• Chassis # 21GY
  • Engine # YK25
  • Divided Window Limousine Bodied by Windovers
  • Excellent Older Restoration With Recent Servicing
  • Offered With Copies of Factory Build Records
  • Perfect For Club Events & Touring
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The Overview

The Rolls-Royce Phantom II was introduced in 1929, replacing the well-received “New Phantom” that had been introduced in 1925. Power came from an updated 7.7 liter pushrod-OHV straight 6 engine that now featured a new crossflow cylinder head. Although the engine was essentially carried over the chassis was all new for 1929 incorporating numerous new refinements to provide a smoother ride and better road manners. Most Phantom II’s were delivered in the standard wheelbase length of 150 inches although a short wheelbase chassis of 144 inches was also available. The Phantom II sold very well and a total of 1281 chassis were built before the Phantom III replaced it in 1936.

This particular Rolls-Royce Phantom II, chassis number 21GY and engine number YK25 is a divided window limousine bodied by Windovers. It was delivered to the Windovers facility on 6/13/1930 and is built on the standard Long Type chassis of 150 inches. Not much is known about the early life of the car, however, it resided in California for a portion of its life before it was purchased by the current owner who is a prominent collector of sports cars and brass era cars in northern New Jersey. The car currently wears an older restoration, likely done between 25 and 30 years ago but remains in great shape throughout. A recent mechanical servicing was completed to bring the car up to excellent running and driving condition. This Phantom II limousine remains the perfect vehicle to utilize in Rolls-Royce club events or with a little polishing would make a superb touring car for vintage events.

Offered with the vehicle are copies of factory build records.

The Details


body and paint

Reflective of an older restoration, 25/30-years old or so, the paint shows as consistently driver quality. Various signs of aging are noticeable throughout but in a way that is respectable for a driver quality example. It remains approachable and for the purposes of touring, club events, or local concours would be very suitable and enjoyable in its current state. The door gaps are as good as factory, with body fitment considered good overall.

glass and trim

The glass appears to be the original throughout with minor delaminating on one or two pieces. The divider glass is yellowing only slightly. The window felts and rubbers are present, usable, but showing age. The chrome and aluminum trim throughout the car is complete but showing age just like the paint. Usable in its current state but technically aged and flawed.


The wheels are in good condition overall and likely need no attention as they feel balanced and true at speed, with all 6 present.

notable flaws

The drivers side headlight lens is cracked, there is chipping, cracking, and scrapes to be found in numerous places on the hood, cowl and trim, as well as a few other places on the body. The "flying lady" is with the car but it should be noted that the threaded area of the cap appears to have been drop and as a result is bent. It is included in the sale but needs to be repaired to be used.


seats and surfaces

The theme of an older restoration in driver quality is also apparent in the interior. The front seats have aged nicely and will only continue to look wonderful in this old RR with plenty of patina and good presentation. The rear seats, as they are cloth show some staining as do the carpets. The window shades are the originals and the wood veneers appear to be the originals as well, both of which are in good condition overall. The carpets in the drivers area are also respectable and the dash, though showing some age appears complete with the exception of one hole to the right where something used to be. Otherwise it appears to be an original untouched dash for the most part.

functionality and accessories

Most of the knobs, pulls, and mechanical inputs on the interior are in working order with nothing obviously out of place or not working. All of the gauges read accurately with the exception of the far left thermometer type indicator which does not work. The amperes gauge, oil pressure, temperature, speed indicator etc... are all in working order. The lights work correctly as does the fuel mixture, idle, and timing levers. Overall a car that is in good working order.

notable flaws

Beyond the staining in the rear of the car, there is one non operable gauge on the dash. The divider window only goes down 1/2 way as does one of the other windows. One of which is missing a handle. Given this examples age, there are other items we may have overlooked that are non-operable or missing, but from a cursory inspection the car appears complete and functioning with no real major flaws noted.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is surprising clean and tidy, which is evidence of care and service throughout the years. The engine shows to be numbers matching with the other aluminum pieces showing the same engine number as well. Everything is complete, and accessories such as the hand crank and jack are both in the engine bay as delivered. There are so older oxidized clamps, while some other parts of the engine appear to be newer and very clean. Overall a good respectable driver quality engine bay.



Recent servicing includes a total fuel system clean out, new points, plugs, condenser, rotor, cap, coil, and wires. A full tune up and sorting has just been completed. The car starts instantly on the starting carburetor, and quickly settles to a consistent idle only improving the warmer it gets. The oil pressure indicates healthy and strong at all times with temperature holding steady between 70C-80C. A strong running example with recent servicing.


The transmission shifts as easily as an old RR with straight cut gears can. With some experience, it is an easy car to shifts and shifts well with good clutch operation and no shuttering or abnormal noises noted.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work well overall but slight pulling was noted upon quick hard braking and slight squeaking, both of which may improve with use. The suspension works well, with no abnormal noises noted.


The tires are absolutely older, while not showing signs of cracking and good tread life the white walls are dirty and the tires aged. They are good for local use, but if long tours are intended, replacing the tires would be a good idea.

notable flaws

We have noted some slightly more than normal oil leaks from the engine which should likely see further correction. A small area of coolant weeping from upper portion of the radiator is noted as well as a small leak once at operating temperature, likely coming from the old clamps that we noticed. The car has other leaks from the transmission, suspension, and rear end as well, but nothing we wouldn't categorize as normal for an old english car. Acceptable for use, but could also be tended to.

driving experience

This RR is a joy to drive, it makes great power, is easy to shift once you are used to the operation intricacies and remains a reliable and easy to use example. It stops and handles as good as a car from 1930 can, and fundamentally is a great basis for enjoyment and improvement as you go. It will undoubtedly prove itself as a reliable source of fun for long tours and local use.