• Chassis # ZFFBV55A220128463
  • Engine # N/A
  • Offered With 9,300 Miles From New
  • Recently Serviced & Clean CARFAX Report
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The Overview

For a sports car to be considered a grand tourer, it must have a few essential elements. The first being a powerful engine mounted at the front, a comfortable interior and ride for long journeys, and be rear wheel drive. In the past, Ferrari has gotten the grand tourer recipe just right with cars like the 275, Daytona, and the adored 550 Maranello. So, when it came time for Ferrari to come up with a successor to the 550, expectations were high with Ferrari lovers eager to see what Maranello had in store for their new model line. Rewind back to 2002 and at last, the wait was over with the brand new 575 hitting showroom floors. Although, aesthetically the 575 appeared identical to the 550 otherwise it was a completely different car.


The styling may have been left intact however, to notice the changes you have to peel back its skin. Now under the bonnet the previous 5.5L V12 was replaced by a larger, more rambunctious 5.7L V12 which produced 503bhp and went 0-60mph in a touch over 4 seconds. The 575 Maranello was certainly a quick car that when you put your foot down, lights up your ears with the classic soundtrack of an Italian V12, yet where the car “lacked” to some, was the handling. Yes, the suspension was made a bit softer which detracted from its cornering abilities but that is not what grand touring is all about. If a proper sprint around the track is what one was looking for, one could opt for a more purpose built track car at the time. The 575 was meant to be a road car that one could comfortably waft through the hills of Tuscany in and still have the ability to engage sport mode and access the performance of an amazing V12 power plant.


The example on offer is a 2002 Ferrari 575 Maranello, chassis number ZFFBV55A220128463 with a mere 9,300 miles registered on the odometer. The spotless CARFAX report indicates that this example has 5 previous owners with the car originally being sold new by the Ferrari dealer in Coral Gables, Florida. It spent most of its life under the ownership of two owners; one in Florida and the other in Texas after which, it changed hands between the remaindered of the recorded owners as 575 prices began to climb. The CARFAX neatly outlines all of its service and ownership history.


Cosmetically, one will find this car challenging to fault. There are no deep scratches or unsightly chips with each panel being straight and door ding free. The only area that shows signs of use is around the nose/front bumper of the car, where one will find some very light stone chips from highway driving. These blemishes are minimal and do not require any immediate attention. Each panel gap is consistent, displaying no abnormalities and proper fitment. The five spoke wheels are free of curb rash and are mounted on a set of Pirelli P-Zero tires with ample tread remaining. The center caps of each wheel do show some minor fading and small cracks, which is common for original Ferrari center caps of this vintage. All of the glass is still crisp with no cracks, nicks, or deep scratches incurred. Glancing over the rubber seals and trim, it is to be noted the seals around each headlamp have developed some dry areas but can be easily replaced when the car is serviced next. The black front lip, rockers, and rear bumper valance are slightly speckled from road use and a touch of road rash on the bottom of that front lip but could be enjoyed as-is and fixed in the future. It takes a close inspection to notice and to be expected with an original example of this degree.


Taking a look at the interior, the great condition of this car carries through to the cabin. The door jams are cleanly with their original stickers and markings still preserved. It is to be noted that there are some signs of use in the cabin; a touch of discoloration in the gray carpets, light wear on the driver’s side door panel, a small scuff on the passenger seat bolster, and the piping running along the driver’s seat side bolster becoming slightly deformed. Putting this into context though, for a 15-year-old Italian sports car, these blemishes are minor and could be considered marks of patina. The dash is in wonderful shape with no fading or cracks to be found. However towards the top where the dash meets the windshield, just right of center, there is the all too common “dash pulling” or “shrinkage”, minor but present. All of the typically “sticky” interior components have been addressed, and all of the electrical components including every switch, knob, lever, and button are fully operational.


Lifting up the massive front bonnet, the naturally aspirated V12, built by Ferrari to rev to an exhilarating 7,700rpm remains tightly fitted. Looking closely, many of the bolt heads, hoses, and componentry still boast their yellow markings from the factory which is a real treat. An item that should be addressed is the red crinkle finish on either valve cover, specifically on the passenger side as it has begun to peel. This is a common attribute of aging Ferraris and will eventually need to be refinished. Aside from that, the remainder of the engine bay seems to be in order and cleanly throughout. Making our way to the boot of the car, there is sufficient room for the groceries, luggage, or golf clubs as a true grand tourer should. The boot liner is in excellent condition with no flaws to note. The undercarriage of this car falls right in line with the condition of the rest of the car. There is no evidence of leaks, damage, or serious corrosion looking down either side of the car. The only recommendation that could be made is perhaps a good detailing to bring up the finishes.


Finally, one of the most crucial aspects of any car is the mechanical condition. This example has a well-documented service history from new, clearly outlining the great care taken in the car’s maintenance. In total, this 575 has over $19k in receipts which includes service work such as water pump, brakes, various sensors, tires, seals, timing belt, gaskets, and a clutch to name a few. One can get in this car and drive it properly with confidence in its mechanical integrity.


Getting into this car and firing up that lovely 5.7L V12 leaves the driver a bit shocked at first. At idle, the car sounds surprisingly docile and quiet as compared to the initial shriek and grumble you get of other V12 Ferraris. This example is equipped with the semi-automatic F1 style gearbox. Engaging sport mode certainly improves gear changes making them sharper and more immediate. This example has no problem shifting from gear to gear, as the transmission operates without issue. The engine is dialed-in and performs excellently, especially when higher up in the rev range where these engines seem to be at their happiest. The gauges indicate proper pressures and temperatures during use with no abnormalities to report. Cruising along, there are no odd noises or behaviors coming from the chassis and the steering feels spot on. The brakes have plenty of bite, functioning as one would expect them to but do squeak slightly upon cold use due to the aggressive brake compounds being cold. This example has been tediously cared for and leaves us today with a turn-key example.


The 575 Maranello is a gorgeous looking, well balanced, GT car that one can really indulge in on long journeys. This low mileage example, having been well kept since new, is an ideal candidate for a new spring cruiser. Between the condition, documentation, and extensive service history, if one is in the market for a 575, this is one that would be challenging to pass up. Included with the sale is the original books, spare key, and records.

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