• Chassis # 3776/A
  • Engine # 3776/A
  • Twin cylinder 18HP DL20-2241R model
  • Often hailed as Ferrucio Lamborghini's favorite little tractor
  • Well restored and mechanically sound
  • An excellent addition to any great Lamborghini collection
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The Overview

The story of an angry Ferruccio Lamborghini’s vengeful foray into the automotive world after being slighted by Enzo Ferrari has been told many a time over. He certainly has done well for himself, with his companies namesake being bought up but the tradition he built still alive and well with raucous, loud and insanely fast automobiles still being pumped out with his name on them. What many people do not realize is that Ferrucio’s previous foray into business, Lamborghini Trattoria (Lamborghini Tractors) is still alive and well today, also pumping out beautifully crafted equipment, albeit of the hardworking agricultural kind.

Ferruccio assembled his first tractors in 1948, by purchasing scrap military hardware and engines and fastening them into working implements. Lamborghini continued to hobble along as Europe attempted to recover after the devastation of WWII. In 1951 Lamborghini Trattori produced its first tractor built almost entirely in-house (minus the engine) called the L33. The L33 used a 3,500 cc inline 6 cylinder gas powered Morris unit, equipped with the fuel atomizer patented by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Throughout the 50’s Lamborghini Trattoria grew a reputation for being technologically advanced, hardworking and reliable machines. In 1957 Ferruccio launched the “Lamborghinetta” powered by a small in-house built 2 cylinder engine. These little tractors were economical, powerful and reliable and would help to solid Lamborghini Trattoria even further. Through all the years, these were Ferrucios favorite little tractors and when he passed away, it was the little Lamborghinetta that pulled his flower-covered coffin to its final resting place.

This particular Lamborghini Tractor is a “Lamborghinetta” DL20-2241R model. Not much is known about the history of this little tractor but it was restored at some point in its lifetime. The finish quality of the finish leads one to believe that it was undertaken fairly recently as the painted surfaces are still very clean and smooth with little to no signs of serious wear.