• Chassis # WP0JB0928JS861399
  • Showing Just 15,500 Miles And Only 3 Owners From New
  • A Highly Original Example Boasting Original Paint And Interior
  • Equipped With Desirable Factory 5-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Recent $13,000 Thorough Mechanical Sorting
  • Sale Includes Factory Books, Spare, Tools, Jack, 2 Keys, Available Service Documents, And Clean CARFAX
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The Overview


Over the years, Porsche has contemplated replacing their now famous 911 many times. Luckily, each time their attempts to replace their iconic car have failed while at the same time giving birth to a new and exciting model in their lineup. The unconventional and fantastic Porsche 928 model is a perfect example of this. 

The Porsche 928 was first introduced to the public in 1977 at the Geneva Motor Show. Designed with grand touring in mind, it utilized a newly designed and technologically advanced front-mounted V8 engine and was fitted with a luxurious interior meant to blur the lines between sport and comfort. The styling, design, and pricing of the car were all highly controversial at the time, with some Porsche enthusiasts feeling that it departed too far from the traditional 911 layout and pricing. However, the 928 was well received by many drivers and critics, and it quickly became one of Porsche’s most popular models, enjoying a 17-year production run with various cosmetic and mechanical changes being made throughout the years.

In its early years, the Porsche 928 had a 4.5-liter V8 engine (dubbed the M2), which was upgraded to a 5.0-liter engine for 1985. The car was rear-wheel drive and was fitted stock with a three-speed automatic transmission, with a more desirable five-speed manual being optional. The car’s handling and 50/50 weight distribution were praised for making the car smooth and comfortable, a perfect option for long drives. In typical Porsche fashion, they continued to refine and upgrade the model throughout the years, improving the braking, suspension, and overall performance of the car as the model continued to sell quite well. 

Introduced in 1986 for the 1987 model year, the S4 variant was fitted with an updated version of the 5.0-Liter water-cooled V8 engine, which was good for 316 horsepower. In addition, the new S4 variant brought with it a single disc clutch in manual cars as well as some significant styling upgrades, which smoothed the car out and made it far sleeker looking. The S4 variant of the 928 would go on to be produced till 1991.  

Despite its popularity and long production run, the Porsche 928 was not produced in very high numbers, and many of the remaining examples often show high miles and many needs. This is due in large part to the often complex and relatively expensive repair costs that can follow these cars. Finding low miles, well-cared-for examples has become increasingly difficult over the years. The price for these examples has seen a steady incline, especially recently, as the demand and desire for Porsche’s trans-axle variants have surged. Thanks to their unique looks, interesting mechanical nature, and excellent driveability, the 928 remains a highly sought-after example of Porsche’s attempts to produce the ultimate Grand Touring car. While it may not have taken the 911’s place, it certainly secured a unique and desirable spot in the automotive maker’s history as well as with Porsche collectors the world around. 

The example on offer here, Chassis WP0JB0928JS861399, is a 1988 Porsche 928 S-4. It remains an extremely original example, showing just 15,500 documented miles and 3 owners from new. It is also finished in almost entirely original Guards Red paint with a black leather interior that remains in outstanding original condition. Chassis 1399 is truly one of the finest examples of the 928 platform that we have come across. It came from the factory with the following options according to the still attached options stickers:

158 – Cassette-radio Blaupunkt Reno SQR 46

220 – LSD – Limited Slip Differential

302 – Model designation on rear end

418 – Side protection moulding

81 – Manual gearbox, 5-speed

494 – Additional amplifier

570 – Air conditioner also between the rear seats

586 – Lumbar support, left seat

650 – Sun-moon-roof

This 928 was sold new in Texas, was cared for well, and driven sparingly, with the first CARFAX entry after sale showing just 13,296 in July of 2001. Over the next 19 years, it remained with its first owner in Texas, and it appears this 928 was stored more than driven, with the owner adding only another 1,000 miles, bringing the total to 14,629 when it was sold to its second owner in Pennsylvania in 2020. It’s second owner, a local collector, drove the car a bit, adding on another 800 miles before it was sold to its current owner and consignor in 2022 with 15,432 miles on the odometer. Its current owner, who is a Porsche (and 928) enthusiast, has cared for the car extremely well. It was treated to a $13,000 service shortly after his purchasing it, which included servicing the fuel system, doing all the fluids, changing the timing belt, water pump and related pulleys, and new fuel injectors, in addition to many other items. He also had a specialist paint correction done, leaving the car in almost like new condition. While in his possession, the car lived in his climate-controlled garage and was driven very sparingly, only in nice weather. In preparation for sale, this 928 received dry ice blasting on the underside, a general safety check, a new battery, and a basic detail. The intake manifold was also replaced with a NOS unit, as the one that was in the car had some degradation to the surface material. 

As it sits today, Porsche 928 #1399 remains about as close to new as you can ask for these days. It is an extremely original example that is backed up by strong mechanicals and careful ownership throughout the years. Finding another 928 in this condition could truly prove to be an impossible feat. This 928 is exemplary of everything a potential buyer could want to see in such an original example and is sure the be an amazing centerpiece in any Porsche collection. 

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the factory books and manuals, tools, jack, space saver spare, 2 sets of keys, available service documents, and a clean CARFAX. 

