• Chassis # AR1530434
  • Engine # AR0055101709
  • A Highly Original California Car Finished In Giallo Ocra
  • One-Owner From New Until 2009 With Original CA 'Black Plate'
  • Offered From The LBI Limited Collection
  • Full Engine Rebuild In 2009 With Consistent Servicing Throughout Its Life
  • Extensive Service Records & Documentation From New
  • Includes Tools, Jack, Spare, Manual, Documentation & Factory Brochure
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The Overview

In 1963, Alfa Romeo introduced the 105 Series Giulia Sprint GT, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro for Bertone. The design features of the Giulia were unlike anything the car world had seen before in a road car. In particular, the “Scalino” (Step-Nose) design was unorthodox but its odd beauty resonated among consumers. At the time, a young Giugiaro was only in his early twenties and serving his mandatory military duties in the “Alpini” regiment of the Italian Army. His outpost was a long way from Bertone’s Turin headquarters so Nuccio Bertone rented a hotel room for Giugiaro and it was in that very room where he penned the design for the 105 series Alfa. The overall shape heavily emulated the 2000 GT and 2600 GT while being perfectly portioned between the overall dimensions as well as the ratio of glass and metal. It was simplistically perfect. In 1966 the platform saw slight revisions with the introduction of the Giulia Sprint GT Veloce, receiving a 1600cc engine to replace the previous 1300cc power plant. Then in 1967, the platform saw extensive cosmetic revisions along with a more robust power plant in the 1750cc engine. Adjustments to the suspension, disk brakes, headlamps and interior were made with US-Spec examples getting Alfa’s SPICA Fuel Injection. It is estimated that under 1,000 US-Spec, 1969 GTVs were produced which brings us to the example on offer here.

Chassis number AR1530434 is an excellent driver quality GTV that has been a part of the LBI Limited Collection for over 6 years. It is finished in the desirable color of Giallo Ocre and spent most of its life in sunny Southern California. This GTV was purchased new by a Dr. Carl Treling of North Hollywood, California, presumably from Otto Zipper Alfa in Beverly Hills. On file is the original 6,000-mile service receipt that was completed at Otto Zipper Alfa on December 18th 1970. When new, this GTV was assigned the license plate- “ZWR 722,” which is the same iconic California ‘Black Plate’ it wears today. We also have a report of Odometer calibration done by the Auto Club of Southern California on December 5th, 1969 when the car had a mere 93 miles- This calibration shows the original license plate number as well! It was enjoyed by its original owner, Dr. Treling, in California from new until approximately 2010 when it was sold to its second owner. That is just over 40 years of single ownership. In 2009, the engine was overhauled by Alfa Italia Inc. in Burbank, CA with detailed receipts that can be explored in the “View Documents” tab of our website.

Dr. Treling subsequently sold the car to its second owner in the same general area of Southern California. In 2012, another major service/refresh was completed at Alfa Italia Inc. costing $4,633.39. Service records, registrations, and documentation are plentiful and track the car’s history from 1969 all the way to 2013. It then moved to Atlanta Georgia in 2013 with its third owner. Soon after, it was purchased by an Atlanta-Based vintage car dealership and marketed for sale. We purchased the car in 2014 from this dealership and have owned it ever since. It has been by far the most reliable vintage car we have ever owned despite common stereotypes about Italian car reliability issues. Throughout our ownership, it has traveled approximately 4,000 miles. It has been everywhere from the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix to the Concours of America in Plymouth, Michigan. Minor service items, fluids changes, and tires are the extent at which we had to maintain this original example.

Chassis AR1530434 is for the owner who wants a presentable car they can drive and enjoy. It is a highly original example with one repaint in its factory shade of Giallo Ocre. To our knowledge, all of the panels are original and there is no rust on the car save for some minor surface oxidation underneath. The original floor pans, rockers, rear valence, and front nose area still have their original spot welds. Factory stickers can be found on the underside of the hood and trunk lid further legitimizing its authentic condition.

Overall, this is an excellent opportunity to purchase what is arguably the best year for a GTV 1750 with its unique, one-year-only bucket seats. There are many examples available on the public market but very few in this condition and virtually none in this attractive shade of yellow with California history from new. Included in the sale are its original tools with roll, spare, jack, extensive documentation, manual, and 69 GTV factory Brochure.