The Overview

Ferrari has always been well known for the racing prowess of their cars, both on track and on the street. They have won countless titles and numerous accolades for their speed and endurance. One area, however, that Ferrari has not always gotten the recognition it deserved is in the sector of the four-passenger luxury grand touring car. Throughout the years Ferrari has consistently produced some of the best grand touring four-seat automobiles on the market. From the early days of the drop-dead gorgeous 250 GT/E 2+2 to the current radical nature of the four-seat, four-wheel drive Ferrari FF, the company has had a consistent and superb presence in this niche section of the automotive world.


Introduced in 2004 to replace the aging design of the 456, the 612 Scaglietti was to be Ferrari’s new, larger, range toping grand touring model. Featuring two doors, four seats and a fast back coupe design, the 612 would continue in the style of the four seat grand tourers that came before it. The design of the 612 was penned by Pininfarina under the direction of award winning automobile designer Frank Stephenson and pays homage to one of Ferrari’s most renowned designers, Sergio Scaglietti. The 612 borrows many aesthetic design features from one of Scaglietti’s most beautiful designs, the 375MM of recent Pebble Beach Concourse fame, resulting in a gorgeously shaped body that harkens back to the classic days of the Ferrari marquee. The 612 is equipped from the factory with a snarling 5.7-liter Tipo front mounted V12 which produces an exhilarating 540 horsepower at 7250 RPM and 434 lb-ft of torque at 5250 RPM. This is enough to propel it from zero to sixty in just over four seconds and onto a top speed of 196 MPH, daunting numbers when considering it could be done with the entire family in the car. Two transmission options were available from new, the more popular six-speed F1 semi auto, which is equipped in this specific car, and a six speed gated manual. The 612 utilized a revolutionary aluminum space frame and body, much like the 360 Modena, and was the first of Ferrari’s V12 cars to do so. The 612 was not merely just another Ferrari 2+2 in a long line of excellent cars but was rather a new level of style, technology, and sheer Ferrari horsepower, all combined exquisitely into one beautifully fast and functional package.


The Ferrari 612 Scaglietti you are looking at here is the definition of a classic Ferrari grand tourer. Finished in the outstanding and timeless color combination of Rossa Corsa red over tan this car has the looks to easily back up its impressive performance figures. A quick walk around the exterior shows the paint has been very well taken care of. It shines bright and still has a beautiful consistent luster just as it did when it left the factory. The paint meters between 4.5 and 6 mm across all the body panels leading us to believe that the paint is still factory fresh. The Ferrari scuderia shields on the fenders are a subtle but stately feature that beautifully sets off the front of the vehicle. The optional red brake calipers peering out from behind the wheels let you know that not only can this 612 go but it certainly can stop too. This car has been enjoyed and driven and does show so with some minor paint scuffs in high traffic areas such as the rear bumper as well as some minor wheel scuffing but nothing that couldn’t easily be rectified.


Opening the door to the cabin reveals the beautifully finished tan with red piping Daytona style seats that Ferrari has become notorious for. Sliding into the drivers seat is a comfortable and enjoyable experience with the magnificent steering wheel sitting right in front of you and the two paddles for the six speed semi auto gearbox located directly behind that, just a fingers length away. Everything in the cabin is beautifully finished and has been extremely well taken care of. The interior shows, as a twenty thousand mile example should, with extremely light signs of usage here and there. No discoloration of leather or carpets is present. The seats are still firm and tight with the leather looking almost as good as new. The bolsters are still firm and hug the body splendidly. This 612 offers a host of modern amenities from navigation to Bluetooth connectivity. All buttons switches and knobs are in superb condition and all function and feel exactly as they are supposed to. No matter which of the four seats in the car you choose to sit in you are treated to an extremely comfortable, luxurious and spacious experience, including the two rear seats, which have ample legroom to accommodate most normal sized adults.


Turning the key reveals an immediate bark from the big V12, which quickly settles into an intoxicating mechanical growl emanating from the two dual tipped exhausts to the rear of the car. Pull the right paddle towards you and the transmission engages first gear smooth and quickly. The clutch feels just as it should, operating with a smooth easiness from first gear all the way to sixth. From here you can keep the car in its normal driving mode in which the throttle response is immediate and the shifts are virtually seamless or you can choose to engage sport mode and truly let the 5.7 liter V12 bellow, using all of the seven and a half thousand RPM’s before reaching redline. Should a more docile experience be desired, the transmission can be placed in full auto mode and the car takes care of all the shifting for you, smoothly and effortlessly. Opening the engine bay reveals a flawless engine compartment with everything in order, exactly as it should be. This 612 has been very well taken care of and it manifests throughout the vehicle from the interior to the engine bay.


The car shows a clean and well-documented carfax with just three previous owners and records from throughout its various ownerships. The car was originally purchased in Dublin, Ohio where its first owner used and serviced it regularly, recording a mere 4,300 miles a year. In January of 2012 Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia bought it with 16,179 miles and proceeded to sell it to its third owner. The third owner, a Pennsylvania native, drove the car sparingly and only put 3585 miles on the vehicle during his ownership before selling it back to Algar. The current custodian of the 612 purchased it in November of 2013 with a mere 19,872 miles on the clock from Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia. The last major service was completed in 2012 at Algar Ferrari of Philadelphia at 16,740 miles and included a timing belt and bearing replacement as well as a full fluid change. This recent service means it has plenty of enjoyment left before its next five year or 15,000 mile major service. Today, the odometer shows only 20,192 miles. This 612 has always been cared for at reputable dealerships and an extensive collection of previous service records are also available. The car comes with all the books provided in their Ferrari embossed brown leather folder. The tools are all located in their proper place in the trunk of the car, secured in their own leather-clad case.


With its extremely spacious back seat, luxurious cabin and thundering V12 this Ferrari 612 Scaglietti is the perfect vehicle to haul either your family, three of your friends or even just yourself in the utmost style, elegance and speed. Whether your trip is around the block or across the country, this is the perfect car to do it in!


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