• Chassis # SCCPC11195HL31931
  • A One Owner Example Showing Just Over 4,000 Miles From New
  • Featuring Original Racing Metallic Green Paint Throughout
  • Equipped With Rare Dealer Installed "Type 25" Equipment As Well As 2006 Spec Upgrades
  • Meticulously Cared For And Dealer Serviced From New
  • Sale Includes, Factory Books, Original Window Sticker, Purchase Documents, Service Records, And Numerous Original Parts
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The Overview

When Lotus debuted the Elise in 1996, the revolutionary fiberglass body shell and extruded aluminum chassis made it an ideal British sports car with rigid suspension, low cost, and weight. The Series 1 Elise was produced from 1996 to 2001, with the Series 2 coming along later that year to meet new European crash regulations. 

The Series 2 was produced until 2011 and featured a new Lotus-developed ECU and was the first car produced by the British marque to be designed on a computer. The Elise delivered stateside was powered by a Toyota 2ZZ-GE 1.8 L I4 tuned by Lotus to 190 hp and backed by a Toyota C64 6-speed manual transmission. Figures from the test showed a 0–60 mph time of approximately 4.9 seconds.

The small size, great handling, and relatively budget-friendly price of the Elise made it a popular choice for drivers who wanted both a track-friendly car that was equally as usable in the city. Despite its price, all three generations had exotic car-like looks that set it apart from other sports cars on the market at the time. According to a post on the Lotus Talk forums, certificates provided by Lotus historian Andy Graham point to 3,323 examples of the Lotus Elise being produced in 2005, 202 of those being in Racing Green Metallic.

This particular example, Chassis # SCCPC11195HL31931, was brought into the port of Charleston, SC from the UK in February of 2005 in Racing Green Metallic over a *** interior. It was delivered to Manhattan Motor Cars in New York, NY in May of that year and was used as one of two demonstrator cars at the dealership. The manual windows point to this Elise being a very early car as subsequent cars had electric windows. 

The first owner purchased the car in November 2006 with 900 miles on the odometer. The car was upgraded to 2006-spec through dealer-fitted, factory-supplied parts, including the rear wing, the rear Lotus badge, LED tail lamps with European amber turn lenses, and the supercharger. In August of 2007, the selling dealer performed the first service record on file, a 7,500-mile service despite the odometer reading less than 2,000 miles, and serviced the blower motor as well.

In 2012, the owner had a number of factory upgrades installed in recognition of the newly announced Jim Clark Type 25 Elise. They had a Type 25 interior fitted by the Lotus dealer on Long Island, which included the Type 25 wooden gear knob, rear window cap, hard top, and yellow highlights on the rear wing painted by Chuck Reiser in 2005 Lotus yellow. The owner also had the correct black Type 25 wheels fitted that currently wear brand-new Yokohama Advan tires. The original Blaupunkt radio was also changed for a similar Blaupunkt model with Bluetooth capability. Any and all of the parts that were swapped out during this transformation were kept and are included in the sale of the car. 

The Elise continued to be serviced at Manhattan Motor Cars and the Lotus dealer on Long Island until 2015, when it began being kept in highly professional storage in upstate New York. As it sits, this is a well-maintained, one-owner Lotus Elise with less than 5,000 miles on the odometer and unique Type 25 factory upgrades to help it stand out from the rest at your local British-only car show. Those looking to partake in the car that gave Lotus its modern reputation for lightweight, driver-focused cars would fall in love with what this Elise offers, especially with the Type 25 supercharger under the hood.

Upon purchase, the new owner will receive the original owner’s literature, purchase documents, window sticker, and service records on file. The car also comes with its original rims bearing an unused set of correct Bridgestone tires, the original Blaupunkt radio, the original unpainted engine covers, soft-top, hard-top, original seats, shroud piece above the driver’s head, all the original pieces that were replaced for the 2006 spec update, door cards, lotus branded car cover, original steering wheel, and more. 

