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The genesis of the mid engine road going Ferrari, the 206/246 Dino, remains the benchmark of a turning point for a company so well known for their GT cars. Little did Ferrari know that the future of the company’s financial success was placed just behind the driver. The firm’s financial standing began to climb as Ferrari experiences sales in the 10’s of thousands of units thanks to the 308/328 variants. It was this success that solidified Ferrari’s investment in their mid-engine production models and truly set it apart from the competition; all while still offering a line of GT cars. The technology in the cars gained at a relatively normal pace through the 348, then 355 with the F1 gearbox. It wasn’t until a total redesign in 1999 with the 360 that the company would see its biggest gains yet in both technological advancements, and sales. The 360 offered an all-new aluminum chassis by Alcoa, a faster F1 gearbox, more options, and a completely new F131 Type V8. The list goes on and on, ultimately providing for another benchmark in Ferrari’s stellar history.


The example on offer, a 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena is finished in the desirable Giallo over Nero interior and complete with factory options like challenge rear grill, Scuderia shields, and yellow brake calipers. The number one item however is the transmission. This example retains a proper 6-speed manual transmission. While standard on the 360, the F1 gearbox was commonly ordered and as such, the 6-speed manual examples are highly coveted, rare, and far more enjoyable and maintenance free. The odometer shows 23,875 miles, which are verified by the clean CARFAX report showing consistent mileage, service, and ownership history. It appears that the car was delivered new to Massachusetts before traveling to AZ then CA from 2008 onward, totaling 4 owners from new. Upon LBI Limited’s acquisition of the car there were no service records beyond the mention of service in the CARFAX. Therefore, a service was deemed due and the services of GTO Engineering in Los Angles, CA were called upon for a total major service to be performed with invoices totaling nearly $6,000 to bring the car up to spec and addressing any issues while also replacing the timing belts, fluids, filters, brakes etc… Today the car is totally up-to-date and represents a turn key opportunity with absolutely no known needs at this time.


Cosmetically, the car shows quite well with no major issues to be found. The paint is deep, shines nicely and the car reflects straight down the sides. There are no real dents, chips, or flaws to be noted though there are likely one or two present with careful inspection, somewhere to be found. The front bumper does have some minor scrapes on the underside but nothing that warrants refinishing and typical of these cars. The paint appears to be original throughout and meters as such with a paint meter with the only exception that of the driver’s door which meters a touch higher. It may very well be factory but it is also possible that the door was touched up at one point. Nothing of major concern but in the interest of full disclosure it should be made known. The front portion of the car has a 3M clear bra in excellent condition besides a quarter inch sized blemish in the clear bra close to the hood.


Entering the interior shows nicely kept door jams with minimal wear for the miles. The seats show nicely and are non-power, standard 360 seats. The dash, shows very well with 95% of all sticky surfaces refinished, the only remaining items are the forward most vents near the windshield. Additionally, there is some very slight, minor dash shrinkage near the security light in the middle of the dash, not bad enough to refinish but still flawed. The center console and gauge surround appear to have both been modified with a very high quality carbon fiber replacement that could easily be confused for a factory option they are so well done. Otherwise the interior represents a very well kept example with nothing out of place and a great place to spend the day.


The operation of this 360 is flawless. Everything works, as it should with nothing out of place or non-functioning. The car starts instantly, revs freely and quickly, the clutch engages easily and the gear shifts are done without much effort. The brakes grab hard and the car handles as intended by Ferrari. Between the scream of the intake in the drivers left ear, the viscerally thrilling gated shifter, and the howl from the aftermarket exhaust (CA Legal, with current smog certificate) this example provides a plethora of excitement for the senses.


This is an opportunity for any entry-level Ferrari enthusiasts to enjoy one of Ferrari’s easiest to live with mid-engine legends. Alternatively, it is also a smart addition to any collection and ultimately great property as a 6-speed manual transmission example. Included with the sale are all of the original books, tools, tire refill kit, recent service record, and clean CARFAX.

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