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  • Chassis # WBSBG9320TEY73401
  • Engine # N/A
  • 26,431 Miles From New
  • Offered With Original Books, Tools & Clean CARFAX
  • An Excellent Investment Grade Example
  • Fitted With LightWeight Specification Interior
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The second iteration of BMW’s already renowned M3 made its debut in February of 1992. This new car had big shoes to fill as the first generation ‘E30’ M3 had been an excellent success and went on to become one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. The new ‘E36’ M3, as it would be known internally, was the first to be powered by a straight-six engine, producing a very respectable 282 h.p. and was also one of BMW’s first cars designed mainly with computer aid. The E36 M3 was first introduced as a coupe but both a saloon and convertible soon followed. Production totaled 71,242 cars in total worldwide; 46,525 coupes, 12,114 convertibles and 12,603 saloons. Despite never really living up to the level of praise that fell on the E30 model before it, the E36 M3’s proved to be extremely great all-around sports cars and because of this clean low mileage examples are exceedingly hard to find.

The 1996 BMW M3 presented here, chassis number WBSBG9320TEY73401, is coupe model with just 26,431 miles from new. It is finished in striking Estoril Blue and fitted with a Lightweight Specification Interior including an M-Technic steering wheel. According to the provided CarFax, the car was sold new in Hawaii. This first owner had the car serviced at BMW of Honolulu and drove the car sparingly over their 5 years of ownership, putting on just 11,000 miles by the time they sold it 2002 to another resident of Hawaii. Over the next 5 years, it changed hands once more, staying in Hawaii with low miles, having only 13,535 miles when it was sent to California and acquired by its 4th owner. In California, the car lived an easy life in Redondo Beach and over the 3 years it stayed with this owner, the mileage increased to 21,479 when it was sold to it 5th owner in Georgia. Its 5th and last owner maintained the car at BMW of Macon, in Macon Georgia and over there 7 years of ownership put on just under 5,000 miles bringing the total to 26,180 miles at which time it was acquired by us at LBI Limited in 2014. While in our possession the car has been driven sparingly and resided in our person collection portion amongst some other interesting BMW M cars. Most recently the car had a major service at BMW of the Main Line in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This included major fluids change, oil change, new air filter, inspection and “once over” to make sure all belts and hoses were in good operating condition. This E36 M3 presents the ultimate opportunity to purchase an investment quality M3 in exciting colors with known history and in time-capsule condition. It currently needs nothing is ready to be shown, cherished and driven if so desired.


This car is being offered with original books, tools, a clean carfax, and the original steering wheel.


Body & Paint

This car has been taken care of extremely well throughout its life and it really shows. The paint is smooth, glossy, and has a consistent factory orange peel throughout. The paint is in truly magnificent condition and is a testament to the previous owner’s care for the car. The only area of note is 3-4 very small stone chips on the front of the hood and bumper. The paint is believed to be all original as it measure consistently in the mid 3 mills for thickness on the paint meter throughout the entirety of the car with the exception of the trunk may have been re-clear coated at some point as it reads higher than the rest of tech car on the paint meter. The body itself is in excellent shape with no real issues to call out. All panel fitment is excellent and there are no issues to report. This car has 26,000 miles but truly looks like it has 6,000. The trunk still has its VIN tag sticker affixed to the center.

Glass & Trim

All glass is clean, clear and free of any issues. Both the windshield, rear glass and all four windows are all branded BMW glass and there is no reason to believe that they are not the original glass. The windshield still has the factory stickers affixed to the upper drivers inside the glass. The lenses for the headlights, turn signals, tail-lamps, etc. are all clear and free of any fading haze or water ingress. All the black plastic trim pieces shine a bright dark black. There is a slight piece of disfigured trim at the bottom corner of the rear window but you have to look hard in order to see it and it does not really warrant attention at the current time.


The wheels, like the rest of the car, are extremely clean and have no real issues to note. There was an extremely minor inch long area on one wheel that was touched up at some point. 

Notable Flaws

The only real flaws present on the exterior of the car are the 3-4 small rock chips on the front of the car that occurred during normal usage. They are very small and really do not detract much from the overall car. The rear trunk lid also appears to have been possibly re-clear coated at some point as it reads higher on the paint meter than the rest of the car. 


