• Chassis # ZFFXA20A0K0079397
  • Engine # 15618
  • Finished In Classic Rosso Corsa Over Tan
  • A Highly Desirable, Final Production Year Varient
  • Extensive Service Receipts With Recent Major By Marque Experts
  • Includes Books, Tools, Jack, Spare, and Service Records
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The Overview

The Ferrari 328 GTS/GTB was Ferrari’s successor to the Ferrari 308 GTS. Even though it was mechanically based on the 308, the 328 introduced several changes to the body, chassis, and engine. Outside of the cosmetic changes, it used the last evolution of the transversely mid-mounted Ferrari Dino engine with an increased displacement of 3.2 L. Its eight cylinders put out an increased 270 hp and 231 lb-ft (313 N⋅m) of torque, propelling the 328 GTS from 0 to 60 in 5.9 seconds. The engine was mated to a gated five-speed manual transmission with a new hydraulically-operated clutch. The GTS version of the 328 turned the static hard top of the GTB into a removable hardtop with one full soft-top convertible having been produced as a prototype. Starting with the latter portion of the 1988 model year, Ferrari brought a major mechanical update to the 328 in the form of an anti-lock braking system (ABS). This update also required a redesign of the suspension geometry and the inclusion of convex wheels instead of the original concave ones. Small Cavallino Rampante (prancing horse) emblems were also added to the side view door mirrors. All 328s produced in 1989, the vehicle’s last model year, received ABS as standard equipment.

This particular example, Chassis # ZFFXA20A0K0079397, is a 1989 Ferrari 328 GTS finished in Rosso Corsa (305/C) over Tan. Among collector car circles, 1989 328 is often referred to as the most desirable production year featuring convex wheels, ABS, prancing horse emblem on the mirrors, and a few other nuanced features specific to 1989 production. Based on our research in cross-referencing service records on file and Carfax logs, we believe this to be a four-owner example that was sold new in Nebraska and shortly after imported to Ontario where it spent most of its life until 2014. Its fourth and current Pennsylvania-based owner purchased the car in 2015 shortly after it was imported into the United States by a specialty dealer. While the odometer shows around 28,000 miles, mileage inconsistencies are reported on the Carfax and thus, we cannot verify its true mileage. This is quite common with cars that have crossed the US-Canadian border more than once as Kilometer to Mileage conversions are often fraught with clerical errors. We then look to the overall excellent condition of this 328 which would lead us to believe that the mileage is truly around ~32,000 Miles. We look at items like seat and pedal wear which is commensurate with our indicated mileage estimate.  

This example has clearly been taken care of with numerous services having been performed at Scuderia Performante, Rocks Automotive Restoration, Peninsula Imports, and Daytona Auto Service among other shops throughout Ontario and the US (Click the “View Documents” tab for full-service records). More recently, Scuderia Performante performed the major belt and ancillary services in August of 2018 leaving this example ready for worry-free enjoyment. It is best described as an excellent driver quality car benefitting from consistent servicing throughout its life with presentable cosmetics to match. It would be a welcome participant on most show fields though its strongest attributes are obvious in spirited backroad jaunts as one of the best running and handling 328s we have ever had the pleasure of driving.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive receipts detailing numerous service records alongside the original manual, tools, jack, and spare. This is a chance to own a beautiful, highly desirable final year example that is turn-key and ready for enjoyment.

The Details


body and paint

The paint quality is excellent with consistent, bright shine with depth. The panels are very straight down the sides with excellent shut gaps. No signs of accident damage or repaired panels are evident in our inspection. Original VIN stickers are present in the obvious places and match the VIN to the car including the doors, hood, and engine compartment hatch. We believe that most, if not all, of the car has been repainted to a very high level. There are some minor blemishes that have been touched up but are very difficult to notice. Please see photos.

glass and trim

The trim finish is excellent and presents very well throughout with no major blemishes to note. The glass appears to be all original and free from major blemishes minus the windshield which has very minor peppering commensurate with the mileage. All glass reads “Saint Gobain” and the Windshield is marked “Sigla.”


The iconic convex wheels are in presentable condition but do show some chips, wear, and minor curbing limited to the rear wheels with regards to the curb scuffs. Overall, they are presentable for driving purposes.

notable flaws

Flaws are minor and are limited to touched up stone chips on the nose of the car and one touched-up area about a quarter-inch long on the edge of the driver's side air inlet. There are also some minor chips that have been touched up on the leading edge of the driver's door. There is also a rub mark where the left edge of the engine hatch meets the inter-quarter panel edge. Overall, these are very “nit-picky” items.


seats and surfaces

The seats and surfaces are presentable and free for excessive wear normally seen on high mileage 328s. The patina and wear are commensurate with a car that has ~32,000 miles. There is some discoloration on the carpets, seats and center console due to the sunlight. We believe the carpets, seats, dash etc are all original. Slight patina can be found on the driver's side seat bolster. The dash is very clean and smooth. Door panels are crisp with slight aging but nothing noteworthy besides a bit of light staining on the carpet portion of the door panel. Overall, very presentable.

functionality and accessories

Everything seems to function as it should including lights, windows, heat, A/C, interior lights, mirrors, turn signals and radio. There is nothing obvious that is malfunctioning.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is very tidy with the correct coatings, markings, stickers, and finishes throughout. It shows well and looks more like a lower mileage example. It shows as a well-serviced example that has never been neglected.

trunk area

Very tidy and correct with no issues to note.



The engine cold starts quickly and settles to a smooth idle. It has ample, proper power throughout the rev ranges with no stumbling or odd noises. The last timing belt service was August of 2018 with only a touch over 1,000 miles since completion.


The transmission shifts smoothly through every gear and does not have the common second gear syncro grind that these cars typically have.

brakes and suspension

The brakes provide proper stopping power with no squeaks or fading. The suspension is firm, confidence-inducing, and as it should feel from the factory with no issues to note.


The tires are Bridgestone Potenza’s with a 2012 date code. They appear to be supple with tread life left but per the date of manufacture, we suggest replacing them.

driving experience

In spirited backroad driving, this is where the car really shines! We had the pleasure of driving this example for 45 minutes through the scenic countryside outside of Philadelphia. We can firmly say, this is the best running and driving 328 we have ever had the pleasure of selling. The long power through every segment of the rev range, the smooth, precise shifts through the gated box and the firm grip of the suspension through the apex of a corner immediately puts a smile on your face. With each gear shift comes the desire to want more- More of that beautiful V8 exhaust note and that cammy sound to go along with the clickiness of each gear shift. This car is sure to provide miles of enjoyment for whoever the next owner may be.