• Chassis # G-HN3-L/67254
  • Engine # 18GB-RU-H 89411
  • Featuring A Well Kept Nut And Bolt Restoration
  • Finished In A Delightful Tartan Red Exterior Over Black Interior
  • Showing No Needs And Ready For Immediate Enjoyment Or Showing
  • Sale Includes BMIHT Certificate, Restoration Photos, Available Records, Jack, Spare, Soft-Top, And More
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The Overview

In 1962, the MG B hit the scene to replace the MG A, the car that was a huge styling break for MG at the time. Produced until 1980, the long-lived MG B saw several variants throughout its life, including the MG B GT three-door 2+2 coupé, the six-cylinder coupé MG C, and the eight-cylinder 2+2 coupé MG B GT V8.

The roadster variant was the first to roll off the assembly line with a 1.8 L I4 mated to either a 4-speed manual or a UK-exclusive 3-speed Borg-Warner 35 automatic transmission. From 1963 to 1974, all MG Bs used twin 1.5-inch SU carburetors. Power ratings for MG Bs prior to 1968 were 95 HP and a peak of 110 lb-ft of torque. It was also one of the first cars to feature controlled crumple zones meant to protect occupants in a 30 mph crash.

The popularity of the MG B meant that 514,852 examples were produced from 1962 to 1980, with many remaining on the road to this day. This makes it one of the more affordable classic sports cars on the market, enabling the average car enthusiast to enjoy the qualities of vintage British motoring with plenty of parts and aftermarket support available. The numerous body styles and engine variations also mean that MG Bs are perfect for curvy road carvers or long-distance grand tourers. 

This particular example, Chassis # G-HN3-L/67254, started out life in 1966 as a British Racing Green car with a contrasting black leather interior. The BMIHT certificate shows that it was built between August 2-4 1965, and left for the USA on August 20 of the same year. It was equipped with wire wheels, a heater, a black tonneau cover, whitewall tires, an ashtray, a “packaway” hood, and a miles-per-hour speedometer.

Not much is known about the car’s history other than the fact that it underwent a full nut and bolt restoration in New York between 1995 and 1998. The restoration binder provided with the car details the painstaking, three-year process during which the car was restored to concours-correct condition and repainted a brilliant red that perfectly fits the essence of this roadster. This MG B was driven regularly following its restoration and was frequently serviced by the British car specialists at Ragtops and Roadsters in Perkasie, PA. In 2017, it was prominently featured in the book “Rule Britannia, When British Sports Cars Saved a Nation” by John Nikas, next to the other MG B body styles that were available at the time. 

As it sits, this MG B Roadster is an older restoration that has held up well and presents in largely period-correct condition. Being a pre-1975 car means that it was not bogged down by US emissions equipment and can be enjoyed the way a British roadster was meant to be enjoyed. Upon purchase, the new owner will receive all miscellaneous records on file, the BMIT certificate, a matching spare, tonneau cover & bow, soft top & bows, original jack, wheel wrench, the restoration photo album, and a copy of the book “Rule Britannia, When British Sports Cars Saved a Nation” by John Nikas in which this car was featured.

The Details


body and paint

For a 25+ year-old restoration, the paint has held up well overall. It is consistent in texture and depth throughout. There are some flaws worth noting. The panel fitment is not as good as it could be. This is, after all, a well-done but hobbyist restoration, as the restoration photos show. Studying the photos will reveal any such inconsistencies. There are also a few blemishes to note. The bottom of the driver's windshield post shows some clear coat failure, and the tops of the rear fenders show some cracking on the body seam/line. Overall, there is nothing worth tending to; this car could be enjoyed as is for years to come. But as an older restoration, it does have its minor flaws from consistent use.

glass and trim

All of the trim is present and appears correct and in good condition. The brightwork shows well overall, with the only noticeable issues being that of the headlights/headlight rings, exterior rear view mirror stanchion, a small portion of the wind wings, and rear bumper, which show minor inconsistencies. As for the glass, the windshield and driver's side window appear to be replacements, while the rest appear to be originals. All of the rubber seals on the exterior are in good condition, with nothing showing signs of needing replacement.


The chrome wire wheels are in excellent condition with no issues to note.


seats and surfaces

The interior has aged nicely and remains in excellent condition from the restoration. Very correct throughout, with nothing standing out. Perhaps the only item would be the aftermarket dress-up door sill covers and radio. Otherwise, it presents as show-worthy. Under the dash is tidy, and all kick panels, door panels, seats, center console, dash fascia, and top, etc… everything is in excellent condition overall.

functionality and accessories

After testing all knobs, pulls, and interior functions, the only item not operating correctly is the passenger-side interior light. Likely a bulb. Everything else is in working order, the heating and ventilation knobs, all exterior lighting, fan, dash lights, windshield wipers etc… all in order.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay has clearly been well cared for since the time of restoration. It shows nearly as it did when completed. With the exception of minor signs of use and a handful of upgrades such as ignition wires, coil, etc… Otherwise it is show worthy.

trunk area

Overall the trunk area matches the rest of the car, in excellent restored condition. A few minor scratches/chips in the paint in a few spots, but otherwise nothing of concern.


The underside again shows signs of use but is overall representative of the nut and bolt restoration this vehicle received. Clean, straight, and without any issues to note beyond minor signs of use.



The car starts easily, runs strong, and settles down to a nice idle when easing the choke in. Oil pressure remains in an acceptable range throughout use as does the temperature with no overheating during our testing. The car makes strong power throughout the rev range.


The transmission shifts as smoothly as gearboxes from this era can with no issues to note. Overdrive works exactly as intended engaging and disengaging with driver input.

brakes and suspension

The brakes are effective as can be for 1966 technology, with no pulling, pulsating or any other kind of abnormal feedback. The suspension feels tight with nothing obvious to note, no unwanted noises or looseness in the steering etc… A tidy package.


The tires are Vredestein Sprint Classic 165 HR14 84H on all 4 corners (including the spare) with date codes from 2012. While still soft with good tread life and no cracking it may be wise to change the tires solely based on year of production. This is up to the next owner.

driving experience

MGB’s are notorious for the simple and direct classic car experience they offer. Whether entry-level or seasoned, this particular MGB will be a promising addition to any collection. It is a well-sorted and reliable example of an older restoration done to a high overall standard. A turn-key opportunity for the aspiring enthusiast.