• Chassis # AR1481768
  • Engine # AR01500 09323 (2.0 Liter Unit)
  • 1000 Miles Since Comprehensive Restoration
  • Fitted With Tasteful Upgrades
  • Original 1750 Engine Included In Sale (#AR00551 03485)
  • Finished In Excellent Colors And Ready For Spirited Usage
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The Overview

The Series 1 Alfa Romeo Spider was introduced in March of 1966 at the Geneva Motor Show. Originally fitted with a 1570 cc twin cam engine with dual Weber carburetors and making approximately 108 hp, it was officially called the “Alfa Romeo Spider 1600” as their desired use of the “Duetto” name fell under legal dispute. The price of the car in the US was $3950 putting it squarely in line with the Lotus Elan of the day, however in Europe, the little spider’s price tag was closer to that of a Jaguar E-type, undoubtedly hurting sales to some degree, but a total of 6,324 cars were produced from 66’-67’. In 1968 Alfa introduced the new 1750 line of cars, keeping styling relatively the same but increasing engine volume to 1779 cc, good for 116 hp and a top speed of 118 mph. Modifications were also made to much of the suspension, brakes and electronics, all while keeping the graceful and elegant Pininfarina body design. In 1969, cars bound for US soil were fitted with SPICA mechanical fuel injection. Alfa Romeo claimed engine power and output were the same as the curated cars but as we know today, early fuel injection technology was spotty at best. From 1968 to 1969 a total of around 2000 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spiders were produced for the American market. In 1970, the spider’s body was slightly redesigned, exchanging the rounded tail for a more standard squared off back end, ushering in the Series 2 cars. The little spider would go through 2 more design changes and would go on to maintain a production run of an impressive 27 years.

This particular Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider, chassis number AR1481768 and engine number AR0055103485, is a 1969 Model year that has been tastefully upgraded to improve on overall drivability. While the original 1750 engine (AR0055103485) is included with the car, it is currently fitted with a later 2.0-liter unit (AR0150009323). The car itself has been very well restored and has only 1000 miles since completion. Early history on the car is largely unknown but it appears that someone had begun restoration on the car in the early to mid-2000’s but it stalled out after painting the car. It appears the car sat for a while before being purchased by a Dan Murphy located in New Jersey, at which time the car was taken to EuroTec Motors in Livingston, New Jersey who carried out the remainder of the restoration. Detailed invoices that are included with the car show a total of just under $40,000 spent on the restoration of this Alfa. It appears from the history provided to us that the car was delivered to EuroTec painted but largely unassembled. They cataloged the car and began the restoration in June of 2016. Eurotec went through every last part and refurbished all parts that were still useable and ordered new parts for anything that did not meet the standards. There is not much that was not covered by them and detailed restoration invoices are included in the documents. When the car first came in it was determined that engine would need a rebuild and it was at this time that Mr. Murphy elected to fit the 2.0 Liter unit into the car. The engine swap was performed flawlessly and the car runs out incredibly strong.  During the restoration, the car was fitted with many desirable upgrades including Alfaholics Stage 1 Fast Road Suspension Package, Alfaholics Stainless Steel Exhaust, and a 14.17 inch Nardi steering wheel with a Mahogany wood rim and polished spokes. Shortly after the restoration was completed the car was sold to its current owner on June 1’st of 2016. During the time of his ownership, the car was driven sparingly and stored with us here at LBI Limited in Philadelphia, PA. During current ownership, the carburetors were swapped to 2 Weber 40 DCOE’s and the fuel system as well as the whole car was thoroughly sorted and gone over by noted Alfa specialist, Nick Falcone Enterprises here in Philadelphia. As the car sits it currently needs nothing and represents a fantastic opportunity to purchase a beautifully restored boat tail Alfa Spider that runs and drives even better than it looks.

Included with the car are detailed restoration receipts, the jack, spare wheel, and car cover.

The Details


body and paint

The restoration of this car was done in a very neat and tidy manner. The bright silver paint is smooth and consistent from front to back. Upon brief inspection, the body looks fairly good with consistent panel and door gaps but upon closer inspection areas of hasty and heavy bodywork can be seen especially on the bottom of the rockers and on the rear valence of the car. Its nothing of concern but the use of body fillers is clearly present with a slightly wavy and bumpy finish to the panels. There is a minor paint chip on the front of the car where it appears the hood made contact with the front nose section on a careless opening and there are some very minor stone chips in the front area. Additionally there is a small knick in the paint onto of the driver fender about a half inch long.

glass and trim

All the glass on the car appears to be in excellent condition. The side windows as well as the wing windows are branded Sekurit and the front windscreen contains a Triplex branding. There is no real scratching or pitting to speak of. Chrome trim on the car is bright and smooth with some minor scratching in high wear areas. Rubber components are all supple and bright and in fantastic condition.


