• Chassis # 7649233
  • Engine # NA
  • 1 of 287 produced
  • Imported into the US in 2003
  • Well maintained with many service records
  • Mechanically sorted and ready to be enjoyed
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The Overview

The 411 series of Bristol cars were produced from 1969-1976 and went through a number of basic changes throughout their life cycle. When it was initially introduced, it replaced the stop gap model of the 410. Although the styling was very similar the 411 made a number of key changes, the biggest one being the switch from the A-type Chrysler V8 to the all-new 6.2 Liter big-block B series engine. This new engine gave the 411 an estimated 30 percent increase in HP and bumped the top speed to an incredible 143 MPH. Throughout its 5 series of evolution, the 411 became sleeker and gained additional safety features and modern amenities. In the end, the 411 series enjoyed healthy sales for the small manufacturer with a total of 287 cars being produced through the 7-year production run.

This particular Bristol 411, chassis number 7649233, was originally delivered in Gold with Black interior. Not much is known about the early history of the car but service records begin in 1996 when the car was acquired by a Mr. Richard Gray of London. He kept excellent records of his UK ownership and they are included with the car. In August of 2003, he exported the car to Northern California where he presumably had a second residence as the car stayed in his name. He continued to lovingly maintain the car when it came stateside until 2015 when he sold the car to its current owner who resides in Massachusetts. The most recent records from 2015 and 2016 show that the car had the brake system sorted, fluids changed, an engine tuneup, and a number of other minor things to bring that car into a roadworthy driver condition. This Bristol 411 can be classified as a good driver quality car, mechanically well maintained and ready to be enjoyed and driven. There are obvious cosmetic imperfections surrounding the vehicle but nothing that truly warrants attention.

This car comes with all available service records dating back to 1996.