• Chassis # 026726
  • Engine # 332710
  • Showing 11,220 Miles From New
  • Benefits From A Recent Cosmetic Restoration
  • Mechanically Strong And Ready For Use
  • 479cc Air Cooled Engine Rated At 16hp Mated To A 4-Speed Manual Transmission

The Overview

One of the most unique micro-vehicles ever produced, the Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile is a piece of rolling history that transports us to a simpler life on the Italian Riviera. Dubbed “Trasformabile,” or “transformable,” the Bianchina sported a landaulet-style fabric convertible roof and shared running gear with the iconic Fiat 500. Most importantly, the Bianchina was one of the shining stars from the now-defunct Autobianchi brand, giving it a strong cult following ever since the last models rolled off production lines in 1969. 

In the mid-1950s, Autobianchi was born as a strategic partnership among Fiat, the tire-maker Pirelli, and Bianchi, the well-known Italian bicycle manufacturer. Initially, Autobianchi focused on using the formidable Fiat 500 platform as inspiration for more “fashionable” vehicles aimed at affluent urban buyers. Critically, Autobianchi focused on reimagining the 500’s role as the everyman’s Italian vehicle, giving the platform the panache it needed to fit into more upscale lifestyles. Even period advertising for the Bianchina called it, “La piccola vettura di grande classe”––the little car with immense class.

Introduced at Milan’s Science and Technology Museum in 1957, the Bianchina Trasformabile immediately delivered on that goal. With striking lines courtesy of Fiat’s legendary Luigi Rapi, the Bianchina Tranformabile harkens back to iconic, expensive Lancias and Alfa Romeos, and its landaulet roof borrows a line from Papal limousines of the 1960s. Autobianchi invited Bianchina owners to cruise effortlessly through Italian villages and countryside, the crisp Mediterranean air in their hair and striking, distinctly Italian bodywork announcing their arrival. 

But under the hood, running gear remained identical to the Fiat 500––a 479cc two-cylinder air-cooled engine delivered approximately 17 horsepower through a 4-speed manual transmission. This mechanical carryover meant the car’s economical powertrain could return over 50 mpg even in urban traffic, and more importantly, it meant that that the Bianchina’s dolce vita was available at a modest 20% markup over the Fiat 500. The Bianchina Trasformabile was a hit, selling approximately 10,000 units in its first series from 1957-62. 

This particular example, chassis #6726, spent the majority of its life in a private Italian collection, and it remained a well-preserved survivor before it was imported to the United States in 2016. Since then, the car has undergone extensive mechanical and cosmetic restoration, with the latter happening under LBI’s supervision. The car has been professionally repainted in its original, desirable Navy Blue, and the seats, bumpers, mirrors, and side trim have all been recently refreshed. This Bianchina also wears its original Borrani wire wheels, similar to those that graced other Italian legends such as the Ferrari 250, 275, and 330. 

Today, chassis #6726 presents as a running and driving, tastefully-restored example of one of the finest microcars ever produced. Characteristically Italian and full of life, this Bianchina Trasformabile is an ideal choice for the Italian auto enthusiast with an appreciation for history and style; but above all else, this example is for the auto enthusiast who recognizes the lifestyle that drove Autobianchi’s broader purpose, a lifestyle that few automakers have managed to capture since.