What I will argue is that unusual color combinations on a Ferrari give the car a different air and almost make you appreciate it in an entirely different manner.

Ferrari. What images did that single word evoke? Chances are you’re thinking of one of many world-famous sports cars finished in the equally famous Rosso Corsa. Now I’m not going to argue that Ferraris look good in red. They always have and they always will. What I will argue is that unusual color combinations on a Ferrari give the car a different air and almost make you appreciate it in an entirely different manner. Those in the audience who are fans of Porsche’s Paint-to-Sample program or the Rare Shades event will know exactly what I’m talking about. For those who are calling me crazy right now, let me try to convert you.

You need not look far for examples of this phenomenon as we currently have two gorgeous ones for sale at the time of writing this! I’ll start with my personal favorite, a 2001 Ferrari 550 Maranello finished in Verde Zeltweg over a Tan interior. I’ve been a fan of forest green on cars ever since I saw my first Jeep Grand Wagoneer and while this 550M may not be an off-road conqueror, this shade of green just looks right on it. It makes this Cavallino ramparte look more wild than its siblings and the tan interior provides the perfect contrast to the dark green while completing that forest look I mentioned earlier. Beautiful.

While we’re talking about colors that go well together, red and black are an old classic of bold and menacing, which is exactly what this 1999 Ferrari 355 F1 Spider is. Whoever chose the color combination for this 355 made a spectacular choice. The red doesn’t just compliment the black exterior but also matches the red brake calipers, taillights, and F1 badge on the rear. It’s a classic combo that, much like the 355 it adorns, is tried and tested. 

(Credit: Ferrari Official Instagram)

This next one isn’t ours but boy do we wish it was. Ferrari themselves posted this tailor-made Monza SP1 back in September finished in the rarely seen Prugna Metallizzato color. The almost maroon/burgundy is made even more eye-catching by the bright yellow accents on the body, seats, and brake calipers. Combined with the natural curvy lines of the Monza SP1, this color combo screams elegance at those willing to listen.

(Credit: classicdriver.com and Classic Youngtimers Consultancy)

Okay one more, one more. The Ferrari 512 BB was a rare beast, with only 929 models ever produced. The fact that this one was finished in Oro Chiaro Metallizzato makes it infinitely more rare and appealing. Inside the gold beauty is a Chestnut Brown leather interior that is the definition of late 70s automobiles and is the perfect contrast to the bright, metallic gold exterior. If only I had the money to buy it.

There you have it, folks! Four stunning Ferrari color combinations that are not your basic Rosso Corsa over a tan interior. We could all use a little more flavor in our lives and unusual color combinations on exotic sports cars are, in my opinion, the perfect way to do it. So whip out that list of color codes, put on your thinking cap, and get yourself something that nobody else on the road has. Why fit in when you can stand out? After all, isn’t that what owning a car like this is all about?


To help further our point, here are some other Ferrari automobiles in non-stereotypical colors that we have had the pleasure of handling over the years!

Words by: Gabriel Ionica