• Chassis # WP0AB29923S696185
  • Engine # 64320754
  • Showing Just 6,945 Miles From New
  • Offered With Books, Tools, & Porsche COA
  • One of Approximately 317 Produced For The US
  • Offered With Service Record & Clean CARFAX Report
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The Overview

When Porsche builds a homologation car for the explicit purposes of entering a racing series, it is always something special and when it first introduced the GT2 in 1993 it certainly ticked all the boxes of being a truly outstanding and unique car. It featured widened plastic fenders and a larger rear wing to give it an aggressive look to match the pavement pounding 424 horsepower being generated from the 3.6-liter twin-turbocharged flat-six engine. The complete lack of driving aids and massive amounts of power delivered to the rear wheels combined to give the GT2 the nickname “The Widowmaker”, for fairly obvious reasons. A total of 57 of these raw racers built for the road were produced over a 6 year period before Porsche made the now iconic decision to introduce a new water-cooled motor in the way of the 996 generation of cars.

When the new 996 series of cars was introduced, Porsche went back to the drawing board on the GT2 and it took them two years to redesign the car. When it was finished though, the vehicle that was introduced to the public was notably a bit more refined than the original 993 GT2 but was still undoubtedly a white knuckle inducing road car with an obvious race pedigree. Still utilizing the 3.6-liter flat-six engine, the mechanicals were reworked and updated to now produce 456 horsepower, delivered to the rear wheels via a slick six-speed transmission. Like the original, the body was wider with a larger rear wing and nicely sculpted front end. With a curb weight of just over 3000 pounds, a 0-60 time of just under 4 seconds and a top speed just shy of 200 miles an hour the 996 GT2 is a pure performer in all senses. Porsche effectively took their already outstanding turbo platform and made it even more raw and aggressive producing a car with the kind of power and performance that demands respect behind the wheel. They once again made the decision to omit all electronic driving aids, leaving modulation of the massive amounts of power and grip entirely in the hands of the driver, a decision that makes these cars unique while demanding the utmost level of attention from the driver. A total of only 317 of these powerhouse Porsches were sent to the US throughout the 996 run of vehicles, making them quite rare in the scheme of things. Porsche would carry on the GT2 into the 997 generation but as the technology progressed and the cars became more refined they began to lose a bit of the true raw nature that makes the 996 and 993 cars so special.

The example on offer here, chassis number WP0AB29923S696185, is a 2003 model year Porsche GT2. It is finished in Black (A1) exterior with Black Leather (76) interior. It is fairly well optioned, with Deviating Stitching Color on the Doors, Dash, and seats, Instrument Dials and seat belts in red, Cruise Control, and thicker steering wheel among other things. Production of this vehicle was completed on 5/27/2003 with an original MSRP of $188,980. Currently, the car shows 6,950 miles from new with a total of only 2 owners over its lifetime. The first owner who resided in Houston, Texas took delivery of the vehicle on 7/30/2003 with just 5 miles on the odometer. They drove the car sparingly over the next two years until 8/5/2005 when it was sold to its second owner, who resides in the New Hampshire/New York area with just 182 miles on it. This owner drove the car sparingly and serviced the car regularly at Jack Daniels Porsche in Nanuet, New York. A detailed timeline of servicing can be found in the documents section of our website but the most recent servicing occurred on 4/30/2018 and included a maintenance inspection as well as a brake fluid flush, performed at 6,911 miles. On 10/24/2018 the car changed hands to the current consignor with 6,943 miles on the odometer. As it currently sits the car is in outstanding mechanical and cosmetic condition, fully in line with the indicated mileage and loving service history. This sale represents an excellent opportunity to acquire one of the more rare and raw Porsche 911’s ever produced. With only 90 US examples produced in 2003, this GT2 has the exclusivity and performance to continue to see fantastic gains in value while remaining an exhilarating road performer.

Included with the sale of this vehicle are the original books, tools, a Porsche COA, clean CarFax and available service records.


2003 Porsche GT2 Timeline

7/30/2003 – 2003 Porsche GT2 is acquired by its original owner. (@5 miles)

8/5/2005 – 2003 Porsche GT2 is acquired by its second owner. (@182 miles)

8/21/2006 – 2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Jack Daniels Porsche in Nanuet, NY. Services include two new tires, brake inspection, and an alignment.

1/31/2007 – 2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Jack Daniels Porsche in Nanuet, NY.

7/26/2007 – 2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Jack Daniels Porsche in Nanuet, NY, including a maintenance inspection and alignment.

5/14/2012 – 2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Jack Daniels Motors. Services performed include: maintenance inspection, oil change, brake fluid flush, four new tires, and four-wheel alignment. (@6,430 miles)

6/26/2012 –  2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Jack Daniels Motors.

