• Chassis # 679505
  • Engine # W4484-8
  • Offered Out Of Long Term Ownership
  • Numbers Matching AACA National First Prize Winner
  • Finished In Elegant British Racing Green Over Tan
  • Includes Tools And Heritage Certificate
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The Overview

First launched in 1948 at the London Motor Show, the Jaguar XK120 saw immediate success bolstered by its proven top speed of 120 miles per hour, making it the fastest production car in the world at the time of its launch. The 120 was Jaguar’s first real post-war “sporting” offering and was powered by the 3.4-liter XK inline 6-cylinder engine. The first 242 cars were hand-built with aluminum bodies on ash framing with a steel chassis which was borrowed largely from the Jaguar Mark V chassis. Although it was first offered in only roadster form, a fixed head coupe, as well as drophead coupe, were added to production. In November of 1949, The Motor magazine tested the pre-production show stand car and reported a top speed of 124.6 mph, a 0-60 time of 10.0 seconds and average fuel consumption of 16.5 mpg. The XK120 would go on to be massively successful in racing all over the world, including in some of the biggest racing events of the time such as the Mille Miglia and Le Mans. In 1952 an XK120 driven by some of the best racers of the period achieved an average speed of 100.31 mph over a 7 day and 7 night period. Production of the XK120 ceased in 1954 when it was replaced by the similarly styled XK140. In total, around 12,055 Jaguar XK120s were produced for worldwide consumption during the 5 years of production.

The example on offer here chassis number 679505 and engine number W4484-8 is a numbers matching 1952 Jaguar XK120 Fixed Head Coupe. According to the included Jaguar Heritage Certificate, this car was originally finished in Suede Green exterior with Suede Green interior although now it is now finished in an elegant British Racing Green with a Tan interior. This car was purchased by the current owner in 1994 out of Waterloo, Ontario. At the time the car was completely in pieces and needing total restoration. Over the next 4 years, the owner completed the restoration of this XK120 on his own, finishing in 1998. The restoration was extremely thorough and covered every aspect of the car. In 2000 the car won an AACA Senior National First Prize in a testament to the clean and tidy work that was done on the car during restoration. As it sits today, the car shows as a nice older restoration. There are some underlying issues that have begun to surface but the car still presents very well in its elegant color combination. For more information about the current condition of the car please refer to the condition section located below. This particular example would make for a fantastic and useable driver quality car, perfect for back road drives during nice weather or light show and display.

Included with the sale of the car are the Jaguar Heritage certificate as well as tools.

The Details


body and paint

Although this car was originally finished in Suede Green, it now wears an elegant British Racing Green exterior color that is relatively smooth and consistent throughout the car. The paint was done at the time of restoration between 1994 and 1998 and given that the paint is 22 years old at this point, there are some minor imperfections that have begun to show themselves. On the passenger of the roof, there is some rough and imperfect underlying metal that shows through the paint as well as some discoloration to the paint. This same issue is apparent on the passenger side of the rear trunk lid as well. There is a small crack in the paint behind the passenger side rear bumperette as well as around the trunk handle. There is a crack in the paint beneath the driver's side wing window as well as some chipping on the A-pillar. There is some significant cracking around the exterior of the driver's side footwell air vent flap as well as some light scratching on the driver's side front fender. There is also a small crack on the top of the front fender located just behind the headlight. The body gaps are all consistent with respectable fitment. The body itself is smooth and straight with the exception of what looks like either some imperfections or metal issues beginning to show themselves on the passenger side of the roof as well as on the passenger side of the rear deck lid.

glass and trim

The glass on the car presents well with an overall clean and tidy appearance to it, however, there are some minor imperfections present. There is some dirt that has made its way into the housing of the front headlights but the glass remains clean and presentable. The passenger side window shows a bit of delamination around the edges but contains triplex stampings and could very well be original. The rear glass has a few minor scratches on the surface but remains presentable and is also stamped triplex. The driver's side glass also shows some delimitation around the edges but once again is labeled triplex. The chrome trim throughout the car remains in great condition, with good shine as well as a smooth and even finish to it. Rubber trim remains structurally sound although it does show its age in some spots in the form of discoloration or pulling.


