• Chassis # 11102612001401
  • Finished In Exquisite Medium Blue Metallic Over Bamboo Leather Interior
  • Desirable "Sunroof, Floor Shift, Factory A/C" Model
  • Benefiting From A Recent Respray As Well As Interior Refreshment
  • Showing No Needs And Ready For Immediate Enjoyment
  • Sale Includes Factory Spare, Jack, Tools, Original First Aid Kit, And A Copy Of The Mercedes-Benz Data Card
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The Overview

The name Mercedes-Benz has become synonymous with expertly crafted luxury vehicles since its inception in 1926. The Benz portion of the name dates back to 1886 when Karl Benz invented the Benz Patent-Motorwagen, while the Mercedes portion comes from Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft’s Mercedes brand name of cars, the first of which was produced in 1900. The two companies merged in 1926 to become Daimler-Benz AG and began producing vehicles under the name of Mercedes-Benz. In February of 2021, Daimler adopted the name of its flagship marque, Mercedes-Benz, while its heavy commercial vehicles division was split off into its own company named Daimler Truck.

Chasing the tale of the earlier 220SE, Mercedes-Benz set out to create their new two-door coupe and cabriolet. Initially, using the time-tested overhead-cam straight-six in various sizes up to 2,996 cubic centimeters presented under the monikers of 250S, 250SE, and 300SE. A 2,778 cubic centimeter M13 engine in 1967 gave rise to 280S and 280SE model designations.

Mercedes-Benz produced the 280 SE from 1969 to 1972 as a personal luxury car with a definite sporting edge. Equipped with Bosch electronic fuel injection and the overhead-camshaft Mercedes 3.5-liter V8 ( Now the first Mercedes Post-War to have an engine bigger than 3 liters), which only weighed 55 pounds more than its 6-cylinder counterpart, both the coupe and the convertible were destined to be distinctive. A lower, wider grille was incorporated as one of several changes made to modernize the aging design. The facelifted model is often referred to by the Germans as the “flachkühler.” Despite popular belief, the new grill was not a side-effect of enlarging the engine compartment to accommodate the V8. Front and rear bumpers were also modified with rubber rub strips, and the rear lenses were changed to a flatter, cleaner design. 

Standard equipment included a leather interior, rosewood fascia, air conditioning, radio, and automatic transmission. The relatively high price tag of $14,000 reflected the quality and expense of producing the car. For example, all the trim was chrome-covered brass, and the rosewood interiors were carefully matched and fitted with hundreds of tiny screws. As a testament to the quality and craftsmanship imparted on each example produced, the very hyper-efficient Daimler-Benz factory could only produce 13 cars per week due to the time required to finish each one correctly. Over the four-year production run, just 3,270 examples of the 280SE coupe were produced. 

Today, the 280SE stands as a testament to a time when cars were still lovingly hand-finished and craftsmanship reigned supreme. Their interior, while spartan by today’s standards, exudes the luxury fitment and finish that buyers have come to expect from the MB brand. Pricing for quality examples has seen a nice linear uptrend throughout the past five years, bolstered by its much more expensive brethren, the 280SE Convertible. Collectors have continued to flock to the 280SE lineup thanks in large part to its fantastic usability and timeless elegance. The powerful V-8 engine allows for easy modern-day motoring while the spacious and luxurious interior provides a comfortable and highly usable classic. Future pricing on quality examples should remain strong and steady. However, there are many examples of “rushed restorations” in the market, and finding one that has been restored properly and kept well is key to retaining future value. 

The chassis on offer here,  #11102612001401, is a matching numbers example and is finished in Medium Blue over Bamboo leather interior with brown carpets. Although it has been repainted, it retains its factory specifications and presents well as a great driver quality example. This example has benefited from an interior refurbishment, which is immediately evident when stepping into the car. All the finishes look great, and the leather around the dashboard and on the seats is supple and fresh. 

Thanks to the included copy of the Mercedes-Benz data card, we know the car left the Mercedes-Benz factory well-equipped with individual front seats, a sliding roof, a radio antenna, and a floor-shift automatic transmission. Other additional equipment that was optioned is a VDO dash clock, Becker Europa radio, and A/C. 