4/30/2018 – 2003 Porsche GT2 receives service at Porsche of Fairfield in Fairfield, CT. Services include maintenance inspection and brake fluid flush. (@6,911 miles)

10/24/2018 – Current Consignor acquires vehicle (@6,943 miles)

The Details


body and paint

This example is finished a stealthy Black (A1) exterior paint. The exterior of the car is in excellent condition and appears to have been driven very carefully as even customary stone chipping is very minimal and relegated to some minor peppering on the front bumper area. The paint is believed to be largely original. The majority of the car reads right around 4.0 on the paint meter. There are some higher readings from what we believe may have been some scratch touch up on the right rear quarter panel above and behind the side vent with the blending from the touch up being carried into the driver's side door. The body is in fantastic shape with no dents or dings to note. All the body gaps are nice and tight and panel fitment is excellent.

glass and trim

The car retains all of its original glass as indicated by the VIN etchings present on each pain. The glass throughout is in great condition with no pitting, scratching or delimitation to speak of. Headlights, taillights, and marker lamps are clean, clear, free of issues and appear to function as they should. Rubber and plastic trim retains good color and fitment throughout the vehicle. The front lip has some very minor scuffing on the bottom edge and the bottom rockers have some very minor road wear, congruent with the displayed mileage.


The bright silver “twist” style wheels retain excellent finish all around and are complete with colorful and clean Porsche crest center caps, as well as clean mounting hardware.

notable flaws

It should be noted that there appears to have been some touch-up work on the drivers side rear quarter panel. It was very well done and is next to impossible to spot without a paint meter. The cause of this is unknown but more than likely is the result of rock chipping or the fixing of a careless scratch.


seats and surfaces

Overall the interior is in excellent shape and reflects the indicated mileage nicely. The Black Leather interior remains in excellent condition throughout. This car was optioned with deviating red stitching, red belts, and red gauges which trim the interior in a sporty and aggressive feel. The door cards on both sides remain in good condition, the driver's side kick plate has some minor scuffing from normal usage. The leather of the seats is smooth and clean, with some minor normal creasing forming around the edges but nice solid bolsters with no issues. The carpets retain good color and texture throughout the interior. The dash leather is tight with good color and no pulls or bunching present. The steering wheel has some minor scratching in the leather around the 7-8 o’clock position and there is some stereotypical scratching around the bezel for the ignition. There is some very minor signs of use on some of the plastic components in some of the more high traffic areas but nothing that takes away from the overall appeal and appearance of the interior. The center stack, radio, and climate control area is clean and tidy. The headliner is tight and clean.

functionality and accessories

The optional bright red gauges are a fantastic addition to the interior, really serving to show off the tach and speedo. All gauges faces are clean and tidy and appear to function exactly as the should. The windows roll up and down with ease, the radio turns on and plays through the speakers, the climate controls system appears to function properly including the A/C. Overall, everything appears to work and function just as intended.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears clean, tidy, and well looked after. All factory stickers are still in place, plastic components retain nice color, showing minimal to no wear and hoses, tubing, etc. appear all well looked after and issue free. The engine bay appears mainly stock with the only visible exception being the addition of Torque Solutions engine mounts.

trunk area

The front trunk area is clean and tidy with properly fitting panels and plastic covers. There is a bit of scratching on some of the plastic components but nothing out of the ordinary. The proper options sticker is affixed on the underside of the hood.


The underside is nicely representative of the mileage of the car and the careful manner with which it has been driven. Aside from a bit of road grime on the chassis and suspension, the underside is nice and clean, still displaying plenty of factory markings and factory coatings. Front plastics and floor pans are smooth and tidy with no signs of abuse or careless driving.



The engine on the car has been well looked after and cared for and it shows in the mechanical prowess of it. It fires right to life with a quick turn of the key and settles easily into a smooth idle. Throttle response is fantastic, the engine revs freely and sounds absolutely fantastic. Out on the road, in makes massive amounts of smooth power and propels the car to impressive speeds with a buttery ease.


The clutch of the car feels excellent with a nice solid take up and responsive engagement. It holds power well and feels responsive and tight. The six-speed transmission moves easily through gears, revs out beautifully and holds power with no issues to speak of.

brakes and suspension

The ceramic-composite brakes bring the car to standing halt with ease from any speed. Brake pedal feel is nice and tight with no pulsing or noises to speak of. The suspension on the car feels solid and supremely responsive with no issues to note.


The car currently wears Toyo Proxes R888 tires on all four corners with nice healthy sidewalls and plenty of tread life left on them. The fronts measure 235/40/18 and the rears are 315/30/18.

driving experience

If the exterior appearance wasn’t enough to give it away, as soon as you climb inside the GT2, close the door and hear the iconic hollow ping caused by the extra thin sheet metal of the roof of the car, you know you're sitting behind the wheel of something special. From its inception, the GT2 has essentially been a turbocharged race car for the road, and despite the addition of some creature comforts, the 996 GT2 is no different. Power delivery is violent but smooth at the same time in a brilliant symphonic manner. Turbo-lag is essentially non-existent and the feeling of brutal acceleration seems to have no end until you forcibly remove your right foot from the throttle. Care must always be taken to remind yourself of what you are behind the wheel of as the lack of electronic driving assists means that you alone are in charge of the way to car behaves. A wrong step can put you into an ill wanted situation in the blip of a throttle, but get it right and this is easily one of the most rewarding cars to drive. The raw and connected feel that it provides behind the wheel is something that is no longer available in newer cars. This feeling combined with the modern levels of power and handling means that this car is truly something special. To find a vehicle that combines this level of power, feedback, control, and rarity is truly a special thing. As cars continue to acquire more drivers aids and nanny devices, its vehicles like this 2003 Porsche GT2 that will always attract the true drivers looking for a real thrill.