• Chassis # JH4NA1159MT001590
  • Engine # C30A11301645
  • Originally Purchased And Owned By Kevin Eastman, Co-Creator Of "Ninja Turtles"
  • Showing Just Over 50,000 Miles From New
  • A First Year, Manual Transmission Example
  • Includes Factory Spare, Tools, Jack, Window Sticker, Book, And Available Service Records
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The Overview

Throughout automotive history, there are cars that unfortunately fall by the wayside and are not truly appreciated. Years or even decades often go by before enthusiasts rediscover these amazing machines. The Acura NSX is a perfect example of this.

Prototyping for the NSX began all the way back in 1984, often using a Honda City as a mule with the engine behind the driver seat, but it wasn’t until 1990 that the production vehicle was unveiled. Meant to compete directly with the V8-engined Ferraris of the day, it was the first mass-produced car to feature an all-aluminum body. A dream team of designers was assembled, most notably Formula One superstar Ayrton Senna. A special factory was built in Japan to handle production. Originally, the car was fitted with a 3.0-liter V6 engine and 5-speed manual transmission with a SportShift 4-speed automatic being optional. Reviews of the car initially were extremely positive, touting the fantastic chassis and handling of the car. The NSX underwent various changes throughout its 15-year lifespan, but dwindling sales in the early 2000s caused Honda to cancel the program. It would be years before the second generation would be released. In total, a little over 18,000 NSX’s were produced worldwide, with approximately 8,997 ending up in the United States. In today’s market, Japanese cars have been increasing in popularity amongst collectors in recent years, and the NSX is among the JDM classics leading the way. 

This particular NSX, Chassis number JH4NA1159MT001590, is a 5-speed manual finished in the rare color combination of Berlina Black with an Ivory interior. Less than 500 of this combination were created in 1991 out of around 3,200 produced that year. With only 50,512 original miles, this NSX is a car that can be enjoyed while maintaining its value. On the original window sticker, which is included with the sale, a very special doodle is present. There is a drawing of a Ninja Turtle as the first owner of this car was actually Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Eastman also wrote “Love the NSX!” and signed “ K. East” at the bottom. The original window sticker also shows a price of $61,600 behind the small art piece. Kevin acquired this NSX in the early 90s at the height of his career shortly after creating the show many of us grew up enjoying! Eastman owned the car through 2016 at which point it changed hands to its second owner who resided in Ohio. At the time it showed 47,211 miles on the odometer. The second owner did not keep the car around long and drove it even less, as it changed hands again, a year later in 2017 with just an additional 3 miles reported on the odometer. The third and current owner purchased the car in June of 2017 and promptly had it serviced at Superior Acura of Dayton, located in Ohio. Since their purchasing of this NSX, the car has been driven sparingly, adding a little over 3,000 miles in about 4 years, and has been maintained and cared for accordingly.

Throughout its life, this NSX has seen proper maintenance, both regular occurring and preventative. In 2013 the car had its timing belt done, along with the replacement of the water pump, and CV boots with documentation to confirm. Certain NSXs fell victim to the “Snap ring” issue, and thankfully after a check of the transmission number (J4A41002162) we can confirm this car is unaffected by that issue. To aid in the preservation of this modern classic the new owner added 3M film to the front half of the car which has certainly done its job.

This mostly unmodified (with the exception of cat-back exhaust) example presents very well and drives even better. There are many records of maintenance and caretaking available for this car. The car is well maintained and represents an excellent driver quality NSX, finished in desirable colors, with a fun and nostalgic history. This NSX would make a great addition to any collection, or a fleet of 90s JDM cars. 

Included in the sale of the car are the factory spare, original muffler, tools, jacks, books, and the original sticker. 


The Details


body and paint

The paint appears in excellent condition with constant depth and shine throughout. The front bumper is covered with a PPF film which has aided in keeping the rock chips to a minimum. All of the panels along with the body are straight. The rubber front valance was replaced with an all-new OEM piece

glass and trim

The glass in this example is all original with factory markings present. All trim is straight, all black trim is in good condition showing some small cracking/peeling around the top right region of the windshield.


The wheels are in good condition. All four wheels are in their original finish with a few minor scratches on two of the wheels.

notable flaws

No notable flaws with the exception of the front valance which was replaced and some PPF peeling on the front bumper.


seats and surfaces

The interior of this example presents wonderfully showing little to no wear. The driver seat has suffered very minor scuffing from ingress and egress. All touchpoints remain intact and in nice condition.

functionality and accessories

All interior knobs, pulls, and switches are functioning well with no issues. All electronics are also working as they should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents nicely throughout with no leaks. There are no modifications present.

trunk area

The front and rear trunks are both in great condition with factory tools and spare where they belong.


The underside of the car is exceptionally clean and shows no modifications with the exception of an aftermarket muffler. The stock muffler will be available with the sale of this NSX. There are no signs of any leaks or issues past or present.



The engine runs as good as new with no issues idling or accelerating. Approaching “VTEC” you're greeted with plenty of power and a great exhaust note.


The shifting mechanism is among some of the most engaging and precise shifters available. Throws are very short and direct while encouraging you to row through the gears.

brakes and suspension

The suspension is in good order, the ride is smooth considering the class of vehicle, and is not jarring on some of the rougher roads. Brakes are adequate and quiet while bringing the car to a smooth controlled stop.


The tires have plenty of tread left but are a touch on the older side, showing a 2013 date code.