• Chassis # S 830696
  • Engine # V 4415-8
  • Numbers Matching And Finished In Its Original Colors
  • Long Term California Resident Complete With Desirable Black Plates
  • A Nice Driver Quality Example Ready For Thorough Enjoyment
  • Includes Factory Tools, Spare, Jack, Period Photos, Heritage Certificate, And Available Service Documentation
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The Overview

The final development of what began as the XK120, the XK150 was released in 1957 just one year shy of its predecessor’s 10th anniversary. In this time, Jaguar had gone to work refining and upgrading their beloved sports car both mechanically and cosmetically. By the time the XK150 hit the showroom floor, a rack and pinion steering system had been employed to control the front wheels along with telescoping shock absorbers. Additionally, the Coventry firm’s inspired development of disc brakes had been placed on the options list for the XK150 marking a drastic improvement in stopping power. Their experience on the race track had also brought about developments to the wonderful DOHC inline 6-cylinder motor and it was available in a number of specifications which began with a base double SU carburetor 3.4-liter unit and ended with a high performance bored out 3.8 liter, triple carb motor. Like before, Jaguar’s sports car could be had in 3 different flavors: an open-top two-seater, drop-head coupe, and a fixed head coupe. 

Stylistically, the XK150 shared a similar form to its predecessors. However, the lines of the vehicle had been revised to fall more in line with its contemporaries. As such, the pre-war evoking dropped shoulder line was swapped out for a higher, straight-sided look. Generally, the XK150 possesses a smoother, wider look much like other bath-tub style cars from the mid-1950s. Proportionally, the car had also grown to accommodate those with larger frames and this further allowed a more comfortable driving position thanks to adjustments of the steering wheel and seat placements. Further developments included the adoption of a single-piece windscreen and a wider front grille and hood. All in, the XK150 represents a major ergonomic upgrade over its siblings. 

The 1958 Jaguar XK150, chassis #S830696, offered here is a wonderful 3 owner, matching numbers (engine #V4415-8)  example originally delivered to a presumed UCLA professor named Richard Kornhauser of Escondido, California. Both the original vehicle title and the Jaguar Heritage Certificate confirm this information and like most Jags of the period, it arrived onto our shores through Hoffman Motorcars in New York. Importantly, the Jaguar is a bonafide CA black plate example. After over 20 years in the dry southwest climate, the XK150 was purchased by a Nazareth, Pennsylvania-based individual in 1982. At some point within this new ownership, the Jaguar had its interior refinished in the delivery correct specification of red. Consistently well cared for, the vehicle was preserved in climate-controlled storage during this period. When the property which held the car was sold in 2016 when the current owner became the next caretaker. 

During the same year as the sale of the property, the Jaguar was sent to K&T Vintage Sports Cars LLC of Allentown, PA for a recommissioning. Invoices on file detail the numerous jobs performed on the vehicle which included fixing a coolant leak issue with new hoses and a new radiator. Additionally, some wiring issues were fixed within the dash to address an ill-functioning turn signal along with some other electrical gremlins. Further, the car received new tires and chrome wheels (the originals will be included upon sale.) Lastly, the new mirrors were fitted along with a new clutch slave cylinder. Additional work is detailed in these invoices and is available for viewing. 

Thanks to its extended stay in the dry California environment, this XK150 presents as a wonderful driver-quality car with minimal signs of corrosion. There is a lovely mix of original and new parts as the Jaguar was repaired as needed throughout its life. While some cosmetic flaws are apparent, they are inviting in quality and alleviate any anxiety one might have of damaging the car on a drive. Today, the XK still wears its attractive delivery colors of cream over red leather and additionally, the Jaguar sports disc brakes. Further evidence of the care placed onto this XK150, it arrives complete with a wonderful suite of accouterment including original tools in reproduction roll, jack, owner’s manual, and a new spare tire. 

A well-preserved example such as this is sure to remain a desirable entity within the classic car hobby for decades to come. As the final evolution of the XK nameplate first introduced in the 1940s, these cars are well refined and comfortable to operate. They offer everything one could want from a classic Jag: handsome looks, a sonorous, powerful motor, and sporty handling.

