• Chassis # WDBNG76J54A387363
  • 580 Horsepower Twin-Turbo Aluminum V-12 Engine
  • The Brabus North America Show Car
  • Nearly $260,000 In Comprehensive Receipts From New
  • Outstanding Condition Both Cosmetically And Mechanically
  • Includes Window Sticker, Brabus Build Sheet, Books, Tools, Spare, Brabus Sales Documents, And Extensive Service File
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The Overview

Among the world of Mercedes-Benz tuners, there are two names that stand head and shoulders above the rest; AMG and Brabus. With the full acquisition of AMG by Daimler AG in 2005, Brabus was left as the go-to independent tuner for all things Mercedes-Benz. The original brains behind Brabus, Bodo Buschmann, was interested in customizing his Mercedes and found that the existing tuners simply couldn’t meet his requirements, so he decided to take it upon himself to provide the Benz world with superior aftermarket support. The Brabus company name was first registered in 1977 and due to a German law requiring companies to be founded with 2 people was derived from the founder’s surnames of Brackmann and Buschmann. Brabus found immediate success and opened its first dedicated showroom in 1983, where customers could buy prebuilt Brabus versions of Mercedes offerings or bring their personal car in for custom touches. Over the years, the company has grown immensely and offers everything from aero and body trim pieces to full-on custom hand-built engines for the Mercedes platform and has remained the pinnacle of independent Mercedes-Benz tuning and customization. 

The example on offer here, chassis number WDBNG76J54A387363, is a 2004 Brabus T12 Sedan. This T12 is an astounding one-owner example, residing its entire life in Arizona and has been meticulously cared for in an open checkbook manner. This car started life as a top of the line 2004 Mercedes-Benz S600 which features a 5.5 liter twin-turbo aluminum V-12 engine with a sticker price of just over $133,000. It was sent immediately to Brabus, where it would be transformed into the T12 version. Once at Brabus it was fitted with over $57,000 worth of upgrades which included the following:

  • Front and Rear Bumper Kit
  • Brabus illuminated side skirts
  • Lowering kit for ABC cars
  • T12 power kit which increased power from 517 hp to 580 hp and 663 lb/ft of torque
  • Brabus quad exhaust kit
  • Brabus Brembo front brake kit
  • Brabus Monoblock V1 wheels
  • Brabus burl walnut electric folding tables in the rear
  • Extensive Multimedia kit consisting of 6.5-inch monitors in the headrests, 6-disc DVD changer, TV tuner, wireless headphones, and an Xbox gaming system
  • Glass tinting

Once completed, this example would go on to be Brabus’s North American Show Car and would be displayed at the 2004 LA Auto Show. In a testament to the thorough nature of the documentation that is included with this car, passes and Brabus VIP badges from the 2004 LA Auto Show are included with the car among a host of other Brabus related material as well as thorough service records. This car has been under single ownership since being sold by Brabus and has been meticulously maintained by reputable marque specialists with a chain of unbroken service records dating back to late 2003.  This T12 has lived its entire life in the dry and car-friendly climate of Scottsdale Arizona. The most recent service documents are from May of 2019 and include replacing control arm bushings as well as fixing a stuck shade screen in the rear of the car. As it sits today, this car has 102,411 miles from new but appears both cosmetically and mechanically as if it could have 25,000. It has been absolutely exquisitely maintained and remains in fantastic condition all around despite the mileage. Given its heritage, original sticker price, as well as incredibly thorough service history, this 2004 Brabus T12 is an absolute bargain of a Mercedes-Benz powerhouse. This Brabus T12 may not be considered a traditional classic car but what it does have going for it is rarity, usability, as well as an immense fun factor. Given these attributes, this car would make for the perfect interesting vehicle to add to a daily driver rotation or would be perfect for fun outings with the family. 

Included with the sale of this car is the original window sticker, extensive service documents, Brabus build sheet, Brabus sales materials, original books, tools, and spare.



The Details


body and paint

This Brabus T12 is finished in Obsidian Black from the factory and the paint remains in fantastic condition despite the mileage. The color is deep and consistent around the whole car. Given the mileage, there is some very minor stone chipping in the front section of the body, likely from normal use. The front bumper has some very minor webbing cracks near the driver's side fog lights. There are a few other very minor chips in the paint in high wear areas such as the edge of the driver's side door, but most of these require a very thorough eye in order to locate. The body is very straight with nice smooth panels and excellent door gas etc. There are no signs of abuse or neglect and the exterior of the car remains in excellent condition.

glass and trim

The windows were tinted by Brabus at the time of the build and they remain in excellent condition all around. The tints are dark, providing the privacy one would expect from a car of this caliber, but still allow enough light in to properly illuminate the interior as well as to keep good visibility all around the cabin. There is some minor de-lamination occurring on the driver's side rear window but nothing serious. The headlights are clean and clear but do show some pitting in the plastic. The fog lights which are located in the custom Brabus bumper do have some cracking in the lenses. The taillights appear in great condition with no issues to note. The anodized trim around the windows is smooth and clean with a top-notch finish and the rubber gaskets backing the trim appear supple and solid.


