• Chassis # WBSDE93401BZ99319
  • Finished In Oxford Green Metallic Over Caramel Leather Interior
  • 1 Of Just Approximately 71 Produced In This Color Combination
  • Showing Just 25,000 Miles And 2 Owners From New
  • Excellent And Detailed Service History Dating Back To Original Purchase
  • Includes Original Books, Sales Documents, Tools, Copy Of Window Sticker, Extra Keys, And Detailed Service Records
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The Overview

The Ultimate Driving Machine is seldom better experienced than by driving a BMW M5. The German marque’s sports sedan has been around since 1984, with the most recent generation, the F90, having just ended production in 2023. In 1998, the E39 M5 was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. It was the first M5 to use a V8 engine along with aluminum front suspension components and a multi-link rear suspension. This package pushed nearly 400 hp through a 6-speed manual transmission. The official performance figures gave it a 0-60 mph time of 4.8 seconds and an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. An unrestricted M5 reached a top speed in excess of 186 mph.

This generation received a facelift in September of 2000 for the 2001 model year, which brought along the halogen “corona rings” in the headlights, otherwise called “Angel Eyes” by the community, LED taillights, and a number of interior upgrades. A total of 20,482 cars were produced from 1999 to 2003 with 9,992 of those sent to North America.

This particular example, Chassis # WBSDE93401BZ99319, is a collector-grade 2001 M5 finished in Oxford Green over a Caramel Leather Interior, one of approximately 71 examples to wear this combination. It was ordered from BMW of San Francisco and exported from the UK into California in June of 2001. It was sold a month later through Gebhardt Auto Group in Boulder, CO. Optional equipment includes Dynamic Sound Processing (DSP), a TV module, auto-dimming rearview mirrors, and a factory rear-spoiler delete.

Its first owner, also a Colorado resident, owned the car for a total of 22 years, meticulously maintaining it at the same dealership and driving it only 24,872 miles. Some notable services under initial ownership include a full fluid change in July of 2011, a new Vanos solenoid in May of 2013, a rear left upper control arm in April of 2020, and a camshaft position sensor in August of 2021. The only aftermarket additions on the car are an Escort Passport SR1 radar detector, WeatherTech floor mats on top of the factory mats, and a rare Tec cup holder.

In July of 2023, the car was consigned by the original owner to a dealership in Erie, CO. The second owner purchased it from the consigning dealership and drove it a mere ~800 miles, then treated it to a full service in the fall of 2023. Storage capacity changed, and LBI acquired the car shortly after. Today, the odometer reads just over 25,000 miles from new. Upon our acquisition, we had the front tires replaced and a comprehensive detail carried out. It is now a turn-key example ready for enjoyment.   

While E39-generation M5s are collectible independently, one in such pristine condition tops the charts for what BMW enthusiasts would consider a desirable example. The fact that it wears a stunning coat of green makes it particularly desirable, given the recent trend toward green cars. In addition to its low mileage and near-perfect mechanical & cosmetic condition, this E39 M5 also benefits from being one of the later model year cars that received the aforementioned mid-gen facelift. The reliability of these models can also be seen in the number of examples sold with near or over triple-digit miles on the odometer. 

As it sits, this is a unique opportunity to own a terrific and rare example of what is often lauded to be the best M5 that BMW has ever produced. With a near-perfect balance, great performance, and understated yet handsome looks, the E39 M5 has yet to be matched by any models since its inception. Upon purchase, the new owner will receive a copy of the window sticker and delivery paperwork, owner’s manuals, extra keys, clean carfax, most of the original toolkit, and 37 pages of service records that date back to the car’s delivery.

The Details


body and paint

The body of this time capsule original Oxford Green M5, is excellent, with no signs of accident or damage anywhere, and it still wears most of its original paint. All the panels are straight, coupled with excellent shut gaps. The paint is consistent and possesses a deep shine. Based upon our in-depth inspection and paint meter readings, we believe the hood and driver-side quarter panel have been repainted at some point, and potentially the trunk as well. It appears that these were just done for cosmetic reasons and do match flawlessly. No dents or door dings are present on the car.

Each panel is straight, and the car is virtually blemish-free besides the minor blemishes captured in the photo set. Notable blemishes are limited to about four touched-up thimble-size stone chips on the hood and bumper, as well as four minor scratches on the hood towards the upper right-hand corner. On the lower portion of the front bumper, there is a small one-inch scratch, and on the driver-side door to the left of the door handle is a small 1-inch hairline Scratch and a couple of tiny/faint scuffs on the rocker sill. Overall, the paint and body display as one would expect for a 25,000-mile original car in excellent condition.

glass and trim

All of the glass is original, with BMW insignias on each pane beside the windshield, which was replaced in 2022. There are no significant scratches or chips to note. The headlights are very clear and blemish-free, as are the turn signals and tail lights. They do not have any cracks or serious scratches to note.

The rubber trim surrounding the windshield and rear glass are all original and in excellent condition. There is some minor deforming at the corners of the windshield trim, but nothing that warrants replacement. All of the door seals are supple and excellent. The gloss trim surrounding the passenger and driver-side windows is excellent, with no fading or major scratches. The black plastic trim surrounding the sides of the front and rear bumpers is very nice and original, with no serious scratching or significant fading.