The spoked wire wheels are painted in a light grey color with consistent finish and color present all around. There is some very minor corrosion forming at the edges of the spokes as well as on the lip behind them but nothing that takes away from the overall presentation of the car. The chrome-plated knock-offs are clean and tidy with excellent shine.

notable flaws

Given the overall age of the restoration, there are some imperfections that have begun to show such as cracked paint, light scratches and bubbling in the paint caused by imperfections beneath. For a better idea of the flaws present on the vehicle, please review the detailed photos on the right side of the screen above.


seats and surfaces

The light tan interior of the car remains in very nice and presentable condition with smooth, largely crease-free seating surfaces as well as properly fitting carpets with good color and cleanliness. The wood trim throughout the interior retains good color and fitment although there is some very minor cracking forming in the outer most layer of the finish, specifically around the tachometer. The headliner fitment is tight and proper although there are some minor discoloration and staining present. The dash top is smooth and retains nice color and the 4 spoked steering wheel retains excellent color.

functionality and accessories

This XK120 was very nicely restored and it shows in the continued cosmetic and mechanical nature of the car. The gauges are all clean and tidy and although some of the white lettering has dulled over the years, it appears that they all function as they should. Switches, toggles, and buttons all appear to perform their required functions as they should. There is a set of aftermarket seat belts the have been fitted to the car. The doors open and close as they should and the windows wind up and down with ease.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

Much like the rest of the car, the engine bay is finished in a well done and correct manner. Painted surfaces retain good color, although there is some very minor cracking forming on the exhaust manifolds which is a common problem. Polished surfaces such as the heads are bright and free of any issues with the exception of a bit of corrosion forming where the exhaust manifolds meet the engine. Wires, hoses, and tubes all appear to be in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. All the important tags and stampings are in their correct locations and appear unaltered. The SU carburetors appear in good cosmetic and mechanical condition as well.

trunk area

The trunk area of this XK120 is clean tidy, trimmed by the correct style floor mat. Painted surfaces show some minor scratching, specifically around the contact points for the trunk lid but overall retain good color and cleanliness. The spare tire is tucked away neatly in the clean and tidy lower compartment along with the jack and other appropriate tools.


Despite the age of the restoration, this car has been maintained and cared for lovingly and it shows in the overall clean and solid appearance of the underside. Painted components contain good color and show no signs of issues. The floors and chassis appear solid with no signs of issues past or present. Suspension and braking components show in good cosmetic as well as mechanical condition.



The engine fires to life with ease and once up to temperature settles into a smooth and consistent idle. During our brief testing, it seemed that the carbs may be slightly out of sync as there was some popping and sputtering however the issue seemed to diminish as the engine got fully to temperature. The engine seems to make good power and revs freely while holding good temperature.


The transmission seems to be in good order and shifts with ease throughout all gears. The clutch has a positive pickup and a good pedal feel.

brakes and suspension

The brake pedal is a bit firm but brings the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues. The suspension feels solid with appropriate road manners and no odd noises or issues to speak of.


The tires are Firestone Deluxe Champion Tube Type tires in 6.00 by 16 on all four corners. The tires appear to have solid side walls as well as plenty of tread life left on them. The date codes appear to be the 5th month of 2008.

driving experience

The XK120 was a powerhouse automobile in its day, providing owners and drivers with a sporty yet very useable vehicle that could serve track duty as easily as it could ferry you to a fancy dinner. Today the XK120 remains a fantastic car to drive and enjoy while turning heads with its elegant form factor no matter where you go. This particular XK120 was lovingly restored and remains in nice condition despite the age of the restoration. Given its overall condition both cosmetically as well as mechanically, this car would make the perfect car to drive and enjoy and would be perfect for touring or rallies.