• Ken Block’s Weapon Of Choice For Gymkhana SIX, EIGHT, And Terrakhana Films
  • 2013 Global Rallycross Championship Car
  • 0-60 Mph In Under 2 Seconds
  • 600 Hp Pipo Designed 2000cc Turbocharged In-Line 4-Cylinder
  • Sadev 6-Speed Sequential Gearbox
  • Custom Body Designed By M-Sport UK

The Overview

Ken Block’s weapon of choice for Gymkhana SIX, EIGHT, and Terrakhana Films. From the rocky terrain of Utah to the royal streets of Dubai, RX43 has shredded tires for millions of YouTube® views in the world’s most spectacular places. Successful in its pursuit of car culture fame, RX43 was also responsible for Ken’s first-ever Global Rallycross Win. It’s purpose-built, M-Sport/Pipo Motors design was even put to the test during a filmed drag race against Lewis Hamilton in his Formula 1 race car. For the first time ever, RX43 can be yours to fulfill all your tire-shredding dreams.

Ken Block is a professional rally driver and social media personality who took the internet by storm with his “Gymkhana” series of videos. Ken also co-founded DC Shoes and is the co-owner of the apparel and lifestyle brand Hoonigan Industries. He is known for driving ridiculous feats of automotive engineering, from the cars we have on sale in our “Ken Block Collection” to others you might have heard about like the 1977 Ford F-150 “Hoonitruck” or the 1965 Ford Mustang “Hoonicorn RTR V2”. Ken’s personal Instagram account along with the “Hoonigan Racing” and “The Hoonigans” accounts have over 10 million combined followers.

If “GYM3” didn’t quite scratch your rally itch, the second car from our legendary “Ken Block Collection” should do it. Yes, this is THAT car, Ken Block’s 2013 Ford Fiesta ST, dubbed “RX43.” Much like GYM3, RX43 is a YouTube star in its own right, albeit slightly more famous, being the picture car for Gymkhana Six and Gymkhana Eight, as well as Terrakhana. While we can’t guarantee that all the panels are original, we can confirm that those videos combined have over 100 MILLION+ views, cementing this car as one of Ken’s signature stunt vehicles and showcasing the incredible feats that are possible when the car and driver work as a team.

In Gymkhana Six, Ken takes the car on an increasingly complex Gymkhana GRID obstacle course on an abandoned airfield, coming within inches of Segway cops, chopped shipping containers, and other obstacles that would be out of place on any other race track that wasn’t a Ken Block Gymkhana track. Our favorite stunt from this video has to be the backhoe jungle gym. Doing figure eights around the shovels while the tractor was suspended in midair is not only creative but looks amazing on video too. Gymkhana Eight steps it up a notch as Ken kicks a cheetah out of RX43, turns some of the biggest streets in Dubai into his personal playground, and even demolishes some of the most famous supercars in an off-the-line drag race. It’s impossible to talk about Gymkhana Eight and not mention the donuts Ken did around the 747 as it was being towed. How many other people can say “my car drifted around a plane in a YouTube video that was seen by millions of people”?  Next up on RX43’s list of accomplishments is the first-ever Terrakhana, which was a variation of Gymkhana, but with a twist. Take away the tarmac and replace it with the harsh conditions of the Utah desert. Not only was this a test for Pennzoil’s Synthetics tires but also a testament to Ken’s terrain adaptability.

On top of the fame garnered by the Gymkhana and Terrakhana videos, RX43 made headlines at the 2013 Global Rallycross Championship when Ken scored his first-ever Global Rallycross Win at the last race of the season in Las Vegas. Earlier in the season, he scored two other podium finishes including a 2nd place in Munich and Bristol, earning him a 3rd place finish for the entire season. It even raced Lewis Hamilton and his F1 car in 2014 at the Top Gear Festival in Barbados!

RX43 was initially developed by M-Sport and optimized for massive torque and off-the-line launching ability, making it a highly competitive machine in rallycross competitions. Under the hood is a turbocharged Pipo-designed 2000cc four-cylinder engine that incredibly pushes out over 600 hp and 650 ft-lb of torque. The ECU has also been swapped with a Cosworth ECU. All that horsepower is backed by a Sadev 6-speed sequential gearbox with a Sadev rear diff and center diff release unit that combine together to launch the car from 0-60 in under 2 seconds flat. The car is riding on Reiger Racing suspension with Brembo brakes and Rotiform VCE-M forged monoblock wheels painted in gloss white.

The interior was of course gutted and reinforced with an M-Sport designed, homologated FIA-spec roll cage. The stock e-brake handle was replaced with a custom-made golden metal piece engraved with the Hoonigan logo and the number “43.” The body itself was also seam welded and custom-designed by M-Sport with bespoke underbody protection. The fender flares and aggressive front bumper enhance RX43’s rally monster look while the double-decker rear wing ensures the car stays firmly planted on the ground even at the highest speeds. The livery is a color-changing, black-on-black graphic with reflective stars that, together with the stars and stripes-themed roof scoop, give the car a patriotic aura that screams “Uncle Sam” at all passersby. 

When it comes to cars with both racing and stunt experience, few others can call themselves as ideal a candidate as Ken Block’s 2013 Ford Fiesta ST “RX43”. From the sandy dunes of Utah to the royal streets of Dubai, RX43 has shred tires in some of the most unbelievable locations around the world. Much like GYM3, RX43 continued the Gymkhana tradition of spectacular, non-CGI driving that raised a generation of car enthusiasts. The future owner of this car will find themselves in possession of a true masterpiece, a machine ready to be tamed once again and driven the way it was meant to be driven: hard, fast, and mostly sideways.


**Please Note** This vehicle is sold on Bill of Sale only and is not street legal.