The large 20 inch Brabus monoblock wheels are in good condition however they are a bit more representative of the mileage. The polished finish is clean but does show some swirling and there is some minor curb rash on some of the wheels.


seats and surfaces

The interior of this Brabus T12 has been maintained in fantastic condition. The Charcoal leather seats throughout the car remain smooth, tight, and free of any issues. They all have solid bolsters and appear to perform all of their numerous powered functions as they should. The carpets are good order, showing minimal wear and good color. The Brabus branded floor mats are in good shape as well, however, the front driver's side has begun to bunch up a little, an easily removable issue. There is some scratching on the Brabus branded driver's side door sill, but nothing worth making an attempt to fix. There are some minor knicks in the leather of the doors where (likely) someone with rings on would open and close the doors. This is present on both the driver's side front and rear doors. The finish on the parking brake release has started peel and there is some additional normal wear on some of the more heavily utilized buttons and switches. The headliner is nice and tight with no staining or sagging to speak of. Overall the interior remains in outstanding condition and one would be hard-pressed to find a run of the mill S600, with these miles, in this kind of outstanding condition. Add on the fact that this is no run of the mill S600 and you have a recipe for something truly special.

functionality and accessories

The “accessories” is where this car truly shines and there are almost too many cool features to cover in this brief description. We tested most of the functionality of accessories and while we may have missed some, it appears that all the electronics work as they should. The TV’s in the back power-on and plays both DVDs as well as the XBOX. Picture quality is a little fuzzy and could be the result of a poor video cable connection. The centrally mounted tv flips down utilizing its dedicated button tucked away in the rear center console. All four seats of the car contain a myriad of power adjustability, heat, cooling and massaging functionality, all of which appear to work as it should. The gauge cluster is clean and tidy and appears to read all of its designated functions as it should. All the buttons on the center stack appear in good cosmetic and mechanical condition. The main screen in the center of the dash is bright and clean and while the technology is surely a bit outdated, it appears to function exactly as it should. The windows roll up and down with ease and the doors open and shut as they should. The shifter moves through its range of motion and engages gears as it should. It is truly a testament to how well this car has been taken care of that all the electronics work as they should still. Often times, cars from the early 2000s with this much tech in them are left to be and many of the accessory items may not function as they should, however, that is certainly not the case with this Brabus T12.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears exactly as one would expect given the meticulous servicing and maintenance of this car. The compartment as a whole is very clean with nothing dirty or out of place. The Brabus branded engine cover is in fantastic condition and its bright red accents provide a slight hint at what lies beneath. Factory stickers and tags are all in their correct locations. Hoses, wires, and tubing all appear extremely well kept. There absolutely zero cosmetic signs of any issues and overall the engine bay is truly outstanding given the mileage of this example.

trunk area

The trunk is once again in fantastic condition with clean and tight-fitting carpeting. Much of the massive trunk space has been neatly utilized to house the various devices needed to power the myriad of electronic upgrades to the car. There are all tucked behind a neatly trimmed and vented false back. Removing this backing reveals the DVD changer, Xbox, and a number of other devices that we won’t pretend like we know what they do, all of which appear in good condition, however. Lifting the carpeting of the trunk reveals a clean and tidy spare as well as a jack and tool kit that appears to have seen minimal if any use.


Given the dry, arid climate this car came from, the underside remains extremely clean and tidy despite the mileage. The plastic under panels all retain good fitment, color, and structure. There are no signs of any issues past or present. The underside remains nice and dry, showing no leaks or mechanical problems.



The big twin-turbo V-12 engine fires to life with ease and settles into a smooth idle. Out on the road, it makes excellent power and easily propels this large sedan to speeds you shouldn’t talk about. Power is smooth and consistent despite the turbocharged nature of the car. The Brabus quad exhaust provides just enough auditory feedback to be exciting while still be respectful of the overall purpose of this car.


The automatic transmission shows now faults. It changes through the gears as it should, holding power nicely all the way. The only thing of note is that it is a bit sluggish when attempting to move the car at slow speeds but this is fairly normal, this car was meant for comfortable and fast highway cruising after all.

brakes and suspension

The big 6-pot Brembo brakes up front help to ring this large sedan to a surprisingly quick and smooth stop. Pedal feel is excellent and there are no odd noises or issues to speak of with the braking system. The suspension has 2 modes, sport, and comfort, with a very noticeable but obvious difference between the two. Overall the suspension feels tight and compliant with no issues to note.


Currently the car wears Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires on all four corners. The tires all have date codes from late 2017 and retain excellent tread and sidewalls.

driving experience

The Brabus T12 is a very interesting car in the sense that it is as equally fun behind the wheel as it is in the back seat. Brabus did a fantastic job providing the upgrades necessary to turn this stock S600 into a mile eating monster. The power from the twin-turbo V-12 seems to be endless and propels this large sedan to staggerings speeds with ease. Making the switch to the back seat of the car finds an extremely comfortable ride with all the amenities necessary to get work done or be entertained on your journey. The power-folding Brabus tables make it feel as if you're in a private jet as you rocket down the road with your heated and massaging seats. Given its original price tag and the unique nature of this vehicle, it is an absolute bargain of a powerhouse Mercedes-Benz. The functionality and utility of this T12 mean that it could easily be used day to day while still being an extremely unique and fun vehicle that flies under the radar.