• Chassis # JF1GM6759YG400350
  • Showing Just Over 57,000 From New
  • Finished In Rare Sedona Red Pearl
  • A Highly Original And Stock Example
  • Iconic Rally Inspired Design
  • Freshly Serviced And Ready For Enjoyment
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The Overview

Very often, an automaker’s success in motorsports dictates their sales and defines their future. Subaru is a prime example of this ethos, with their success on rally stages directly translating to their success on the showroom floor. With the introduction of their Impreza and the more extreme WRX platforms in 1992, Subaru saw both a sales success as well as motorsport victories. In 1994 they launched the all-new STI version of the WRX in Japan. It featured a turbocharged engine as well as different transmission and suspension components that were more geared towards its rallying heritage. In typical fashion, the US market did not receive the turbocharged rally car for the road. Instead what we got in the States in 1998 was a car that more so looked the part but in the end, still turned out to be a fantastic vehicle.

The 2.5 RS was delivered with all the looks, the large spoiler, aggressive front fascia, and iconic hood scoop. Beneath the hood sat Subaru’s now-iconic 2.5 liter EJ 4-cylinder boxer engine. While only being naturally aspirated, the boxer configuration provided for a low center of gravity and ample torque and power to make this a truly fun car to drive. Despite being slightly neutered, they sold well and enticed Subaru to bring the full turbocharged variant of the WRX to the U.S. starting in 2002. Today, the 2.5RS remains an interesting part of the Subaru story and is a truly exciting and fun car to drive with a very connected and tactile driving experience. Many of the 2.5RS delivered to the US lived hard lives, often finding themselves in snowy climates which lead to rust and other issues, therefore finding low mileage, clean, and well-kept examples proves quite difficult these days. 

The example on offer here, chassis number JF1GM6759YG400350, is a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS finished in rare Sedona Red Pearl. According to the included clean CARFAX the car was sold new in Charlevoix, Michigan where it stayed until being sold to its second owner in 2002 who resided in Bloomfield, Michigan. The second owner kept the car, driving it sparingly and servicing it when needed until we purchased it in 2020. Upon our acquisition of the vehicle, we had it thoroughly looked over and anything that needed attention was corrected and serviced. A total of just over $5300 was spent making sure that this 2.5RS needed no attention and was ready for thorough enjoyment. Today it remains largely all stock and in excellent condition, both cosmetically as well as mechanically.  

Finding a clean and unmodified 2.5 RS proves to be more and more difficult with each passing year. These cars were driven hard and often found themselves living in climates not conducive to preservation. This particular car, with its low miles, clean condition, unique color, and well-kept nature, provides for an awesome opportunity to own an iconic vehicle from Subaru’s past that is still very useable and enjoyable, both on-road or off!

The Details


body and paint

The Sedona Red Pearl paint is consistent throughout with good color and great shine. There are some scratches and paint chips from normal use that are consistent with the mileage. The driver’s side has some light scratches both in front of and behind the driver's side door handle. There are some touched-up spots on the piece of trim running down the middle of the car. The front of the car has some minor paint chipping along the leading edge of the hood, as well as on the bumper and a few spots on the top of the hood which have been touched up. There is a larger scratch on the passenger side quarter panel in front of the wheel. There are some additional small chips in the paint on the passenger side some of which have been touched up. There is a larger scratch above the passenger side door handle as well as a large scratch above the passenger side rear wheel. The rear bumper has some small paint chips as well. The body itself is straight with good gaps.

glass and trim

The trim all fits well and retains good color. There are some signs of aging and minor scratching in high wear or high sun fade areas. The glass on the car is all in good condition clean and clear. It all appears to be original with all panels containing “United” stampings. The headlights are clean and clear with no fogging. Some minor pitting is present as to be expected from the miles. The taillights are free of cracking but do you have some minor swirling.