Seats & Surfaces

The interior of the car has been entirely swapped out for a lightweight specification interior. The Hurricane cloth seats are in good condition with clean and tight seat surfaces. There is just a bit of wear on the driver side seat bolster, a small rub mark on the back of the passenger seat, a small stain on the rear seat that looks like it could be removed with a solid cleaning. The carpets are clean and free of fading or discoloration. The outer edge of the drivers side door card has a small knick in it. The door jams and sills are clean and free of scuffing. The dash area is smooth and clean with good color.

Functionality & Accessories

There is really no issues to report in the cockpit as this car has been fastidiously maintained and loved throughout its life. All gauges function as they should and are bright clean and clear. The stickers from new still adorn the gauge cluster. The M-Technik steering wheel is in excellent shape and a welcome addition to the cabin. All radio and HVAC controls appear to function as they should and are clean with nice bright lettering. The AC appears to blow nice and cold. There is an accessory cable that has been tastefully integrated to allow for the playing of what looks like older iPhone accessories. The original accessory pull out map/flashlight is even present and working in the glove box.

Notable Flaws

There is a small knick on the outer edge of the driver’s side door card where it looks like it may have been closed and bumped into something. There is a rub mark on the back of the passenger seat that appears to have been done possibly when the seats were out of the car, most likely in storage. There is a stain on the back seat that appears that it might come out with a heavy cleaning.

Engine Bay, Trunk, Underside

Engine Bay

The engine bay displays exactly inline with the rest of the car. All black plastic components are bright and fade-free. The painted surfaces are clean smooth. All the appropriate stickers appear to be in place and accounted for including the color sticker and the two VIN stickers on the upper fender line. All hoses are supple and clean and there are no signs of leakage or any other issues. The pad on the underside of the hood is clean and free of staining.

Trunk Area

The trunk area is very clean with no issues to note. There is a BMW brand plastic floor cover down and the carpets underneath are clean and fade-free. The trunk lid has its appropriate VIN sticker. The tool kit is very complete and looks to have never really been used. The spare tire and wheel are in place with the appropriate tie down as well as the flat white piece to prevent tearing of the carpet. Underneath sits the tire iron, still contained in the factory zip ties. The floor of the spare wheel well is flawless like much of the rest of the car.


The underside of the car presents extremely clean and there are many factory finishes still in place. There are some minor signs of usage, as to be expected, but overall the car is very clean and dry on the underside.

Notable Flaws

There are no real issues to note here.



The car fires right to life and quickly settles into a smooth idle. Throttle response is excellent with no hesitation or flat spots. The engine is strong and healthy. Engine oil was just recently changed. 


The transmission moves effortlessly into gear and shifts smooth and deliberate. The clutch take-up feels spot on and the pedal has good feedback. The transmission fluids were just recently changed. 

Brakes & Suspension

The brakes bring the car to smooth and controlled stop with no chattering or noise. The pedal feels firms and responsive and the system was just flushed and checked over. The suspension feels extremely compliant and solid. There are no noises or issues to report.


The tires are Continental ExtremeContact DW’s on all 4 corners, 225/45/17 on the front and 245/40/17 on the rear. They are practically new and plenty of tread left on them still.

Driving Impression

Stepping into this car is like stepping back to 1996, from the outside to the inside, this looks and feels like a new car. With a quick turn of the key the car comes right to life and settles into a smooth idle. At idling rpms the exhaust note is subdued and barely audible but as you prod the throttle the iconic BMW straight-six raspy bark becomes apparent. Let out the clutch and give a little gas and the car moves easily and quickly through 1’st gear. Stay on the gas and then next couple gears pass by just as easily and smoothly. Turn in feels nice and crisp and steering response is fabulous. The brakes feel responsive and easily haul the car down to smooth controlled stop. These E36 M3’s have earned an excellent reputation as track capable machines and its easy to see why when in stock form they feel so compliant and responsive. This M3 drives just as good as it looks and is sure to be the highlight of any garage it graces next.

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