The Details


body and paint

The metallic green paint throughout the car remains in excellent condition thanks in large part to much of the car being covered in a factory Lotus clear bra since it was new. We believe the paint to be all original underneath the clear bra but are unable to test it. The paint remains smooth and consistent throughout the car, with excellent color and perfect metallic shine. There are a few areas with minor imperfections from normal use on the front area of the car. These present themselves in some very minor stone chipping and scuffing on areas that were not protected by the clear bra. The yellow stripes that run the length of the car are not original to the vehicle but were added by the owner and were professionally painted on by Chuck Reiser. The badging on the shroud above the drivers head is also not original but the original shroud is included with the sale should the new owner choose to put it back. The body itself is straight and consistent throughout, with excellent, tight, and consistent body panel gaps.

glass and trim

The glass throughout the cars remains in excellent condition and appears to all be original with no issues to note. The headlights remain in good condition, with a bit of light scratching to the top section of the driver's side headlamp (photos of this are available above). The trim throughout the car shows excellent fitment with good color. The black plastic air intakes located behind the doors appear to have had the very lower corner where they meet the door trimmed back, but we are unsure if this is correct or not (see photos).


The wheels that are currently fitted to the car are Type 25 wheels, very hard to find, and were installed by the dealer as part of the Type 25 upgrades package that the owner fitted to the car. They remain in excellent condition, with clean painted surfaces and no signs of any wear or rash. The original wheels are included with the car and also remain in excellent condition, showing no signs of wear.

notable flaws

Overall, the car presents very well, as you would expect from the mileage and careful ownership. There are a few minor scuffs and rock chips on the front area of the car from normal use, in areas where the nose section was not protected by the clear bra.


seats and surfaces

Much of the interior was swapped out for Type 25 interior bits by the owner. These were all installed by the deals, and the interior remains in great condition. The Type 25 seats show very nicely, with minimal wear to speak of. Some of the fabric is beginning to bunch in areas from normal use, but there is minimal, if any, wear to the bolsters or other high-traffic areas. The Type 25 steering wheel is in good condition, with a little scratch in the silver section as well as some very minor fraying to the stitching, but absolutely no separation or issues to worry about. The door cards are also Type 25 and remain in great condition with a nice tight fit. There is some very light scuffing in high-wear areas, such as the driver’s side door sill, as well as the bare metal passenger footrest, but nothing that takes away from the overall appearance of the interior. The dash remains in great condition, with a nice tight fitment and no fading or cracking. The gauges are bright, clean, and easily readable.

functionality and accessories

Everything on the interior appears to function as it should. The gauges read their requisite functions as they should, the shifter moves smoothly between gears, and all the buttons and switches appear to function as they should. The original radio was swapped with a newer Blaupunkt version, which works well, and the original is included with the sale of the vehicle.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears very well taken care of and remains tidy and largely stock with no issues to note. There is a painted engine cover currently fitted, with the original included in the sale of the car. The supercharger, while not original to this specific car, was fitted by the dealer while bringing this car up to 2006 specifications, and all the pieces swapped out, such as the manifold, are included with the sale.

trunk area

The small trunk area behind the engine bay is nice and tidy, with no issues to note. The carpeting fits properly, and the battery is neatly tucked to the side with a well-fitting plastic cover.


The underside presents exactly as one would expect from an example with such low mileage and careful ownership. Much of the underside is covered in slick metal pans that remain clean and tidy with no dents or issues to speak of. There is some very minor scraping on the underside of the front lip, about 4 inches in length, that is only visible from the underside of the vehicle. There is also some very minor surface corrosion on bolts etc. located on the suspension components. Factory stickers and markings are present on the underside, such as the jack pad positioning stickers. Factory orange seam sealer is present at all gaps throughout the underside.



The engine fires to life with a quick prod of the started button and setttles into a smooth and consistent idle. Out on the road it makes excellent linear power with no flat spots or stumbles to speak of. It sounds very healthy and makes ample power to propel this little Elise down the road in a hurry.


The transmission shifts smoothly between gears and the clutch has a nice positive feedback to it with appropriate take up and power hold.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to speak of. The suspension is where these cars truly shine, and this example is no exception. The suspension on this car is quick and compliant, with lightning-quick response and reflex. There is no odd road behavior or noises to speak of.


The Type 25 wheels are fitted with a new set of Yokohama Advan A048 tires on all four corners, which are the correct tire type to the Lotus Type 25.

driving experience

There are few cars on the road that can compare in pure driving experience to the Lotus Elise. With its short wheelbase and lightweight body, the handling is absolutely sublime and at times almost feels telepathic. When fitted with the supercharger, these cars truly come alive and have no problems keeping up with other cars of much higher horsepower. The open top on the Elise allows you to take in the engine note even better and provides for one of the best twisty backroad driving experiences you could ask for.