• Chassis # HBJ8L34415
  • Engine # 29KRUM16946
  • An Excellent Example Sporting An Older Nut-And-Bolt Restoration
  • Finished In Attractive Healey Blue With Cream Coves
  • Continuously Maintained With Recent Full Engine Rebuild
  • Includes BMIHT Heritage Certificate & Documentation
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The Overview

Introduced in October 1963, the 3000 MKIII was the most refined version of the popular “Big Healey” model line and was the last of Donald Healey’s creations. The MKIII offered amenities such as roll-up windows carried over from the BJ7 series, burled walnut veneer dash, revised center console, and updated rear suspension in Phase II examples. Built between 1963 and 1967, over 17,000 were produced between Phase I and Phase II cars. Achieving 150 horsepower via a twin SU carbureted inline 6 cylinder engine, the MKIII raced from 0-60 in 9.8 seconds; fast for the time period. Today, the MKIII variant is the most coveted of the 3000’s and is one of the quintessential British motor cars representing lasting, and consistent value among car collectors.

The example on offer here, chassis number HBJ8L34415 and engine number 29KRUM16946 is a 1966 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII. According to the included BMIHT heritage certificate, the car was completed on December 29th, 1965, and was dispatched on January 7th, 1966 to Miami, Florida in the United States. It was originally finished in Ivory White with a black top and black interior. Factory fitted equipment included wire wheels, heater, overdrive, adjustable steering column, road speed tires, and a laminated windscreen. Early history on the car is largely unknown but as the car currently sits it wears an older nut-and-bolt restoration completed to very high standards. The car is finished in Healey Blue with Cream colored coves and a blue interior and top. The restoration has won the car multiple awards and remains in excellent condition with acceptable aging. The car has been continuously maintained and features a recent full engine rebuild leaving the Healey in fantastic running and driving order. Since 2005 the car has been regularly maintained by Cloverleaf Auto Services of Malvern, Pennsylvania. Regular maintenance has been kept up with, in addition to some other items which were corrected or attended to. A full list of the service work carried out can be found in the documents section below. 

Included with the sale are the BMIHT Heritage certificate and documentation of maintenance and upkeep.

The Details


body and paint

The paint quality is very nice and exhibits minimal aging and blemishes. It has a deep, consistent shine. We believe the hood was touched up some time a few years after restoration. In certain light, if you are searching for it, there is a slight difference in color of the hood compared to the fenders and front shroud. This could also be ageing-related. There is also an area of slight discoloration near the gas cap that must have been due to fuel spillage while filling the car up.

The car is straight down the sides with acceptable gaps. The jams present well and are correct. The hood and trunk fitment is slightly off as is typical with British cars of this era. There is some stone peppering on the front nose area but it is very minimal as well as a handful of other minor blemishes that can be viewed in the photos. Overall, it is an extremely presentable car that has aged from its restoration nicely.

glass and trim

The glass is very nice with no major blemishes save for a few minor stone speckles on the windshield and minor scratches on the passenger side window glass. The rubber trim is very nice with no serious aging and remains supple. The brightwork is in excellent condition.


The chrome wire wheels present very well with no notable blemishes.


seats and surfaces

The seats and surfaces are extremely presentable and free from excessive wear or aging. The fitment is crisp, wood finish is clean with no sun fading, and the addition of the aftermarket radio and steering wheel are nice upgrades. The carpet is free from any staining or rips and the seats are excellent showing little to no wear.

functionality and accessories

Though we did not try every system, the major systems function as they should such as the lights and gauges.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very tidy with mostly correct markings, paint finishes, and stickers throughout. It is more than presentable per local show quality standards and would greatly benefit from a good detail. The brake fluid reservoir has a bit of paint missing from the cap area (common). Most of the clamps are correct wire type clamps. Overall, very presentable.

trunk area

Tidy and correct with no issues to note. The spare is intact wrapped in what appears to be an original Dunlop Road Speed tire. Very neat.


The underside presents as a good driver quality example with some scratches, aging, and surface rusting on various bolts and suspension components. It is finished in correct body color rather than incorrect undercoating as found in many restorations. Overall, it is acceptable as a fun driver and can be taken to the next level if one were to steam clean or dry Ice blast it.



Upon cold start, after a few cranks and the application of the choke, the car fires to life. Once it has some temperature in it, the evens out to consistent idle and sounds incredible after quick jabs of the throttle. Power is consistent with no odd noises or noticeable smoking. The engine feels strong and has clearly benefited from the extensive mechanical work performed during the years after restoration.


The non-syncro first gear, four speed transmission works as it should. Shifts are smooth though 2nd gear requires a bit more finesse.

brakes and suspension

Both brakes and suspension work as they were intended with no notable issues.


The Michelin tires are supple and fill the wheel well nicely. They have a great period look to them.

driving experience

This car drives very well. It is a treat to drive on warm, sunny days with the top down. The exhaust note is aggressive and pleasurable. The power comes on linearly with each crisp gear shift. The upgraded, smaller diameter Moto-Lita wood wheel is a huge plus as the original wheels can be rather large in diameter and skinny in thickness. Overall, this car drives as well as it looks.