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  • Offered With Original Books, Tools, Jack & Spare
  • Showing 38,339 Miles & A Clean CARFAX Report
  • Well Documented Service History
  • A Well Spec'd G50 Turbo Per COA
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The Overview

As is the case with many of Porsches greatest creations, the Turbo was originally produced in an effort to satisfy homologation regulations in order for Porsche to race in the FIA Group 4 competition. Originally introduced in 1975 as the “Turbo Carrera” in the North American market, the cars were fitted with a turbocharged 3.0-liter flat six and 4-speed manually shifted transmission. They were given wider wheel arches to accommodate larger tires and the now iconic “whale tail” large rear spoiler. In 1978 Porsche upped the engine displacement to 3.3-liters which helped to mitigate the “turbo lag” that the cars inherently suffer from and dropped the “Turbo Carrera” nomenclature, leaving the car to be called the Porsche 911 Turbo worldwide. A new “tea-tray” style spoiler was also fitted to help integrate the intercooler which was added to the cars to increase horsepower and efficiency. In 1989 the Turbo received the now highly desirable “G50” 5-speed transmission which provided smoother shifting and a bit more of a daily useable rev range. The “G Body” 930 Turbo would be replaced by the 964 Turbo in 1990, utilizing the same 3.3-liter engine but wrapped in a newly redesigned body. Porsche early experimentation with turbo power plants would provide them with numerous racing victories as well as leaving a lineage of cars that remain some of the most exciting and thrilling air cooled vehicles available.

The example on offer here, chassis number is a 1989 Porsche (930) Turbo Coupe finished in Grand Prix White (P5) with Marine Blue Partial Leather (TP) interior. This particular turbo is highly original, retaining both its original paint and interior, both of which are in outstanding condition. It is matching numbers per the included COA and being a 1989 model year, it features the highly desirable “G50” transmission. Production of this car was completed on 4/5/1989 and it was well optioned from the factory with fitted equipment including the following:

  • Steering wheel with raised hub
  • Shorter gear shift lever
  • Wheel centers in Grand Prix White
  • US standard emissions
  • Limited Slip Differential
  • Amplifier system
  • Sunroof
  • CD-player, CD-2 with radio

According to our provided records, the car was delivered new to Gullo-Haas Imports of Houston, Texas where it was sold on July 18, 1989, to a Mr. Butch Healey of New Orleans, Louisiana with 59 miles on the odometer. It appears that the car was under Mr. Healey’s ownership for the next 10 years, moving with him to Cleveland, Ohio. Over these 10 years, the car covered a carefully driven 23,223 miles. In February of 2002, the car changed hands to a new owner in Ohio who then moved to California, bringing the car with him. The car traded hands again in 2003, ending up in Grand Junction, Colorado. In 2005 the car was sold a Mr. Fred Hudson of Pennsylvania who owned the car for 2 years before selling it to the current owner, also located in Pennsylvania, in December of 2009 with 37,500 miles on the odometer. The current owner has driven the car very sparingly over the last 9 years with the current odometer reading showing just 38,339 miles from new. Although it spent a good portion of the last 9 years sitting, the current owner maintained the car well, staying up on oil changes and replacing anything the car needed. Most recently he completed a number of items in order to keep the car in top running shape including adjusting the valves, inspecting head studs, replacing seals and gaskets, installing a new battery, rebuilding the clutch hydraulics and converting the air conditioning to R134a refrigerant. Comprehensive service records are available in the below “documents” section for both the current ownership as well as the previous one. As the car currently sits it is in outstanding condition both mechanically and cosmetically. The original Grand Prix White paint shows superbly, absent of the typical wear that the wider bodies and lower fascia of the Turbo models generally attract. The cars mechanical systems have always been looked after properly and it shows in the strong running and driving nature of this Turbo. Given its striking color combo and fantastic and original cosmetic condition, this 930 Turbo is sure to be an excellent addition to any Porsche collection and would be a hit at any Porsche related event worldwide.

Included with the sale of the car are the original books, tools, jack, spare, COA, and provided service documents.

The Details


body and paint

The Grand Prix White (P5) paint remains in absolutely outstanding and original condition. The original nature of the paint is backed up by both its consistent finish as well as paint meter readings. Looking over the car it is very easy to tell that it was driven very carefully through the entire of its life as the wider fenders and the lower front fascia of the Turbos generally attract stone chipping, most of which are absent on this vehicle. There are some very minor and small stone chips on the front fascia and the mirrors purely from normal usage and small little chip on the outside edge of the passenger rear fender. There is a plugged hole on the roof where an antenna was once fitted, but the fitment and finish of the area are top notch. The body is smooth and straight with excellent gaps and panel fitment all around. Overall it is easily one of the nicest presenting original paint 911 Turbos that we have had the pleasure of offering.

glass and trim

The glass all around appears to be original with each pain still retaining its “Sekurit” branding. All windows are clean and clear with no issues to note. The rubber trim throughout the car is in excellent condition, retaining a deep dark color and a supple nature. The bumperettes both front and rear are clean and the bumper bellows fit nicely and retain good color. Both headlights are clean and crack free, same with the lower fog lights. The rear plastic taillights and reflector fit well and show no signs of cracking or fading of color.