The wheels were recently refinished by us in the iconic gold color they wear and the paint remains in immaculate condition. The mounting hardware is clean and bright with no issues.

notable flaws

This 2.5 RS remains in good original condition and as such retains some flaws that you would expect from an original example given the mileage. There are a number of paint chips and scratches, some of which could be touched up should a future owner choose to carry the work out. For a better understanding of the current condition of this vehicle please review the detailed photos above carefully.


seats and surfaces

The interior remains in good and well-kept condition. The seats are clean and tidy with minimal bolster wear and clean seating surfaces. The carpets fit well and retain good texture and color, however, the floor mats appear to be an aftermarket set that does not match the main carpet color. There is some scratching on the steering wheel as well as some wear on the rim due to age, especially on the 12 o’clock section. The glove box contains some excessive scratching and appears to be a bit faded. The gauge faces are currently white which may not be correct. The headliner is tight and free of staining. The red stitching on the steering wheel and shifter shows a bit of age but remains in good condition. There is some additional scratching in high wear areas. The rear seats remain in excellent condition with some minor scratching on the C-pillar areas.

functionality and accessories

The heating and ventilation system functions as it should. The radio works and appears to be playing through all speakers. The gauges appear to read their requisite functions as they should. The interior lights all appear to work as they should with the exception of the front passenger dome light, which may have a bad bulb. The power mirrors work as they should and so does the sunroof. Power locks function as they should and the doors open and close with ease. The windows roll up and down smoothly with no issues.

notable flaws

There is some scratching from normal use on plastic pieces on the interior of the car. For a better understanding of the current condition of this vehicle please review the detailed photos above carefully.

engine bay and trunk

engine bay

The engine bay appears to be largely stock and very clean. All components appear well looked after and well-kept. There is some scratching on the top of the strut towers which may have been from an aftermarket brace that was removed. Factory stickers appear to be in place where they should and the engine bay appears to be finished in the proper lighter colored primer/paint that would be used on these. Cables wires and hoses appear all be in good order. There is some minor corrosion on the battery terminal but other than that everything appears to be in good functioning order both mechanically and cosmetically.

trunk area

The rear trunk area is clean and tidy with a well-fitting carpet. The main floor carpet has some minor staining. There is an organizational net included in the trunk. The jack is stowed neatly away in the driver's side fender well but appears to be missing the clip to hold the cover in place. Lifting the floor mats reveals the cardboard spare wheel cover which is cracked and slightly miscolored but in OK condition. The floors appear to be nice and solid with seam sealer present and some minor scratching of the paint but an overall solid lock. The factory space-saving spare is present in the spare wheel well.


The underside of this 2.5RS appears in line with the rest of the car. Overall condition is clean and tidy with some minor signs of use and age. There is some minor surface corrosion on some of the underside components but nothing that is cause for alarm. The floors and frame appear solid with no signs of any issues past or present.



The 2.5-liter boxer four-cylinder engine appears to be in great mechanical condition, firing to life with a few turns of the starter. It settles into a smooth idle as the temperatures rise. On the road it makes ample smooth power with no flat spots or stumbles.


The 5-speed manual transmission shifts smoothly between gears and holds power well. The clutch take-up feels a tad on the high side but provides positive feedback and grab.

brakes and suspension

The brakes bring the car to a smooth and controlled stop with no issues to note. The suspension feels compliant and smooth with no odd road noises or behavior to speak of.


The tires are a brand new set of Bridgestone Potenza RE980A5 in 205/55/R16 on all four corners. They all have 2020 DOT date codes.

driving experience

Although being snubbed for the addition of a turbocharger, the Impreza 2.5RS still provides for an extremely fun and engaging driving experience. The combination of the torquey 2.5-liter boxer engine, short wheelbase, and light nature of the vehicle provides for an extremely responsive ride. Although it doesn't have the straight-line speed of its force-fed cousins, the 2.5RS still maintains its own. The classic rally-inspired looks and symmetrical all-wheel drive provides just the right amount of off-road DNA to make these 2.5RS coupes a fantastic next-generation collectible.