All four wheels have their correct and original chrome shadow finish. None of the wheels have any serious curb rash, but do have some very minor scratching here and there. The BMW roundel, along with the M logo on each wheel, are very nice without fading. All four tires are Bridgestone Potenza with plenty of tread. The front tires have 2019 date codes, and the rears are brand new with 2022 date codes.

notable flaws

This M5 remains in outstanding condition throughout with only minor signs of age and use present. These show mainly in the form of some minor paint chips that have been touched up, as well as some light scratching, relegated to the front end of the vehicle.


seats and surfaces

The Interior presents extremely well, as one would expect from a car that only has 25,000. All of the fit and finishes are excellent and original, with virtually none of the aging and cracking of the plastic components that many of these E39 M5s are prone to. It even has all of the warning stickers still in place, as well as that early 2000 BMW signature smell. The driver-side door panel and wood are original and flawless, with nothing to note besides some slight scratching on the secondary door. The passenger side and rear doors are excellent as well. There is some light scuffing on the driver-side door sill, as to be expected, but nothing major. The dash leather is extremely nice and free of any sort of shrinking or fading. The steering wheel is original and excellent, with prominent original grain and M sport stitching. None of the buttons are faded, and there’s no excessive scratching on any of the black interior components by the center consul or the notorious cracks in the interior plastic that are so common with E39 M5s.

The wood is excellent and crack-free with a high shine and looks new. The shift knob is essentially new as well. All of the buttons are crisp, and the wood is smooth and perfect. All of the leather surfaces are original and have never been re-dyed. They are supple and excellent, with the exception of the driver-side seat bolster, which has slight wear conducive to the mileage. All of the carpeting is remarkably original, even the impossible-to-take-care-of tan floor mats that so often get damaged and stained, though the driver-side floor mat does have some slight staining present in front of the gas pedal.

The rear seats are all original and excellent, with no blemishes to note. They appear to have seen minimal if any, use throughout the years. The headliner is excellent and fits perfectly with no sagging, and the rear deck behind the rear seats is excellent, as well as the rear parcel shelf. Overall, the interior is fantastic and displays as one would expect from a low-mileage example. Certainly collector grade throughout.

functionality and accessories

All of the interior functions work flawlessly. The HVAC system works, including the AC. The seats go back and forth as they should, and all of the windows go up and down properly, with no hesitation. The sunroof works perfectly in all of its positions. All of the interior lights function perfectly. The gauge cluster functions perfectly well, and none of the pixels in the cluster or the climate control units are missing. The rearview mirror is free of any bleeding that they are prone to. The only modification on the entire entire car would be a tastefully integrated old-school Passport, SR1 radar detector.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay presents as all original, free from any modifications, and is extremely tidy and essentially new-looking. From the top side, there are no obvious leaks or issues at all. All of the original factory stickers and finishes are present, with no notable blemishes or issues. The very common oxidation on the valve covers is not present, and the hood struts function excellently. The under-hood pad is original and in excellent condition. There is even still a tag hanging off of the oil dipstick from the factory! Overall, the engine bay presents as one would expect from a collector-grade 25,000-mile car.

trunk area

The trunk area is all original and tidy with no issues. The tool kit is missing some of its tools but remains relatively complete. The original cargo netting is still in place and in good order. The car comes with additional weather tech mats for the passenger and driver foot wells, which were stowed in the trunk for the photos.


The underside is all original and appears to have never been extensively cleaned, so it presents as original with some grime and slight oxidization on various underside hardware. The underside would benefit immensely from a dry ice blast cleaning that would render it virtually brand new when finished.



The engine fires to life immediately, with no effort, and settles in to a smooth idle very quickly as it should. The V8 sounds absolutely brilliant throughout the rev range, with plenty of power and torque to get you down the autobahn at a fierce clip! The engine makes plenty of linear power with no issues that we have noticed.


Gear shifts are extremely smooth up and down its six gears. No grinding or difficulty shifting was noted, although the 1st and 2nd gears were a little stiff when car was cold. The clutch engages right in the middle of the throw as it should, with no slipping or noticeable issues.

brakes and suspension

The brakes function as they should and do not squeak or chatter. There is nothing to be noted for brake issues or suspension issues. The suspension is firm without any bounciness or clunky noises noticed. Cornering in this car is an absolute pleasure, as is the braking. The car tracks straight down the road with no pulling to either side.


All four tires are Pirelli P zeros with plenty of tread life left. The two front tires have 2016 date codes, and the two rear tires have 2019 date codes.

driving experience

Driving an E39 M5 is a real treat. You are never really prepared for the power and performance that these cars put out when embarking on a casual drive. These cars are tame when you want them to be, then ferocious when it’s time to have some fun. They are very unassuming, luxury saloons with a spicy side to them. Behind the wheel, this car feels as close to “new” as one could get without time traveling back to the year 2000. The moment your right foot goes to work, the next your looking at the speedometer needle displaying 80mph, though it only feels like 50 mph! It does speed effortlessly and comfortably with the ability to haul 5 people and three golf bags. We have handled a fair amount of E39 M5s, and this is by far the healthiest and best feeling example we’ve had the pleasure of presenting.