All four wheels are the 5-spoke, star-shaped style but are newer remakes branded KBA 43907 and have a consistent and bright finish to face of them with no curbing or rub marks. The center caps are all free of cracks with a clean and legible Alfa Romeo logos.

notable flaws

Overall the car is in fantastic condition and shows extremely well. The only real notable flaws come upon very close inspection and include some minor paint chips in the front section of the car as well as some rushed bodywork around the lower edges of the vehicle, not truly noticeable unless looking at the car from below.


seats and surfaces

The red leather interior of the car provides an excellent contrast to the more mundane silver exterior. The seats are finished very nicely with no real issues to point out other than some general creasing from normal usage beginning to form. The fill on the headrests could be a bit better as the sides are starting to get a bit “saggy”. The carpets are in likewise fantastic condition with consistent color throughout and very minimal wear to speak of. The door cards are very nicely finished and are tight no issues to note. The rest of the leather-trimmed surface including the quilted rub mat over the transmission tunnel are all done to a high standard and remain in fantastic condition. The leather dash has nice even stitching and shows no pulling or fading. The painted silver painted surface of the dash matches the exterior well and is smooth and consistent. All the gauge faces are bright and very readable with no fading or dulling to their faces. The wood rimmed steering wheel is smooth and beautiful luster to it with shiny bright spokes and colorful and crack free center horn button.

functionality and accessories

This car was thoroughly sorted and it shows well in the interior as all switchgear is in excellent shape. It appears that everything functions as it should. All the gauges read their appropriate functions, the switches operate with ease and the gear selector moves smoothly through its range of motion. The emergency brake holds the car firmly and releases very smoothly.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is finished very much like the rest of the car, clean and tidy with an excellent appearance. The 2.0-liter engine swap was performed professionally and it truly shows as the everything has a top notch fit and finish to it. All painted surfaces are smooth and consistent and the crinkle wrapped valve covers show no peeling or cracking. All hoses, tubing, and wires appear to be in new condition with no signs of aging etc. All the surfaces are clean with no signs of leaking or seeping present. The dual Weber carburetors are spotless and are capped off with individual air cleaners rather than a standard airbox.

trunk area

The trunk area contains smooth and consistent painted surfaces throughout. The ribbed mats show a little wear and some staining but for the most part are in excellent condition. The jack looks to be in original condition and is stored neatly upon the parcel shelf with its appropriate hold downs in place. The spare tire and wheel are nestled neatly under the mat, secured in place by the appropriate hold down and appear to have never been mounted as the spare tire still has the sticker on it. The metal in the bottom of the spare wheel well appears smooth and issue free. The gas tank was also clearly refinished and has the protective shielding sitting on top to prevent damage of the electrical connections on top of it.



Both the engine swap and the upgraded carburetors were done professionally and it truly shows as the car runs out extremely strong. It fires right to life with minimal choke and quickly settles into a smooth idle. The exhaust note out of the stainless steel Alfaholics exhaust is fantastic and barky. Acceleration is smooth and powerful with no flat spots or stumbles in the throttle.


The clutch is smooth and light and holds power perfectly. The transmission shifts easily through gears and holds power with ease.

brakes and suspension

Both systems were thoroughly sorted during the time of restoration. The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no squeaking or grinding present. The suspension is compliant and tight with no abnormal noises or road manners to speak of.


The wheels are fitted with Vredestein Sportrac 5 tires with less than 1000 miles on them. They are sized 185/70/14 on all four corners and are in fantastic condition still with plenty of tread life left.

driving experience

Combining beauty with a little extra brawn, this particular boat tail Alfa Spider presents a fantastic driving experience. The leather trimmed interior provides a fantastic place from which to pilot the slightly hopped Alfa down glorious backroads. The Alfaholics suspension provides more than ample road holding capabilities when motoring through the twisted sections and the stainless steel exhaust gives an ear to ear grin when pushing the 2.0 liter motor down the straights.