• Chassis # JN1CZ24A0LX005585
  • Engine # NA
  • 2 Owners From New, Featuring Original Paint And Original Interior
  • Only 10,390 Miles From New
  • Highly Desirable Twin Turbo With T-Tops
  • Complete With Clean CarFax, Original Window Sticker, Books, Tools, Spare, And Original Radio
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The Overview

The Z32 Nissan 300ZX is the second generation of Nissan’s Fairlady Z. It comes from a long lineage of mid-range sports cars dating back to the 1970s with the birth of the iconic 240Z. “Built for the Human Race” was Nissan’s slogan at the time the Z32 was released which was very fitting for a car that was meant to be an attainable sports car for the masses.  The Z32 saw the major design and power train changes from the previous generation Z31. Stylistically, the general wedge shape design remained the same. Toshio Yamashita, the lead designer of the Z32, decided to reduce the amount of hard lines and widen the body giving it a timeless 1990s look that would remain the same until the release of the Z33 in 2003. Throughout the early design process, Yamashita was often told by the president of Nissan that the “Z-car is rice.”  He was referring to Japan’s single most important food being essential to the Japanese people as the Z car was essential to Nissan. Luckily, Yamashita hit a home run with the Z32 design which lasted from 1989-2000.

Mechanically, the Z32 was a top performer with a 300hp 3.0L DOHC V6 fitted with two Garrett turbochargers. This power plant propelled the 300Z to 60 mph in just under 6 seconds. Steering was also upgraded using active rear wheel steering system called “Super HICAS” first seen on the Nissan Skyline. It also came with anti-lock brakes and four-piston aluminum calipers up front, which was advanced for its time in the early 1990s. Though approximately 18,274 Twin-Turbo Z32s have been produced for the US market, many of these fell victim to owners that heavily modified the cars and drove them extensively. After all, they were very useable and tuneable cars meant to be reliably fast. The Z32 also hit a low price point after depreciation which made them a lot more attainable for the owner who could not afford to store them properly or maintain them accordingly. Of the 18,000 cars produced, we would venture to say about 5% of that total US production remains in excellent, low mileage condition with no modifications. This brings us to the car we are presenting today.

The example on offer here, a 1990 Nissan 300ZX Twin-Turbo, chassis #JN1CZ24A0LX005585, is an entirely original example showing only 10,390 miles from new. It is finished in color code AG2- “Aztec Red” with Charcoal cloth interior. 1990 was one of the most desirable years for the 300ZX as they did not come equipped with factory airbags which reduced the overall weight of the car. The combination of an early non-airbag car and cloth seats makes this example a rare configuration. In looking at the original window sticker that is included in the sale, it indicates that the car was sold new out of Pioneer Nissan-Datsun in Lubbock, Texas. The original purchase price when new was $37,333.00 after optional door edge guards and floor mats were added plus a $2,000 “dealer profit” markup. The car would remain in Texas with its first and only owner until 2018 when it was sold to its second and current owner who is an avid Japanese car enthusiast. While under original ownership, the car was driven occasionally on sunny days and always well taken care of.  It comes complete with multiple sets of keys, jack, spare, manuals, window sticker, original Bose radio, T-Top bags, and clean Carfax. The 300ZX Twin-Turbos are some of the last 90s cars that have yet to experience any drastic price increases like its other JDM counterparts. This is a collector/investment grade example with no modifications ready to be driven and shown at various new events such as RADwood and the annual ZCON show.


The Details


body and paint

Given its fastidious ownership and low miles, the Aztec Red paint is in fantastic condition still with a nice even finish all around and excellent color. There are a few very minor stone chips in the front fascia from normal usage, a small chip in the paint on the lower portion of the passenger door and the lower edge of the lip has some very minor road rash but that is really the extent of any issues. The body is straight and tidy with excellent gaps and panel fitment all around. Overall this car presents exactly as one would expect for the low mileage and careful single person ownership for 99 percent of its life.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car remains in excellent condition. It appears to all be original with each pain still bearing its Nissan branding. The removable tops are in likewise good condition, clean and clear. The headlight lenses are free from having or cracking, as are the fogs, markers lights, and taillights. Rubber and plastic trim around the car retains excellent color and remains in good condition.


