• Chassis # S196RP
  • Engine # 21967
  • Delivered New To New York
  • Currently Wearing Picadilly Roadster Style Bodywork
  • Includes Jack, Tools & Weather Gear
  • The Perfect P1 To Drive & Enjoy Or Use On Classic Tours
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The Overview

The Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 was introduced in 1925 as the ‘New Phantom’. It was to replace the current ‘Silver Ghost’ 40/50 h.p. model but was built on the same chassis and featured a larger inline-six cylinder engine now operated by pushrod overhead valves rather than outgoing models side valves, the ‘New Phantom’ was a welcomed upgrade. As with many of their early cars, Rolls-Royce did not quote horsepower figures but rather said that it produced “sufficient power”. In typical pre-war Rolls-Royce fashion, only the chassis and mechanicals were produced by the company. The bodies were made by various coachbuilders throughout the world and were even sometimes swapped throughout the cars life. The ‘New Phantom’, or the ‘Phantom 1’ as it would later be named, was replaced in 1929 by the Phantom II which featured an all-new engine and chassis.

This particular Phantom 1, chassis number S196RP and engine number 21967, is a 1928 model that originally wore a Lonsdale Limousine body by Brewster. It is currently fitted with a Piccadilly Roadster style body that is believed to have come off a Packard. It is unclear when the re-body occurred but the car wears the roadster bodywork very nicely and it certainly provides for more pleasing lines to the eye than the tall limo style body it wore previously. S196RP was built in the Springfield, Massachusetts plant and delivered in 1929 to Thomas Edward Murray of New York. They held onto the car for 27 years before moving it along to Paul Rizzo, another New York resident. The car then moved to Florida in 1958 winding up with a Mr. Frank Bush. Mr. Bush sold the car two short years later to a Mr. Dennis Durden of Maryland who turned around and sold it a year later to Jerome Howell, also of Maryland. It was bought in 1971 by Edward Claitman of Pennsylvania who kept it until 1983 when it was listed for sale for $57,000. From 1983 until 1999 there is a slight gap in history but in 1999 it was bought by Thomas Moody of Florida who owned the car until it came under the possession of its current owner. It is believed the car was restored in 1970 but looking over the car it appears to have had a repaint sometime in the last 10 years or so. This P1 Roadster is the perfect car to drive and enjoy as well as possibly participate in the classic car touring events.

This car comes with a jack, some tools, books, weather gear, and the known history.