The Overview

Aston Martin Lagonda Limited is perhaps Britain’s most revered automobile manufacturer, certainly right up there with Bentley Rolls-Royce and Jaguar. Since 1913 this sporting marque has produced a motor car with a flavor of its own, a unique contributor of high performance and cutting edge motor cars for exactly 100 years. As one of the oldest car companies in the world, Aston Martin has the benefit of experience, and from this experience they have dialed in what a true GT car should act and feel like. The DB9 Concept is far from original, rather an evolutionary step; in fact it was in 1950 that the DB concept came about. When David Brown purchased the company in 1947 he knew Aston needed a makeover and a new product to contribute to what was now a diverse world of sports cars. The DB2 was exemplary of this new approach from Aston Martin, and as the years continued the variants only became better between the DB2-4, DB4, DB5, DB6, DB7, and finally 55 years later, the DB9.


The DB9 offers superb comfort and speed, the two fitting attributes of a successful GT car. Powered by a 450HP 6.0L V12, the DB9 can quickly achieve 4.7 seconds. Comfort comes in the way of a lavishly fitted interior including hand stitched hides for seats, a leather dash, wood, and the overall comfort of a tailored atmosphere. Impeccably well done, the average new Aston Martin DB9 in 2005 cost about $155,000, and that’s before the options list is reviewed. The example on offer here is a 2005 DB9 Coupe’, and is presented in medium blue with a blue Haze and tan interior. It has traveled nearly 69,000 miles from and comprehensively cared for over the years by marque specialists in FL as well as more recently in NJ. Since it has the benefit of being driven and enjoyed the car is totally in order. Many times lower mileage examples are stored, hardly driven, and as such often have issues from lack of use.  This example has been well cared for not only in servicing but in its general care. It has just received a total fluids and filter service along with new tires. The paint shows nicely and the interior has a signs of use and is very nice throughout. The car starts instantly, runs, drives, and stops as an Aston Martin should.


Offered with its original books, and in impeccable order, this DB9 is extreme value money for a contemporary sports car let alone and Aston Martin. Indeed an opportunity worth much consideration for any collector or enthusiast looking for a superb daily driver or the addition to any Aston Collection.