The 5-spoke wheels are all in excellent condition with a nice clean finish to them as well as having clean lug nuts and center caps.

notable flaws

There are a couple of small chips in the paint in the front fascia and a small chip in the paint on the lower edge of the passenger door. The front lip has a bit of road rash on the leading edge.


seats and surfaces

The charcoal cloth interior is a wonderfully 90’s touch with both the material and shape of the seats providing an awesome departure from the standard black leather found on many of these cars. The interior as a whole presents just as one would expect from a car with such low mileage. The seats remain in excellent condition with nice solid bolsters. There is a bit of residual staining on the driver's seat where it looks like something may have spilled at some point in the cars life. The staining is very light and only present upon close inspection. The carpets and the cloth trim on the dash and center console are in likewise good condition with excellent color and showing very minimal wear. The dash is smooth with excellent color and is free of any warping or cracking. The door cards show no issues and the jams and sills of the doors are likewise clean and tidy.

functionality and accessories

Everything in the interior appears to function exactly as it should, with no issues to note. The windows move up and down with ease, the doors open and close lightly, and all the switches, buttons, and knobs appear in great cosmetic and mechanical condition. There is an aftermarket radio installed with the original included as well. The gauges are clean and clear with good color and readability. They appear to read their requisite functions as they should.

notable flaws

There is a small area of staining on the leading edge of the driver's seat where it appears something was spilled at some point in the cars life. It is only visible on very close inspection and does not detract from the car in any manner.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is in fantastic and original condition with no signs of having ever been modified. Everything is very clean and tidy and one look will tell you that the car has been properly cared for its whole life. Factory stickers and markings about throughout the compartment and painted surfaces are clean and straight with excellent color. All hoses, tubes, wire, etc. look well kept and tidy with no old or frayed components present. On the underside of the hood, the fire padding is clean and well fitting with factory stickers adorning their correct locations.

trunk area

Raising the rear hatch reveals a clean and well-kept trunk with well fitting carpeting showing next to no wear. Lifting the carpet reveals factory sticker on the underside. Below the carpet, the floor of the trunk is smooth and clean with the particle board spare tire cover still retaining factory stickers. The factory spare appears as if it has never been mounted and still retains a cautionary sticker on the face of the wheel. Tucked underneath the spare is a factory air bottle for fixing flats along with a clean and tidy spare wheel well.


The underside shows a car that has been well looked after and only driven in nice conditions. It is fairly clean and dry with no real issues to note. Factory Nissan branded exhaust is in place and in good condition.



This 300ZX has been very well maintained and looked after and it shows in the mechanical prowess of the car. The engine fires right to life with a quick turn of the key and settles quickly into a smooth and consistent idle. The engine revs freely and makes excellent power with no flat spots or stutters in acceleration.


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power nicely with no issues to note. The clutch feels responsive and take up is good with a nice positive feedback.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issue to note. The suspension feels tight and compliant, again with no issues to note.


The car wears Dunlop SP Sport 8000 tires on all four corners with ample tread life left in them. Sizing is 225/50/16 in the front and 245/45/16 in the rear.

driving experience

With 300 horsepower on tap from its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine, the 300ZX has the go to back up its classic 90’s good looks. Climbing behind the wheel finds oneself in a very comfortable driving position with everything you might need easily within reach. Power delivery from the car is smooth and linear and although it feels a bit heavier behind the wheel than some of its 90’s counterparts, it is still plenty fast in stock form. These cars were very easy to pull high horsepower numbers from and as such, many were modified and driven very hard. To find a car with the ownership history, low miles, and features of this car is a very rare event. This 1990 Nissan 300ZX represents an ideal investment opportunity into an icon of the ’90s and is certainly Next Generation Car Guy approved!