Overview Stats

  • Chassis # 3776/A
  • Engine # 3776/A
  • Twin cylinder 18HP DL20-2241R model
  • Often hailed as Ferrucio Lamborghini's favorite little tractor
  • Well restored and mechanically sound
  • An excellent addition to any great Lamborghini collection
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The story of an angry Ferruccio Lamborghini’s vengeful foray into the automotive world after being slighted by Enzo Ferrari has been told many a time over. He certainly has done well for himself, with his companies namesake being bought up but the tradition he built still alive and well with raucous, loud and insanely fast automobiles still being pumped out with his name on them. What many people do not realize is that Ferrucio’s previous foray into business, Lamborghini Trattoria (Lamborghini Tractors) is still alive and well today, also pumping out beautifully crafted equipment, albeit of the hardworking agricultural kind.

Ferruccio assembled his first tractors in 1948, by purchasing scrap military hardware and engines and fastening them into working implements. Lamborghini continued to hobble along as Europe attempted to recover after the devastation of WWII. In 1951 Lamborghini Trattori produced its first tractor built almost entirely in-house (minus the engine) called the L33. The L33 used a 3,500 cc inline 6 cylinder gas powered Morris unit, equipped with the fuel atomizer patented by Ferruccio Lamborghini. Throughout the 50’s Lamborghini Trattoria grew a reputation for being technologically advanced, hardworking and reliable machines. In 1957 Ferruccio launched the “Lamborghinetta” powered by a small in-house built 2 cylinder engine. These little tractors were economical, powerful and reliable and would help to solid Lamborghini Trattoria even further. Through all the years, these were Ferrucios favorite little tractors and when he passed away, it was the little Lamborghinetta that pulled his flower-covered coffin to its final resting place.

This particular Lamborghini Tractor is a “Lamborghinetta” DL20-2241R model. Not much is known about the history of this little tractor but it was restored at some point in its lifetime. The finish quality of the finish leads one to believe that it was undertaken fairly recently as the painted surfaces are still very clean and smooth with little to no signs of serious wear.


Body & Paint

The tractor was refinished in what is assumed to be its original colors. The paint still has a smooth and consistent luster with no serious sign of wear. The body of the tractor likewise no real issues to note. The restoration was not of top tier quality but it was a very solid and presentable job.

Glass & Trim

Both headlights are in good condition with no cracking. The right twilight has a crack in it but is structurally sound and the left twilight is currently missing the lens.


The painted finish on all four wheels remains in good shape with no real flaking or chipping to be had.

Notable Flaws

The left rear taillight is missing the glass. There is some inconsistent metal work on the rear fenders and the restoration of the front grill assembly was a bit sloppy.


Seats & Surfaces

The bare metal seat is finished smooth and consistently in its bright orange paint. The area where the underside spring contacts its base shows wear, but this is to be expected. The dash surface and all control surfaces are respectably finished with some slight inconsistencies in the paint on the dash etc. The rev counter and hour meter appears to have been refinished while the oil gauge face looks to have been left in original condition. Rubber boots have been replaced and are in good condition. The steering wheel has some slight inconsistencies in its finish but appears to be the refinished original wheel.

Functionality & Accessories

All the gauges, levers and buttons appear to be in a functioning state with no real issues to note.

Engine Bay & Rear

Engine Bay

The engine bay is finished much like the rest of the tractor with a thick coat of bright blue paint covering the bulk of its surface. All hoses and lines appear to be in good condition and there are no signs of any real leaks or issues

Rear Area

To the rear of the tractor is an attachment accessory drive but the functionality of this has not been tested.



With a half throttle start, the engine chugs surprisingly quick to life. It reacts easily to throttle input and sounds healthy and feels strong while operating


The gears engage easily and letting out the clutch brings the little tractor into a jerky but assured forward movement. It switches easily between gears and seems to hold power without complaint.

Brakes & Suspension

The foot brake is currently inoperable but the handbrake works well and can be used to bring the tractor to smooth and controlled stop from low speeds.


The tires appear to be relatively new and are clean with plenty of tread left on them.

Driving Impressions

Climbing aboard this little Lamborghini Tractor feels special. The bright colors scream out this tractor has a soul, not like your average Home Depot gardening tool. With a turn of the quirkily shaped key and a prod of the starter button, the engine chugs to life with an oddly satisfying sound. The brightly colored rev counter reads out true and clear and as you increase the throttle, little puffs of black smoke are exhaled from single exhaust stack hanging over the hood. The transmission engages in a slightly jerky but expected manner and you are off to a crawl in low gear. The lack of suspension leaves you bobbing around on the sprung seat but all that shaking and jarring leaves you with an ear to ear grin. You cant help but feel happy riding along on this brightly colored little Lamborghini. This little tractor could be used for anything from pulling parade floats to making your light-duty yard work more exciting. It would absolutely make the perfect addition to any Lamborghini collection as well.

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