The Details


body and paint

This 928 remains in excellent original condition throughout the exterior. The unique single-stage Guards Red paint appears to be largely all original, metering consistently throughout the body with the exception of the hood area, which meters a touch higher. The paint itself is in fantastic condition, showing excellent color and clarity throughout the car. There is no swirling or checking of the paint present, thanks in large part to the extensive paint correction carried out by a specialist under the current owner's care. Given the original nature of the paint, there are a few minor blemishes in the form of stone chips, mainly relegated to the front nose area of the vehicle. Most of these have been touched up with the appropriate color. There are also some small marks around the front license plate mounting holes. The body itself in wonderfully smooth and straight down the sides with no evidence of any issues, past or present. The gaps and body panel lines are all straight and tight.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car appears to be all original, with the correct SEKURIT stampings on the side windows as well as the SIGLA branding on the front windscreen. Each pane remains in excellent condition, with no real scratching or pitting to speak of. Anodized trim throughout the exterior remains in fantastic condition, with good color and fitment. The rubber trim throughout the exterior also remains in great condition with good color and a nice supple nature to it. The pop-up headlights are clean and clear, with no issues to speak of. The taillights are likewise clean and clear, with no cracking or fading present.


The factory wheels appear in excellent original condition with a bright and smooth finish to them. Some slight spotting is present on some of the wheels, likely either from water or a cleaning agent. It is very light, however, and only present on the flat front faces of the wheels under close scrutiny. The black lug nuts remain in good order, showing minimal signs of being taken on and off.

notable flaws

Overall this example remains in remarkably original condition. As with any highly original car, some minor imperfections are to be expected, especially in the paint. In this case, though, there really isn't much, except for some small stone chips located mainly in the nose area of the vehicle.


seats and surfaces

The black leather interior of this 928 remains in excellent and all-original condition. The seating surfaces show smooth, issue-free leather that contains excellent color and tight, secure stitching. The bolsters are remarkably smooth and solid, with next to no wear present on them. The carpets all have excellent fabric, great color, and proper fitment. The dash is remarkably smooth and free of cracking. There is some minor waviness beginning on the leading edge right above the center stack, but overall not bad at all, especially for the car spending most of its life in the hot Texas climate. The headliner remains tight with excellent color and fitment. In a true testament to this car's original nature, the factory hang tags for the interior of the car are tucked away neatly in the center console, right next to the cassette tape holding tray!

functionality and accessories

This car has been very well cared for throughout the years, and it displays nicely in the proper working order of all the interior components. The power mirrors on either side of the car function as they should, in addition to the windows which roll up and down with ease. The power-operated rear hatch releases on either side of the car function nicely. The gauges appear to read their requisite functions just as they should. The HVAC system functions properly, blowing cold air on demand. The sunroof opens and closes as it should, and the original radio functions as one would expect. The only area of note on the interior is the LCD display for the clock has begun to bleed a bit, a common issue with these style displays of this era. A new replacement LCD screen for the clock area is included with the sale.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

Just like the rest of the car, the engine bay is a testament to both the original nature of the car as well as the careful and meticulous ownership it has received throughout the years. This is quite possibly the best 928 engine we have ever seen. Original items abound throughout and remain in excellent and well-preserved nature, with rich dark plastics, correct stickers, and proper hoses and clamps throughout. Body panel stickers are all present and accounted for as well. There are absolutely no signs of any mechanical issues, past or present, and best of all, the hood struts work beautifully!

trunk area

The trunk area is clean and tidy, with original carpeting that retains excellent color and fitment. The factory storage area cover is in place and works properly, with great fitment. Lifting the rear carpeting revelas the correct plastic spare wheel area cover, as well as a nice clean factory spare space saver. Pulling up the right side of the carpet displays the factory options sticker, still affixed to the metal above the fuel tank. The metal in the spare wheel well is clean and tidy with good paint, same with the battery box. The toolset is tucked away neatly on the rear wall of the trunk with it appearing as if all tools are presented and accounted for. All the correct body panel stickers are presented and accounted for, including the one tucked away neatly behind the license plate mounting bracket.


In preparation for sale, this car received dry Ice blasting both on the underside of it and in the wheel wells, leaving it absolutely astounding clean and original condition. Factory correct finishes and markings abound, and there are absolutely no signs of any issues, past or present. Other than some paint wearing off of components, the underside of this 928 is likely as close to factory as one could hope to see.



Thanks in part to the careful ownership over the years as well as the recent and thorough $13,000 sorting by the current owner, this 928’s 5.0-liter V8 remains in outstanding mechanical condition. It fires to life with a short turn of the key and settles easily into a smooth idle as the temperatures stabilize. Out on the road, it makes excellent smooth power and climbs easily through the rev range with no stumbles or flat spots in acceleration.


The transmission shifts easily through the long grand touring appropriate gears. The clutch holds power beautifully, and the pedal provides proper take-up and feedback.

brakes and suspension

The brakes feel smooth and balanced, bringing the car to a controlled and issue free stop. The suspension is smooth, comfortable, and compliant. The car handles beautifully and presents no odd road behavior or noises.


The tires are a set of Toyo Proxes T 1R sized 225/50/ZR16 in the front and 245/45/ZR16 in the rear. The DOT date codes appear to show 2016, but the tires remain in excellent condition with solid side walls and plenty of tread.

driving experience

Climbing into the 928, the Grand Touring intentions of its designers are quite apparent. Both the seating position and the seats themselves are very comfortable, almost a bit more reclined than in your standard sports car. This follows through even to the rear seats, which look like an absolutely fantastic place for your kids or friends with short legs to cover miles as well! The big V8 produces a fantastic noise, one that, even after all the years, still feels almost out of place in a Porsche. But “unexpected nature” is really the theme of this car as out on the road, it is deceptively smooth and quick in a straight line, and once the road turns twisty, the 50/50 weight distribution provides a smooth turn in and allows you to glide through turns with ease. The 928 is truly a fantastic all-around car, being both capable and a joy to drive. Its a blast on backroads and comfortable cruising at highway speeds for prolonged periods of time. We think it's safe to say Porsche nailed the balance on this car!