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The Overview

Within the classic car world, a new breed of classics has become increasingly more popular. These cars are not quite old enough to be deemed a classic car and not new enough to be considered a ‘new’ car which leaves them somewhere in the middle. Usually ranging from the early 1990’s to right around the turn of the century, these cars have been given the term ‘modern classics.’ Cars such as the BMW 1M, Mazda MX-5, Aston Martin DB9, Golf GTI, Ferrari 355, and Nissan Skyline all have varying degrees of rarity, performance, and value but all fall into this category. In this realm of modern classics, there is a particular car that has been overlooked for quite some time but has recently begun to be recognized for the amazing car that it is.


The Acura NSX, a mid-engined Japanese supercar that stunned enthusiasts everywhere when it first became available in 1990 with its sharp looks and capabilities on the road. A large part of its success was a very clever 3.0L engine that utilized titanium connecting rods, variable volume induction, and its signature dish, Honda’s revolutionary VTEC system. This made the NSX so well received that it was preferred over its competitor, the Ferrari 348, when it was first introduced and with good reason given it handled better, was quicker, and was much less intrusive on consumers’ wallets. Over the next 15 years, production of the NSX would continue, becoming more refined every year, receiving a larger 3.2L engine in 1997 and a targa platform eventually became available. In 2002, it received a cosmetic updating that included fixed open headlamps and redesigned front and rear valence. This brings us to our example.


The example on offer is a 2004 Acura NSX-T, chassis number JH4NA21644S000030 finished in Rio Yellow Pearl over a black interior, of which, only 19 have been produced in this color combination. With only 3,500 miles from new and just three owners, this NSX is virtually a brand new car. Originally delivered to Cush Acura of Escondido, California with its delivery inspection report filled out by the dealer on 11/10/2004. It resided with its first owner in Northern California until 2011 when it was sold to its second owner in Fresno, CA with only 1,681 miles. Owner three of Granite Bay, CA purchased the car with only 1,988 miles on 8/7/2012 and subsequently sold the car to us in October of 2016.


As one would expect from a California car with only 3,500 miles, the current condition of this car still very much resembles the impeccable condition it was in when it rolled off the production line. Any enthusiast would be in awe of the care taken in the preservation of this car with any imperfections almost completely nonexistent. The yellow paint shows phenomenally well, maintaining its beautiful pearl finish and an excellent shine. There are no noteworthy flaws in the paint as it is completely free of any scratches, chips, or blemishes whatsoever, showing as new from the factory. The panel fitment is excellent, displaying no indicators of damage or alterations with a clean CARFAX confirming this. The 17 inch, 7 spoke wheels sit on a set of new Yokohama tires and are in superb condition having incurred no curb rash or imperfections in the paint. The only item worth noting in terms of imperfections are the lug nuts which have incurred some scuffs/scrapes from removal and reinstallation. This would only be notice under extremely close inspection and is very simple to correct. All of the glass, trim, badges, and rubber items all present as new, with no quarrels to be had.


The interior shows as consistently flawless as the exterior of the car. The jams are fresh and clean, with the identification plate present on the kick plates. The black vinyl seats, door panels, and dash have incurred no mistreatment or abuse with none of the typical flaws (cracking, fading, tears, stains) present. A turn of the key to the ‘on’ position and one will be able to demonstrate that all instruments, accessories, and electrical components are in complete working order including the power windows and seats. Continuing with our inspection, the front trunk space houses the original spare wheel and displays no inconsistencies. The rear trunk reveals much of the same qualities, the liner in perfect condition, and once again has no flaws to note. The engine bay exhibits high marks of originality with a plethora of factory markings and stickers present. All components are in like new condition and an overall sense of tidiness is very much apparent. Moving to the underside of the car, it is consistent with the condition of the rest of the car, free of any rust, damage, or any modifications.


The mechanical status of this NSX can be described as a well sorted, absolutely turn-key example. It has received regular maintenance and in May of 2014, a major service tending to any and all items necessary completed by the marque specialists at Driving Ambition of Cameron Park, California. They replaced the timing belt, water pump, valve cover seals, rear camshaft seals, VTEC solenoid seals, and adjusted the valves amongst a few other small items to dial this car in. As expected, the car starts instantly and runs without fault. The 3.2L power plant is one of the liveliest engines an enthusiast can experience with lightning fast throttle response and an 8,000rpm red line, it certainly has plenty to offer in terms of performance. The 6-speed gearbox has a short and precise throw making for quick shifts, going in and out of gear without issue. The clutch operates as it should with plenty of use left in it. The steering and brakes are also in complete working order, performing flawlessly. The engine pulls hard, firmly planting the driver in his seat especially in the lower gears. During use, the engine builds and holds a steady operating temperature as well as sufficient oil pressure. The only thing left for this car’s next caretaker is to simply get in and enjoy it.


The Acura NSX is a modern classic that holds great nostalgia in the hearts of young enthusiasts across the globe, encompassing everything one would want in a supercar from the exotic styling to the performance. This particular example is an extremely low miles, factory original, fixed headlamp car equipped with a manual gearbox which makes it one the most desirable of the NSXs. This car obtains some of the most attractive attributes not only for NSXs specifically but for collector quality cars as a whole. The Acura NSX not only offers a fantastic driving experience but a lucrative investment as this rapidly appreciating supercar gains significant traction in the market. Offered with the car are the original books, tools, extra sets of keys, and spare.