The Details


body and paint

As a car originating from California and then well kept thereafter this example has a straight, rust-free, and accident-free history. It is well preserved though not totally original. The paint has imperfections on every panel, but they are minor and not worth addressing for the purposes of a driver. The gaps and panel fitment are good, but not as perfect as say a well-restored example. A very consistent driver quality presentation overall and a car that has been in the current condition for well over 40+ years.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be all original with correct markings with the windshield showing light peppering and imperfections from consistent use. The bright work is complete and original as such it is good in some areas but faded and/or lightly blemished in others. Overall it goes well with the theme of the car and is not worth addressing unless a total restoration is being completed. The exterior rubber components all appear to be in excellent condition and were likely replaced in the not too distant past. The top is in excellent condition and is in the correct original color per the JDHT Certificate. Though it was likely replaced once as it is vinyl.


The wheels are newer Dayton chrome wires that were installed under the current ownership. They are in excellent condition as are the knock offs. The original wheels are included in the sale.


seats and surfaces

The interior is clean and fresh overall and perfectly enjoyable in its current state with nothing missing or substandard. The only item to note is that of correctness. Rather than Connolly, the seats are vinyl and have a slight gloss to them though in the correct pattern. The carpets and door cards and other finishes appear to be mostly correct. The interior overall is the result of a refurbishment completed many years ago (30+). As a driver, it needs nothing more than someone in the driver's seat, as a Concours goer, at a minimum recovering the seats would get the desired look.

functionality and accessories

The interior components are all in working order with the exception of the heater blower which does not currently work. Otherwise all gauges function, windows go up and down without resistance, lighting works including high/low beams, and overall is in good working condition and ready for use.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is a wonderful combination of serviced and untouched original. The paint is blemished and shows the original color well with spots of primer underneath showing through and generally used but in the best of ways. There are both elements of originality such as the original washer bottle, stickers, and equipment. As well as tasteful and sensible upgrades such as an aluminum radiator with a catch can. A well-sorted driver quality example showing very little in the way of leaks or services needed.

trunk area

The trunk is nicely trimmed, likely done at the same time as the interior. It is solid with original finishes albeit with some flaws but highly original throughout with all equipment still present. New rubber can again be found in places and the trunk jams show well as original but with one repaint present. Everything is in order overall, especially for a driver. Included are a hammer, car cover, original tools in reproduction pouch, matching spare and jack.




The engine starts easily and stays on choke until warm comes off automatically. It then holds strong oil pressure and temperature. No smoking, knocking, or other concerning noises overserved. It makes strong power with responsible throttle and builds revs nicely. A well-sorted machine.


The transmission shifts as designed with no unwanted issues noted. Smooth clutch operation with plenty of life left and again no unwanted noises noted.

brakes and suspension

The Brakes and suspension are in order, well serviced, and are responsive to input as is the steering. No issues were noted here beyond keeping an eye on aging rubber components potentially. Otherwise in good order thanks to major recommissioning in 2016.


The tires are Vredestein Sprint Classic 185HR16 93H with 2014 Date Codes. They are both supple and crack-free.

driving experience

In a perfect world if you were able to drive the XK120 and the XK150 back to back the difference between the models feels much greater than the scant 4 years. Upon climbing behind the wheel of the XK150 it immediately feels more refined and it becomes very apparent the lessons that Jaguar learned over the two previous iterations of their sports offering of the '50s. The way the XK150 rides is much smoother and behind the wheel, it feels like a much more solid automobile. Despite these characteristics, the steering feedback and road manners are still fantastic and plenty lively. The inline six-cylinder engine provides smooth and linear acceleration and while not blisteringly fast in stock form, is perfectly ample to be able to propel the car with plenty of haste down the road; this was jaguars sporting offering for the late 1950s after all! This particular example, S 830696, fills all those criteria very well, with strong mechanicals and a tight and thoroughly enjoyable driving experience. Its delightful red interior is the perfect place to pilot this stunning car down back roads strewn with autumn leaves or wherever your journeys may take you.