• Chassis # 04034
  • Engine # 0010001
  • Singular Ownership Since 1978
  • Offered With All Manuals, Jack, Spare & Records
  • Very Well Preserved With One Repaint
  • Well Optioned With Power Windows & A/C

The Overview

The lineage of Ferrari encompasses a wide spectrum of prestigious, racing inspired road cars that are admired for their elegant styling and unapparelled performance. For the purist, the holy grail Ferraris have Enzo’s signature V12 mounted in the front as well as a prancing horse on the front grill. Some of the greatest sports cars ever built consisted of this configuration, such as the 250 GTO, 250 California Spider, 365 GTC/4, 250 Lusso, and the Daytona but there is always that one exception. This exception being the Ferrari Dino which encompasses elements that are, quite frankly, completely opposite of those snarling V12 brutes. Introduced in 1968 and styled by Pininfarina, the Dino was the first mid-engine road car Ferrari ever produced. It boasted a transversely mounted Fiat built six-cylinder engine that made a nimble 190bhp, and the Ferrari emblems replaced by ‘Dino’ badges. The Dino will not throw you into the back of your seat like the V12 Ferraris however, it certainly does not lack in performance. The near 50/50 weight distribution makes for some excellent cornering, allowing the driver to fully utilize his right foot and if one has a vivid imagination, could imagine themselves in a 206 competition car.


The example on offer is a 1972 Ferrari Dino 246GTS chassis number 04034, engine number 0010001, traveling 32,232 miles since new. The story of this particular Dino begins in West Palm Beach, Florida where, according to the original registration, was sold new in 1973 to Avanti Inc. According to the Dino Registry as well as the current owner, the car was with a Mr. R Kahn of Pottstown, PA as of September of 1977. It was shortly after that the current Main-Line Philadelphia owner acquired the car and has cared for it for the past 38 years. During the current ownership, service records indicate the gradual mileage progression as well as care by Algar Ferrari and a few local Ferrari Specialists. Around the year 2000, the car received a strip and re-spray in its original Argento (silver) and new carpets with the seats being recovered at this time as well. Otherwise, the car remains an untouched original example throughout beyond normal service items. It presents as a well cared for 3-owner example with high marques of originality and has never seen mistreatment or lack of care.


The paint shows well overall and easily has a nice driver quality presentation. There are flaws to be found but nothing warrants major refinishing. There is a crack or chip to be found here or there, and the only major item is the color on the drivers door which is a touch off as it was re-sprayed due to a minor scratch/dent a few years ago. The black targa top has been well kept over the years and appears to have been refinished at least once. The panel fitment, gaps, and shut lines throughout all fall within the appropriate clearances indicating that this car has never been totally apart or damaged. The chrome trim, bumpers, and bezels all show as original and thus, driver quality with some scattered, mild pitting to be noted under close inspection. The rubber items all show well; supple for their age with no severe cracking or dry rot. The glass is all crisp and clear, free of any common flaws (chips, cracks, scratches). The wheels show as driver quality with no major blemishes present but it is to be noted that there are some minor scratches/chipping in the paint. These blemishes would only be noticed under close inspection and do not require any immediate tending to. The theme and quality is consistently that of a driver quality example, a good old car that should be driven just as it is.


Moving to the interior, it is obvious that there is a mix of un-touched original components with others showing as nearly new. The seats have been reupholstered about 16 years ago, but were done well with nearly no use since. Since their refreshing, the seats have not developed any fading, cracking, or evidence of mistreatment showing as new. The door jams show well with the correct and original VIN tag still in place. The carpets, like the seats, were also refurbished showing as new, but correct. The more authentic original components such as the center console, dash, door panels, firewall, steering wheel, etc… all show as nicely kept originals reflecting the low original miles and give the car a certain authenticity with welcoming patina. The gauges are all fully operable and show without fault while the chrome bezels that surround the switches and levers on the center console beginning to show some pitting which could most likely be remedied with further polishing. The steering wheel is also the original, which has developed some slight fading from use but simply adds to the welcoming patina of the car. Under the dash shows mostly as untouched with original wiring neatly tucked per factory and without any major alteration over the years.


The engine bay as a whole shows high marks of originality and regular maintenance. It does not present as show worthy, but it also does not overwhelmingly show as needing restoration either. It is as expected for an untouched engine bay that has been serviced and used over the course of 44 years. The original stampings and numbers are all intact with no evidence of them ever being altered, and we assume this to be a numbers matching example given the known history with no mention or evidence of an engine replacement at any time. There are no additional items that would raise concern, showing, as a car preserved from 1972 should. It is likely that a mechanic could find items to update or service but the fundamentals are all in place for a car that could easily be started and driven anywhere. The rear trunk is well preserved and in tact with the Hirschmann antenna motor still showing as new with period stickers in place. The front trunk is identical in appearance, very original and untouched with the electrical junctions and fuse box showing as incredibly well preserved and untouched from new. An inspection of the underside will show a consistency conducive to the rest of the car, displaying no evidence of ever developing any significant, rust, damage, or modifications. An item that it could benefit from, is a proper detailing to bring up some of the finishes.


The mechanical condition of this Dino can be described as a well sorted example with recent servicing by known local specialist, Mike Tillson Motor Car Service. While under their care, they serviced the A/C system, replaced a leaking oil line, and serviced the cooling system as well. The maintenance records for this example show regular serving dating back to July of 1980 carried out by Algar Enterprises Inc. and J&J Motorsports Inc. in addition to Mike Tillson Motor Car Service; all proven specialists in their craft. In 2011 a more comprehensive service was carried out on the clutch, fuel system and general reseal. When cold, it will take a few pumps of the gas pedal to get the engine to fire but once warm, it starts without hassle. While out on the road, a peak at the gauges will show a steady operating temperature with strong oil pressure throughout the rev range. The transmission shifts in and out of gear without issue and the clutch operating as it should considering it is basically new. The steering operates without fault, making for some very enjoyable cornering given the Dino’s near equal weight distribution.


Conceived and built in Maranello and artfully preserved its entire life, this Ferrari Dino 246GTS would make for a welcomed addition to any enthusiast’s collection no matter the size or focus. Although a bit unconventional for a Ferrari, these cars have quickly appreciated and pose as not only lucrative investments for the future, but as usable classics that would be an excellent choice to take for a Sunday afternoon drive. This well documented example has not been available for sale since 1978 and is now ready for its next custodian to enjoy. Offered with the sale of this example are fantastic original manuals, warranty card, jack, spare, and records.



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