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  • Showing Just Over 60,000 Miles From New
  • A Matching Numbers Example Per Certificate of Authenticity
  • Finished In Guards Red Over Black Leather Sport Seats
  • Accompanied By Porsche COA, Service Documents, Factory Tools, And Air Pump
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The Overview

When talking about sports cars, there are few names more well-known than the Porsche 911. Since its introduction in 1964, the 911 has become a quintessential sports car and a valuable one at that. Apart from being driven by collectors the world over, the 911 enjoyed its fair share in the racing limelight by achieving a number of wins at some of the most prestigious racing events including the Targa Florio, 24 Hours of Daytona, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Between 1973 and 1989, Porsche released the second generation of the 911 which included the Turbo.

The 911 Turbo was the first time a turbocharger made its way into a 911 engine bay. It was Porsche’s top-of-the-line 911 model and the fastest production car available in Germany at the time. Even though its only purpose at the time was to gain homologation for the 1976 racing season, it quickly became an icon among car enthusiasts. The 911 Turbo made 256 hp at 5,500 rpm and 329 Nm (243 lb-ft) of torque. Further upgrades included a revised suspension, larger brakes, and a stronger gearbox alongside a “whale tail” rear spoiler, wider rear wheels, and flared wheel arches.

This particular 1979 Porsche 911 Turbo, Chassis No. –, is a lovely example of what the Turbo was all about. While we do not have much in the way of this vehicle’s history, it is currently in very good condition considering its age. The original Guards Red paint appears to be in very good shape with constant depth and shine while the body is straight and largely undamaged throughout. The front bumper and hood show signs of minor stone peppering along with some scuffing on the lower spoiler but nothing major. The rear bumper and spoiler appear to have received some new paint at some point in the car’s life but they perfectly match the rest of the body.

All glass is original to the car with the exception of the windscreen which looks to be a replacement. The black trim throughout the car is in good shape except for the right-hand side rear quarter window which is beginning to crack in some areas. The black and chrome wheels are in excellent condition and the older Yokohama tires have plenty of tread left.

The black leather interior is also untouched save for an aftermarket stereo and speakers which are in working order. The outer bolster of the driver’s side seat does show signs of wear but that is to be expected from a car that was driven and enjoyed. The instruments and accessories, save for the clock, are also intact and working as intended.

The engine bay and trunk appear to be in factory condition with all tools and tire inflator still in place. Some of the brackets and hardware under the hood show some signs of light, surface-level corrosion. There are no leaks present. We recently serviced the 3.3L flat-6 engine and can testify that it runs as flawlessly as it did when it left the factory floor.

The car has also been certified by Porsche as being an authentic 911 Turbo built in May of 1979 as a US-spec car. Optional equipment from the factory included a passenger-side electric mirror, leather sport seats, black roof liner, and an electric sunroof.

The 911 Turbo is the perfect driver’s car and an excellent inlet into the world of Porsche ownership. This numbers matching example is also a very low-mileage car with just over 60,000 original miles on the odometer. It can handle anything from leisurely canyon drives to PCA vintage racing events and is just waiting for the right person to take advantage of the power it has to offer.



The Details


body and paint

The Guards Red paint appears in very good shape throughout the car, with a constant depth and shine across all the body panels. The front bumper and hood show some minor stone peppering and some scuffing present on the lower front spoiler. The rear bumper appears to have been repainted at some point in the car's life but matches the rest of the car well. There are some touch-up spots and minor paint chips on the rear bumper. In addition, there is some paint chipping on the outer edge of the driver's side door which have been touched up. The body of the car remains smooth and straight with appropriate body gaps and panel fitment.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the car appears to be mostly original, with the correct factory markings present. The only exception is the windshield which appears to be a replacement. The trim throughout the exterior of the car appears in good order, with the exception of the passenger side rear quarter window which shows some signs of cracking of the paint in spots. The headlights, taillights, markers, and fogs all appear in good cosmetic order with no signs of cracking or extensive pitting.


All four wheels are in good order with smooth deep painted surfaces and clean polished lips.


seats and surfaces

The interior presents very nicely for the age. The deeply bolstered sport seats remain in good order with some minor creasing present but overall smooth and clean leather with a smattering of patina. The only exception is the driver's side outer bolster which displays some cracking of the leather. The carpets remain in good order with proper fitment and nice coloring and weave. The dash area has started to show a bit of waviness where it meets the windscreen glass but retains good color and shows no cracks. The door cards remain clean and tidy however the side pocket lids display a bit of deformation to them, however they do appear to close and open properly. The dash front fits well, with no major pulling around the centrally mounted vents. The glove box appears to fit properly and opens and closes as it should. The headliner is in good shape, with some very slight sagging and bulging in places but still perfectly functional.

functionality and accessories

The functionality of the interior appears in good order. Everything works as it should with the exception of the clock which no longer keeps time. There is an aftermarket stereo mounted in the dash and aftermarket speakers mounted in the doors, both of which appear to function as they should. There is some slight patina so some of the interior controls such as the shifter knob, and some of the other various knobs and switches, which have some slight scuffing and scratching congruent with the mileage.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay of this 930 appears well kept and looked after. It retains a largely original and factory appearance with no obvious signs of modification. There is some minor paint scuffing and chipping around the outer shut edges of both the engine bay lid as well as where this meets the body of the car. In addition, some factory stickers are still present in the engine bay area. Hoses, clamps, wires, and tubes appear in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. Overall there are no outward signs of any mechanical issues in the engine bay however there is some minor surface corrosion located on various brackets and hardware as one would expect with the mileage.

trunk area

The front trunk area displays well-fitting correct style carpets. Removing the carpets shows a clean and correct front trunk area with factory spare appropriately mounted in addition to the factory tools and inflator which are included. There is some slight scraping in the paint on the underside of the hood where it appears to have been rubbing a bit. The VIN stamping is present and clear.


The underside of this 930 appears relatively clean and tidy for the age and mileage. There is some minor surface corrosion appearing on some bolt heads and hardware but no mechanical issues appear present. The floor pans straight and smooth with no signs of issues past or present. The underside of the motor has some road dirt accumulation but otherwise displays no signs of leaking or issues. There is some slight denting of the exhaust present, specifically on the muffler, but it appears and sounds to be fine mechanically.



The turbocharged flat-six engine fires to life with ease and settles into a smooth raspy idle as the engine comes up to temperature. Out on the road, it makes excellent power and the Turbo spools up in its dramatic fashion just as you would expect. There are no flat spots or stumbles with acceleration and the car is a blast to drive.


The 4-speed transmission shifts smoothly through gears and holds power well, even when the turbo begins to spool up! The clutch takeup and feedback feel appropriate and allow for easy and direct shifting.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no odd behavior or noises noticed during our testing. The suspension feels tight and compliant and displays no odd road behavior or noises. The car tracks straight and the steering is light and responsive.


The tires are an older set of Yokohama A520. The sizing is 225/50ZR16 in the rear and 205/50ZR16 in the front. The DOT date code appears to read that the tires were produced in 2001. Despite their age, they show ample tread and solid sidewalls and are likely good for now but a future owner may want to replace them before spirited driving.