• Chassis # WDDAK76F58M001562
  • Engine # N/A
  • One-Owner From New With 3,600 Miles
  • North American Specification Example
  • Well-Optioned In Fantastic Colors
  • Legendary Performance

The Overview

The name SLR bears great significance for Mercedes-Benz, reminding us of a time in motorsport history where the German auto manufacturer was in its hay day. An era where the Silver Arrows were dominating the formula one stage and legendary drivers like Juan Manual Fangio and Stirling Moss were doing some of their best racing. It was during this period that Mercedes developed the 300 SLR, the very car Moss won the 1955 Mille Miglia in, averaging 100mph, a record immortalized in history that has never and will never be beaten. Mercedes sought to take this rich heritage and embody it in a modern supercar which is how the Mercedes SLR McLaren came about. Its long front bonnet and gullwing style doors pay homage to the 300SL Gullwing and certainly has the performance a car bearing the SLR name should. The 5.5L supercharged AMG V8 produces a pungent 617bhp that will hurl the user to a 208mph top speed. The Mercedes SLR McLaren possesses the bedroom poster worthy looks and the astonishing performance one wants in a supercar with the heritage and racing pedigree to make it a truly special car.


The example on offer is a 2008 Mercedes SLR McLaren Roadster chassis number WDDAK76F58M001562, has a mere 3,400 miles, and is offered fresh from long-term single ownership. Referring to a copy of the build-sheet, this SLR cost over $515,000 when new, equipped with a variety of options including:


  • Silver Arrow red leather interior package ($10,000 option)
  • Carbon fiber interior package
  • Two-tone steering wheel
  • Wider factory seats
  • Floor mats with contrasting leather red piping
  • Red brake calipers
  • US State legal emissions


This is an extremely well optioned example that has seen very little use and presents as such.


The exterior of this example is absolutely stunning. The original black paint has great depth and a glossy shine that compliments the aggressive lines of the body. Despite the high speeds these cars are capable of, there is a pleasantly surprising lack of chips in the front bumper and nose. A very detailed inspection in the right light will reveal some light surface scratching on the bonnet which can easily be corrected with further attention. There is also a thin 1.5” scratch on the driver’s side front fender, which has been neatly touched up. The black soft top is absolutely immaculate with the soft plastic rear window scratch and haze free. All the rubber seals and moldings on the car are like new, appearing supple and do not leak. The twisted 9 spoke wheels are in excellent condition with no scratches or curb rash whatsoever. The glass, headlamp, and tail lamp lenses are all crystal clear having incurred no chips, deep scratches, or cracks. All in all, the exterior of this example is well kept with extremely few blemishes.


Lift up the gullwing style doors and one is greeted by the red leather interior that shows phenomenally well. The door jams are very cleanly and have maintained their original stickers from the factory. The carbon fiber backed bucket seats have been nicely preserved and do not show any signs of significant ware or mistreatment. Once seated at the helm of this supercar brute, all surfaces present without issue and electrical components are fully functional. The leather dash poses no inconsistencies, matching the superb condition the rest of the car is in. The gauges are all like new, reading accurately, and the faces absolutely spotless with the tachometer and speedometer both bear a small McLaren logo to remind the user of their part in building this magnificent machine.


Pop up the enormous bonnet and their lies the supercharged AMG V8 power plant. The engine bay seems to be in order among the intricate wiring, various systems, and components. Nothing stands out as out of place or modified in anyway. All surfaces have been well maintained and there is a host of factory markings, validating that everything is in its original factory condition. Moving to the trunk area, it presents as new with the liner free of any stains or blemishes whatsoever. The factory issued air compressor and tools are both still present and accounted for. Now shifting our focus to the undercarriage of this example, it shows similarly to the rest of the car. There is no evidence that would indicate that this car had every incurred any damage and is representative of an example with a few thousand miles on the odometer.


The way this car drives is nothing short of an engineering spectacle and complete sensory overload from the force of the raw acceleration, to the wine of the supercharger, the growl of the exhaust, and the handling to match. This example in particular is mechanically sorted and expresses no symptoms of concern. Receiving a fresh service from the local Mercees-Benz Dealership within the past 30-days. Turn the ignition to the on position, flip up the alloy flap on the shifter, hit the start button and the engine instantly fire and quickly settles to a comfortable idle. To say the engine is responsive is a complete understatement. When you get on the throttle, the car catapults your forward with no remorse. The steering feels tight and precise even at high speeds with no play. The four-wheel carbon ceramic brakes give the user loads of braking ability, able to effectively knock off speed over and over without fading. Even during hard use, all temperatures remain constant and all systems operate as intended. The 5-speed transmission provides timely and smooth gear changes while offering the duality a fully automatic mode for Sunday cruises or a manual mode for more spirited driving.


The Mercedes SLR McLaren is a piece of hand built engineering ingenuity and serves as one of the most stunning cars to look at. The SLR fully embodies everything a supercar is supposed to be, from the jaw dropping styling to the insane amounts of power. This example is of 106 units produced in 2008 and offers an exclusive opportunity to own one of the greatest supercars of its generation. With such limited production numbers, and many examples used hard, it is rare to find such a well-kept, low mileage, roadster sporting a laundry list of options. Offered with this sale are the factory issued books, tools, and rare coffee table book.