• Engine # 95012
  • A Beautifully Restored Example
  • Offered Out Of Long Term Ownership
  • A Prime Example Of Ducati's Venerable 250cc Offering

The Overview

As the post-war economy began to provide the working masses increasing disposable income, the demand for secondary, sporting vehicles began to increase as well. The 250 Diana MkIII very much fit into this role in its day. Less a commuter machine, the Diana was made for sporting Sunday rides on winding backroads. At the roadside cafe, it would typically find itself amongst the Norton and BSA crowd. When it was introduced, the Diana was lauded as the most capable bike in the 250cc class and offered an incredible amount of performance. With its sporting, gorgeous looks courtesy of clubman style clip-on handlebars, this Ducati quickly became the object of desire amongst many in the motorcycle world. To this day, these narrow case MkIII’s remain highly sought after by Ducati devotees.

Fitted with the venerable single-cylinder “narrow case” motor, this fantastic little unit features and single overhead cam. Nevertheless, the motor makes a more than respectable 24hp at 7,500 rpm and is fed into a 5-speed transmission. Both wheels are fitted with sizable drum brakes that are more than capable of slowing down this 240lbs Ducati. 

The 1966 Ducati 250 Diana MkIII on offer, #95012, was the recipient of an extensive restoration and appears in fantastic condition today. A very detailed job, a great deal of effort was put forth to make the bike as accurate as possible. As such, one can spot many positive details like the adjustable steering damper and rear shocks. Furthermore, the bike features the correctly crowned header nut on the downpipe and reinforced Borrani wheels. Another joy to behold is the Veglia gauges mounted within the headlight and on the handlebar. These are a classic touch and their style is timeless. One modification made to modernize the bike is a conversion to 12-volt electronics and the addition of a battery, with the fuse box for the electronics neatly tucked away in the tool storage container in addition to a control switch located tastefully on the rear fender. This Diana is received out of long-term ownership during which the meticulous restoration was carried out. Post restoration, this Diana was started up and ridden around the owner’s neighborhood to check proper functioning at which point the tank was drained and dried out for storage. Putting this little Ducati back on the road should entail nothing further than the addition of gas and some proper mileage!

Effortlessly stylish, the Diana MkIII will continue to endure as an icon of this period of motorcycle history. Its status as a barn burner back in the day solidifies its status as one of the greats. Not a bike commonly seen outside of its niche, many bikes were parted out in the not too distant past making a finely restored example like this an enticing proposition. This Ducati will surely find its home within an esteemed collection.