• Chassis # SCCLHHSC1DHH10142
  • Finished In Orange Chrome
  • 1 Of Only 15 U.S. Spec Cup Cars Produced
  • Approximately 3400 Miles From New
  • Recent Servicing And Fully In Order
  • An Ideal Candidate For Spirited Track-Day Use Or Full Out Competition

The Overview

Lotus has always been a name synonyms with motorsports and has routinely throughout the years produced some of the best track day offerings money can buy. The Lotus Exige S V6 Cup falls squarely into the Louts formula, weighing in at a scant 2,300 lbs while providing 345 bhp and 295 lb/ft of torque out of its 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine. Shifting is handled through a 6-speed manual gearbox with traction being controlled by the Lotus Dynamic Performance Management, allowing the driver to choose between Touring, Sport, and Race modes. Only 15 of these cars were produced for the US market, with 10 of them being finished in the striking Chrome Orange exterior paint. Despite being 6 years old now, the Lotus Exige S V6 Cup remains an incredibly potent track day weapon that is sure to punch above its weight class and keep drivers of any skill level entertained out on the track.

The example on offer here, chassis number SCCLHHSC1DHH10142, is a 2013 Lotus Exige S V6 Cup. This car is 1 of 10 finished in a striking Orange Chrome exterior color and is number 14 of only 15 total Exige S V6 Cup cars made by Lotus Motorsports for the US market. While it may look very close to its road-going counterparts, this particular car is not legal for road usage in America and is designated as a track-only vehicle. This Exige currently shows just over 3400 miles from new and remains in fantastic condition all around. Although the history of the car is a bit unknown the current owner has owned this example for a few years now and has had it regularly serviced by a Lotus Dealer. Recent servicing includes replacing all fluids, flushing the brake system, new tires, as well as having the suspension setup and alignment done to Cup R specifications. This Exige has never seen any accidents and has been both ceramic coated and had parts covered with 3M protectant, leaving the exterior of the car in fantastic condition. Given this Exige’s recent servicing, careful ownership, and outstanding condition it would make for the perfect track day toy.

Included with the sale of this vehicle is a cool suit device that mounts in the passenger compartment area (actual cool suit not included)

The Details


body and paint

The exterior of this Exige remains in outstanding condition, helped in part by the addition of both Ceramic Coating, as well as 3M protective material placed on the front half of the car as well as the mirrors and rockers. The Chrome Orange paint is very striking and highlights the aggressive lines of this Lotus very well. The paint itself remains in excellent condition, with an excellent color and smooth and consistent finish throughout the car. There are some chips and minor penetrations in the clear bra forward of the rear vehicle, likely from normal use. There are also what appear to be some factory imperfections in the paint, almost like dimpling or fisheyes on the top of the rear quarters where they meet the rear deck lid. The body itself is in great condition with all panels fitting appropriately and all gaps consistent and within tolerance. The driver's side door can often be a problem with these cars as entry and egress can be difficult but the doors on this car fit perfectly and open and shut just as they should. There is some black scuffing on the lower portion of the bumper as well as some scraping on the lower black diffuser.

glass and trim

The glass of the car all remains in good condition. Windows are clean and clear with no issues to report. Headlights and taillights, despite having seen some track time, remain clean and clear with no cracking or major pitting. All rubber trim throughout the car remains supple with good structure, shape, and color.


The black-painted wheels remain in good condition although some of them do show signs of road rash and chipping that has since been touched up, the worst of which is the front driver's side.


seats and surfaces

The spartan but functional interior of the car remains in an excellent condition much like the outside of the car. The single carbon-fiber backed bucket seat remains clean and tight with very minimal signs of usage. There is some scuffing on the aluminum floor plate in the driver's footwell from normal use. There is still some factory protective material covering the central structural beam that runs on the floor through the middle of the passenger compartment. The dash retains good color and remains smooth and tight.

functionality and accessories

The doors of the car open and close with ease and the power windows move up and down as they should. This Exige currently has a Sparco 6-point safety harness mounted which is all there and in excellent functioning condition. It does, however, have a not valid date of 2017 on the tag so depending on what kind of racing one wants to do, these may need to be inspected or replaced. The fire suppression system is in place, although it may need an inspection and refreshing according to that age of it depending on what kind of racing is desired to be undertaken. The steering wheel is in good order and the emergency brake holds the car firmly in place. The gauges are clean, clear and easily legible. Everything else on the interior is in a clean and tidy condition and appears to function as it should.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay of the car appears clean, stock and properly looked after. factory stickers are all still in place and painted surfaces are rich and smooth. Factory markings are readily present over bolts, nuts, and hoses. The struts hold the engine bay lid up in the air as they should. All hoses, clamps, wires, tubing, etc. appear well kept and in good cosmetic and mechanical condition.

trunk area

The rear trunk area is spartan but clean with properly painted metal surfaces, no signs of damage or heavy use and all nuts and bolts in place.


The condition of the underside appears much like the rest of the car, clean, well cared for, and properly serviced. Nothing looks out of place and there are no signs of damage past or present.



Given the track only nature of this vehicle, our testing was very limited but the engine fires right to life, settles into a smooth idle, and appears to make excellent power. Given the recent dealership servicing as well as the minimal usage there should be nothing wrong mechanically with the car and it should be ready to be thoroughly enjoyed.


The transmission appears to engage gears smoothly and without issue, although the upper gears were not engaged out on the road given our very limited testing of the car. The transmission holds power throughout the rev range and shows no signs of any issues etc. The clutch holds power nicely, has a good solid pickup and responsive feedback.

brakes and suspension

Both the braking system as well as the suspension were thoroughly sorted earlier this year and remain in excellent condition. The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues. The suspension feels track-ready, compliant and solid.


This Lotus currently wears Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R tires on all 4 corners. The front tires are 205/45/ZR17 (88Y) and the rear tires are 265/35/ZR18 (93Y). The date codes for the tires show production as the 35th week of 2017. The tires appear to be in good condition upon inspection but before any serious racing occurred on them we would recommend a thorough professional inspection.

driving experience

The Lotus brand easily provides one of the best bang for the buck experiences when it comes to track-day use vehicles. The combination of the phenomenal lightweight chassis paired with the powerful and reliable V6 supercharged engine is pure Lotus engineering at its best. This 2013 Lotus Exige S V6 Cup provides drivers of all calibers with the perfect vehicle to hit the track and the rarity of it being 1 of 15 imported into the US certainly doesn’t hurt. This particular example has been well maintained and shows minimal miles leaving it currently needing nothing but a new enthusiast owner to use it to its fullest potential.