The wheels are the correct color matched Fuch style rims as specified on the COA, measuring 7” wide in the front and 9” wide in the back. The paint is smooth and consistent on all the wheels centers and the chrome lips retain a nice finish with a good shine to them. The car currently has white center caps with a colored Porsche crest fitted and a set of pure white caps with white Porsche crest is included.

notable flaws

There is some very minor stone chip in the front fascia as well as on the mirrors from normal use and a small stone chip on the outer edge of the passenger side rear wheel arch. None of these are very noticeable and overall, this remains one of the nicest original paint 911 Turbos we have had the pleasure of offering.


seats and surfaces

The car is finished with a Marine Blue (TP) partial leather interior that compliments the exterior color fantastically. The interior is once again in outstanding original condition, showing smooth and clean seating surfaces as well as solid bolsters with just a bit of patina and creasing forming on the driver's seat, although nothing out of the ordinary for leather seats. The passenger seat looks as if it rarely saw use with smooth surfaces and very little creasing. The rear seats once again look as if they were never used, the blue carpeting when folded retains excellent color and consistency with a bright yellow “Turbo” logo complimenting the blue. The front floor mats are in good condition with nice color and showing minimal wear, only located in high traffic areas. They are also emblazoned with the yellow “Turbo” logo. Door cards are clean and tidy with well fitting lower pockets. The door jams and sills are likewise smooth and clean. The dash presents very well, with no pulling or cracking and a nice blue color still present in its finish. The steering wheel shows a little bit of patina in the 5 o’clock position, most likely due to someone driving the car with a ring on their right hand. The headliner in nice and tight throughout the interior of the car and retains good color, showing no fading or staining.

functionality and accessories

This car has been maintained very well and as such it appears that everything in the interior is exactly in order. The overhead lights illuminate when the doors are open and the windows, doors and sunroof function just as they should. Gauge faces are clean, tidy, easily readable, and all appear to read their respective functions as they should. The dash face is clean and tidy, with the correct radio in place and all switches, knobs, and levers appearing in good mechanical and cosmetic condition. The 5-speed transmission moves smoothly through its range of motion and has well fitting boot around its base. The car is equipped with factory air conditioning which during brief testing appears to function well.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is clean, tidy and highly original with all the correct stickers, etc. located in their proper locations. There are some very minor scrapes in the paint on the intercooler as well as some minor dings but nothing that would affect functionality in the slightest bit. Proper factory components are presents throughout, all in their correct locations, etc. The engine cover has its vin sticker located in the proper location. Overall the engine bay falls nicely in line with the mileage and original condition of the rest of the vehicle.

trunk area

Once again the front trunk is exemplary of outstanding original condition. Removing the well fitting and clean carpeting reveals straight and tidy fenders, covered in remnants of the factory glue still. Plenty of factory markings can be found on nuts and bolts throughout the front trunk as well as all the correct stickers etc. The factory spare is tucked neatly in a clean and issue free spare wheel well, with the factory jack secured in front of it. A well equipped and nicely original tool roll is tucked neatly into the area in front of the spare wheel as well. The fan box, located beneath the trap door towards the rear of the trunk is tidy, showing no issues. The fuse box is in good order with a well fitting cover which still contains the correct diagram. The underside of the hood is just as clean as the rest of the trunk and bears the correct option code sticker in the proper location.


The underside of the car displays in a very clean, carefully driven, and original condition. Factory finishes are present on many of the surfaces of the underside, backing up the originality and caring nature with which this Turbo has been drive. The wheel wells are clean and tidy. The rockers retain great color and finish, with only very minor stone chipping to speak of towards the rear where they bulge out to meet the widened fenders. The front lip retains excellent color and shows no scratching. The oil cooler shield in the front is smooth and straight, free of the typical dents and dings they ordinarily receive from low road obstacles. Floorboards retain their factory finish and a smooth, with no signs of any issues in the cars life. The underside of the engine area is clean and dry with no signs of leaks or issues to speak of.



The combination of the service records and outstanding running nature of this Turbo show the meticulous and “cost no object” nature with which this car has been maintained throughout its life, leaving the engine running like a new car. With a quick turn of the key the car fires right to life and settles into a smooth and consistent idle. Throttle response is fantastic and the car makes absolutely outstanding power, pulling hard throughout the entire rev range.


Being a 1989 model year, this car is fitted with the highly desirable “G50” 5-speed manual transmission. The addition of the “G50” provides for much smoother shifting and more manageable rev range for daily driving. The transmission on this car displays no faults at all, shifting buttery smooth and holding power perfectly through the engines rev range. The clutch engagement is fantastic with good positive feedback and proper take up.

brakes and suspension

Both the brakes and suspension display no faults whatsoever. The brakes bring the car to a smooth, controlled, and issue free stop with excellent pedal feel. The suspension feels tight and compliant no odd noises or weird road manners to speak of.


The car is fitted with BF Goodrich G-force T/A tires on all four corners with excellent tread and plenty of life left in them. The rears measure 245/45/16 while the fronts are 205/55/16.

driving experience

The later G-Body 911 Turbos benefit greatly from the slight increase in displacement which greatly helps to lessen the turbo lag which was experienced in earlier cars. Power is much more immediate and linear while still being thrilling and bountiful. These G-Body turbos provide an absolutely outstanding driving experience and the addition of the G50 transmission makes shifting and daily driving much easier than in some of the earlier versions. This particular car while being outstandingly original, has been maintained with the utmost care and as such drives like a new car. Everything feels tight and the engine is very strong, making fantastic power and an absolutely intoxicating exhaust note. This 1989 Porsche 911 Turbo is one of the best ones we have seen, benefitting from great colors, wonderful original condition throughout and proper maintenance throughout its life. These factors all stack up to make this a rare opportunity to own one of the best 911 Turbos a Porsche enthusiast could ask for and it would undoubtedly make a fantastic addition to any Porsche collection as well as being a hit at any Porsche themed event or gathering.