• Chassis # GBK49
  • Engine # H22T
  • Mechanically Well Kept And In Proper Working Order
  • Wearing Its Original Sedanca Deville Coachwork by Park Ward
  • A Matching Numbers Example With Exciting History
  • Sale Includes Original Manual, Available Service History, Rear Mounted Trunk, And Some Additional Parts
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The Overview

Few auto manufacturers bring forth images of luxury and opulence quite like Rolls-Royce. From their pre-war models to today, owning a Rolls-Royce is something that many aspire to, regardless of whether they are car enthusiasts or not. As with many auto manufacturers, Rolls-Royce was affected by the Great Depression and almost met its demise until the introduction of the Rolls-Royce 20/25 hp in 1929. Built as a successor to the popular Rolls-Royce Twenty, the 20/25 was met with massive interest and became the best-selling inter-war Rolls-Royce model. The car was powered by an in-line six-cylinder engine that put out 3,669 cc and a 4-speed manual gearbox. It was upgraded on a yearly basis by Rolls-Royce with new technical enhancements being introduced until 1936 when it was replaced by the 25/30. The model was also built in numerous body styles including a Fixedhead Coupe, Drophead Coupe, Limousine, Saloon, and Sedanca de Ville. A total of 3,827 examples were produced and many of them still grace the road to this day.

This particular example, Chassis # BK49, has a rich and exciting history that perfectly complements its character. It was originally ordered by a Mr. Marcom on December 3rd, 1935. Upon completion and testing of its components, the chassis was sent to coachbuilder Park-Ward on August 2nd, 1936 who built the Sedanca DeVille body around it and delivered it to Mr. Marcom. Sometime in the late 1940s, the car was purchased by a collector out of Evansville, Indiana from a British government automobile auction. This, along with the small flag poles atop each front fender, leads to the belief that the car was requisitioned for service during World War II and served as a staff car. Upon purchase, the car was delivered to Evansville where it underwent a total refurbishment. This owner was involved with The Rolls-Royce Owners Club and toured the car extensively during his ownership. Years after, in 1965, the car was listed for sale and bought by a man out of Rockford, Illinois who kept the car in driveable condition. The car was sold yet again sometime in the early 2000s to its most recent owner who has kept it in his possession since then.

This most recent owner continued the previous owners’ legacy of driving and maintaining the car in perfectly functional condition. It has undergone numerous recent services including one in January of 2011 where the starter was completely rebuilt and returned to factory condition. The 20/25’s most recent service in September of 2019 totaled a little under $11,500 and included transmission, clutch, and a number of suspension-related touch-ups.

Thanks to its meticulous owners, this Rolls-Royce presents as a driver-quality example and as such has signs of having been well-loved throughout its history. Despite this, it runs flawlessly and is ready for touring at a moment’s notice, which pays homage to the maintenance and care this car has received at the hands of every single one of its previous owners. It will turn heads and draw questions from anyone who lays eyes upon it, whether parked at a Cars & Coffee or rolling through the countryside.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive a plethora of documents detailing the car’s build process from the factory to the coachbuilder, service records, as well as ownership documents and letters that construct its deep lineage. A reproduction owner’s manual created by The Rolls-Royce Owners Club is also included and features a picture of this exact car on page 35.

The Details


body and paint

First and foremost this is very much a driver quality example. Meant for use, touring, enjoyment behind the wheel. It has a flaw on every panel of many different types. There is no rust or accident damage of any kind but there are cracks and chips throughout the finish. Everything is there and complete, used and old, but in an inviting way. Some panels show more flaws and/or waviness than others but overall it is very complete. The coachwork is the original, and we have noticed some minor door sag on the rear doors, with the passenger side door having one broken hinge. The Sedanca top works as intended and is a highlight of this car's body style.

glass and trim

All of the glass appears to be original, containing Triplex markings, with the exception of the windscreen which has a small chip, and the driver's window. The trim is all present and is a combination of presentable brightwork and flawed brightwork that is showing its age. The seals and rubber components are older but still intact.


The wheels are one of the best areas of this example. They have been restored more recently and look very nice, are true and straight.

notable flaws

Please carefully review the photos in detail to better understand this car's condition and notable flaws.


seats and surfaces

The interior is an older restoration that has aged to look the part of original in some instances. The front seats are aged and cracked and are now showing some tears. The seatbacks however are fine as are the rear seats. The headliner is in excellent condition as well as door panels and other trim elements. The wood is in good shape on the doors, but the dash does show a crack, however, this minor imperfection plays well with the rest of the interior and overall theme of the car. The carpets are older incorrect replacements but are usable.

functionality and accessories

Most of the interior function elements are in working order with some notable exceptions such as the fuel gauge and a couple of other toggles. Otherwise, the steering wheel adjustments and all lighting are in correct working order. Everything you need to complete a journey is in working order.

notable flaws

Please carefully review the photos in detail to better understand this car's condition and notable flaws.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay is a mixture of original and serviced showing areas of missing paint and repairs but as to be expected from a driver quality car. The underside of the hood has remnants of old glue from a previous pad and some incorrect clamps, hoses and wires are present but are there for the purpose of function and use rather than Concours correctness. Despite a few spots of incorrectness, the engine bay is in good complete order, down to the tools.

trunk area

The trunk area is presentable, showing the same carpet as the interior. Overall it is complete and ready for use.


The underside shows as one would expect from a car that has seen plenty of use, with some leaks and road grim present. The gators on the suspension are showing their age in some areas and the underside could stand for some minor attention in the way of preventative maintenance but nothing stood out that is uncommon for a car from this era that has seen regular use.

notable flaws

Please carefully review the photos in detail to better understand this car's condition and notable flaws.



The mechanicals are where this car truly shines and presents its overall value. It starts instantly, runs well, builds strong oil pressure, and holds temperature nicely. It has benefited from service and continued use over the years and is well suited for regular enjoyment.


The transmission shifts well, requiring some finesse and double-clutching to achieve proper use. It is otherwise as it should be. With all gears receptive to input and a strong clutch that was recently installed.

brakes and suspension

The brakes work very well. Upon hard braking, there is no pulling and they are quite effective. No unwanted noises and overall in order. The suspension feels appropriate with no odd road behavior or noises to speak of.


The tires currently fitted help to complete the look of this car, however, we have noticed some minor splitting on the sidewalls and it is recommended that tires be replaced before extensive use.

driving experience

The driving nature of this Rolls Royce is the most impressive part of the car. It is simply a car that drives and works well. It is best suited for the enthusiast looking to drive and enjoy the car. It feels strong, reliable, and didn't miss a beat during our thorough test drive. One can confidently enjoy this for tours or random drives.