As it sits today, this 280SE Coupe presents well and shows no needs if one were looking for a driver. It is ready for immediate enjoyment. It is equipped with the most desirable specifications; “sunroof, floor shift, and factory A/C,” and is beautifully finished in the fantastic colorway of Medium Blue Metallic over a delightful Bamboo Leather interior. Thanks to its careful care over the years and well-done cosmetic refreshment, this fantastic example would be just as at home in a Mercedes-centric collection as it would be a beautiful, useable classic for warm sunny day motoring. 

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the factory spare, jack, tool kit, original first aid kit, the original radio, and a copy of the Mercedes-Benz Data card. 


The Details


body and paint

Benefiting from a recent full respray in its factory-correct colorway, there is a consistent theme of new and fresh throughout the car's exterior. The metal is smooth everywhere you look or feel. The panels are straight and well-aligned with good gaps, and the body is straight down the sides. On the roof area, there appears to be some very light webbing towards the front driver side along with a small, 1\4 inch bubble on the rear passenger side.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be original with the proper Sekurit logo on each piece of glass. On the edges of both the windshield and rear window, there appears to be some minor delamination beginning to occur. The trim throughout the car isl straight and tidy. Brightwork has been tended to both on the exterior as well as the interior and remains in fantastic shape. Only minor abrasions are present on the rear chrome trim as well as some peppering on the rear trunk handle.


The wheels are in very good condition. The centers are color-matched to the body of the car and are perfect with the exception of the rear left wheel, which has a minor scratch on the center painted part of the wheel.


seats and surfaces

The interior also benefits from a recent cosmetic refreshment and remains in outstanding condition. The well-trimmed Bamboo colored leather interior is a fantastic compliment to the exterior of the car. Upon entering the car, the senses are overwhelmed with the smell and feel of new high-quality leather. The fit, finish, and textures are all very high quality, and the interior presents spectacularly. The only issues present are small and minor, such as two small chips in the leather on the steering wheel and some very minor staining on the carpets in small areas, relegated mainly to the driver-side footwell. It appears that the headliner may have not been replaced during the refreshing as there are some small discolored spots, as well as some very minor imperfections. Overall, though, that interior presents absolutely fantastic.

functionality and accessories

The interior knobs, pulls, and switches are all jewelry-like. All buttons and switches appear to work as they should with the exception of the radio which appears that it will need some attention to function properly.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears in a bit more of an original state than the rest of the vehicle. It shows as well kept with no immediate signs of any issues present. However, there is a bit more patina than the rest of the vehicle, displayed in the form of chipping on some of the painted surfaces, cracking to the underhood fire pad, as well as some incorrect wires, hoses, and clamps present. Overall, the engine bay appears well looked after and, with a bit of attention, could no doubt be made to appear in line with the exterior and interior of the car.

trunk area

The trunk area again falls in line with the engine bay, appearing a bit more on the original side. Overall it is clean and tidy with factory spare tire and accessories placed where they belong. The ribbed rubber mat on the trunk floor does show a bit of age, and some paneling on the driver's side has begun to peel back. Overall though, nothing that elicits worry or concern is present.


The car's underside is very clean and tidy, showing no modifications or signs of past or present issues. There are some minor signs of age and use in the form of chipping paint and light surface corrosion on components, but nothing that appears to warrant immediate attention.



The engine fires to life and presents no issues idling or accelerating. The 3.5 liter V8 produces ample torque and moves the car down the road with a swift and easy nature. No stumbles or flat spots are present in acceleration and the car is a joy to drive.


The transmission is very smooth, hiding its gear changes gracefully, especially considering its age.

brakes and suspension

The suspension is in good order, and the ride is soft and compliant with no creaks, knocks, or odd road behaviors. The brakes are adequate and quiet, bringing the car to a smooth, controlled stop.


All four wheels are wrapped in Pirelli P4000 Super Touring tires, which appear to have ample tread and solid sidewalls but should be considered older according to their date codes and maybe need to be replaced before extensive use.