


The car wears a period-correct-looking set of Blockley 6-Ply tires. They retain good solid sidewalls and ample tread life left.

driving experience

In preparation to bring this car to market, multiple people at the shop have driven it, and each one of them comes back with a big smile on their face! It is an immensely rewarding and visceral experience to step behind the wheel of this car. The fact that it is a replica should not dissuade buyers as it only means that it can be enjoyed to its fullest potential without the worry of causing damage to a historical vehicle of far great value!